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Cosmetic set showcase posts should get their own subreddit or flair

A set that isn't even in the game? Is there seriously a minority of users on this subreddit that want to see these posts fill the front page all the time? I'd rather see clips of games, streams, or anything that has to do with the actual game.
Like, I get it, it's a Valve game, I have thousands of hours in TF2, Dota 2 and CS:GO combined. I've seen a lot of hats and cosmetic items. But the front page of this subreddit is just the steam workshop v2.
submitted by Kayakular to DotA2

A completely comprehensive post on the unusuals situation so that we can stop making posts about it


I am not trying to take sides here this is meant to just be what I have observed. Yes I bought an unusual when they were cheap. No I did not unbox any crates. No I don't care what happens to it so long as I am appropriately reimbursed if it comes to that. If you want me to add something, fine but I'm not going to add things that are intentionally flaming a different camp, I'm thinking more stuff that I forgot to mention.

Unusual Situation what are you talking about??
Seriously if you don't know by now only god can save you. Basically there was a situation where some crates in tf2 had a 100% chance of dropping unusuals. This led to people taking advantage of it and selling crates at an exorbitant price (think $10 instead of $0.03). People were unboxing crazy amounts of gen 1 (correct me if I'm wrong) unusuals driving down the price of other unusuals. Valve then made these unusuals untradeable after ~ 12 hours and posted on their twitter that they would have an update after the weekend.

I deserve a cheater's lament / you shouldn't get a cheaters lement
Bottom line here are the two opinions on it:
  • I deserve a cheater's lament because I didn't participate in the afore mentioned situation
I see how many people view this as a worthy reward for not participating in the exploit. You didn't do what was, in reality, not an intended mechanic, and for that yes you do deserve praise. Instead of opening box after box after box, only contributing to the problem that Valve would inevitably have to fix, you made the morally right choice, as oppose to the financially advantageous choice (that's not to say one is better than the other).

  • You don't deserve a cheater's lament
The cheater's lament was for people who did not actively cheat a system that valve put in place. That is (or at least to my understanding please forgive thanks) people recieved this hat unless they ran software in the background to cheat the item drop system. Furthermore I have seen a few people saying that it might devalue their cheater's lament (it's untradable isn't it??).
Many of the questions asked by people in this camp are:
  • what about the people who unknowingly opened a crate and got an unusual?
    • Should they be punished for participating in, what is really, an intentional game mechanic?
  • How would valve distinguish between the people who just happened to open a crate and those who exploited the glitch for monetary gain?
Here's the thing though, is it really going to affect you if someone out there recieves a cheater's lament? Like seriously how many people do you see wearing those out there? Just let it be I reckon.
As C4pt has pointed out:
Cheaters Lam was distributed to those who didn't use external programs in conjunction with idling servers for more item drops. This was going on for weeks and was well known. To participate in this, you would have to go out of your way to use external programs and it was frowned upon.
This scenario with the unusuals was a mistake by valve. Someone messed up the crate values so that instead of the usual "loot box" mechanics, it became a guaranteed drop. This is important. It turned a loot box transaction into a plain unusual transaction. If you were buying a crate and key, you were paying a fee to get a random unusual. So again, instead of gambling, you were now completing a transaction. Their unusual for your money. No external programs were needed to do this; and people who unboxed for unusuals vs a person who opened a crate and got an unusual cannot be discerned because again, this was the fault of valve for messing up their item drop chances.
People who then say that they deserve a cheaters lam v2 etc for not participating won't get one. This is a completely different scenario where the only thing "exploited" was the chance for someone to maximize however many unusuals they could afford. This lasted for less than half a day compared to the cheaters lam scenario which lasted multiple weeks. External programs were used compared to people just unboxing a crate.
At the end of the day, this "crash" actually netted valve more money off of TF2 than they normally make. Crate sales and sheer volume of unusuals sold did this. A large influx of cheap unusuals compared to a small amount of expensive unusuals sold is simply more money for them. It's a win. (at least for valve's wallets)
People worried about the TF2 eco "dying" really don't need to be. Gens 1-3 were affected true, but high tier unusuals are still valuable. plus, the eco is dictated by the tf2 players. Traders who sold all of their unusuals in the chaos only have themselves to blame for jumping ship too soon. It'll be interesting to see what happens, but for sure there won't be another cheaters lam distribution. I think it's mainly people who want something because they missed out, etc. But for them, they should be aware that however unfair it is that someone has an unusual- that person paid for said unusual and did not cheat to get it. They simply took advantage of a guaranteed transaction provided by valve.

