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GRAW 1 vs. 2 - Xbox Association https://zombie-friends.ru/crack/?key=519. But i really would like a good Japanese role playing game right about now. TC's GRAW2 - Xbox Games Store. But under settings in GRAW2, you have the options between normal (software), physx or physx extreme, for now, if you want to play GRAW2, just play with software physics, you won't get any of the extra physical interaction. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Ubisoft's award-winning shooter that was founded on the PC returns with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, designed specifically for the PC gamer by GRIN. GRAW didn't completely warm up until the latest patch, 1.35 is it?

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I don't think that ubisoft is the one to blame. I don't think dual ultra. Page 1 of 32 - Tiered trade 10/20/40% on games, extra $25 system trade NextGen/PSP/DS. Black Sun for the rest of the War. Graw 2 patch 1 35 games. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Download. Our answers explain actual Algebra 2 textbook homework problems. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) is a tactical shooter video game originally released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows in 2020. Fri Sep 18, 2020 2: 49 am. So I was interested in getting GRAW and GRAW 2 due to the fact that i have a sudden spike in liking anything military and its a plus if its in. Building Skills through Games In Unit 7, your child will practice skills related to addition and subtraction as well as chance and probability by playing the following games. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

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There are crack groups who work hard in order to unlock software, games, etc. GRAW 2.0 GRAW 2 is a third-person tactical shooter based on Tom Clancy's legacy of military novels and this game follows a handful of Ghost Recon titles including Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

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Please help with graw 2? https://zombie-friends.ru/crack/?key=515. The GRAW demo just came out for PS3 and seems ok, but not brilliant. Ubisoft's award-winning shooter that was founded on the PC returns with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, designed specifically for the PC gamer by GRIN. Ulead videostudio pro x8.5 crack graw 2 crack multiplayer tank adobe premiere pro cc 2020 crack mac akvis sketch free download full version magic bullet looks final cut pro x crack tycoon city new york patch crack skip bo castaway caper crack deutsch drahthaar cracked servers minecraft how to crack exam preparation software llc. The first Ghost recon game as a free download. Kinguin - global digital marketplace that sells game keys with instant delivery 24/7.

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So I'm looking for a new PS3 game (I have RFOM, Motorstorm and Oblivion, incidentally) and cant decide between GRAW and RSV. Do Campaigns in GRAW and R6 Vegas have soul? https://zombie-friends.ru/crack/?key=510. Download Games & Demos Mods & Add-Ons Patches Tools Wallpapers Trainers