They should delete the hats / leave them untradable / make them tradable / etc. (you get the point)
These are some of the base ideas that people have for what should happen to the hats. The argument for not deleting the hats / making them tradable being:
  • What if you unboxed one without the intention of exploiting the system?
  • Well it was valve's own fault so they should bare the consequences!
  • I spent a lot of money on these hats!
  • What about people that traded for them not knowing that they were from exploited crates (one of the strongest arguments in my opinion)
Then you get the people saying that they should be left untradable the main reason for that being: The market will be flooded with unusuals. The knock on effects being of course: devalued inventories, and knock on effects to the CS:GO and DOTA communities.

Well just do an item roll back.
What about people that sold them for real money? (yes I know that that is at your own risk etc. etc. but come on have some empathy, not all the people who bought them could have known) What about people who have already spent the money they made from profit on steam games, HTC vive, etc.?
On the flipside if Valve does decide to leave the unusuals untradeable, then I fully support this move. It means that traders affected by this can regain their lost items. Let's look at a CS:GO trader for example. They have just traded for a Team Fortress 2 unusual (they didn't know it was bugged) but now that unusual is untradeable! With an item rollback these people who don't even play the game regain their lost items.
Obviously if you did this for monetary gain / trading purposes you are going to lose out no matter what, unless Valve decides to let the unusals be tradeable.

Valve made more money off this than they do in an average week off of TF2
I don't know how much money valve usually makes from TF2 in a week, nor am I going to do the maths and find out. If you want to see how much they made from crates alone I recommend you check out this post here.

The situation Valve has put themselves in
Valve is in a situation where they can't please everyone. They know that, we know that, hell even people who don't play the game know that. Bottom line is though people are going to come out of this burnt, and odds are this is going to have an effect on how the community market and lootboxes in Valve's games work. What sort of effect I can't say (I don't work at Valve, and probably never will).
Also let's take a moment and just step back. If this had no effect on the TF2 economy would you care? Think about it these are lootboxes or as EA calls them
Suprise mechanics
I thought that by now people have started to think: Man lootboxes are really scummy and I hate when developers implement them
So next time you are talking about this think for a moment. Are you defending Valve? The corporation that is preying on people's gambling vulnerabilities. Or are you defending the TF2 economy? One of the few things left in the game that is constantly evolving and growing.

Some conspiracy theories
  • This was the heavy update, welcome to communist Russia ( Это было обновление Пулеметчика. Добро пожаловать в коммунистическую Россию. Вау, вы на самом деле перевели это, неплохая работа!)
  • This was a final send off by valve to say goodbye to TF2. We aren't getting anymore updates, and in a moment of shortsightedness they decided that (for a limited time crates have a 100% unusual drop)

Notable Points
As of the date I wrote this (31/7/2019 AEST) Volvo still hasn't updated us after the weekend. Granted they never said which weekend, and next week is still after last weekend.
This entire situation is driving a wedge in the community. Stop. If you got an unusual you got an unusual, if people want a cheater's lament, so be it.

Please let me know if I should add something I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff but again I will not add something along the lines of:

EDITS: Spelling, updated the cheater's lament paragraph so that it was less biased, added to the rollback paragraph, added Valve's situation paragraph
submitted by Jo_From_Windows_Help to tf2

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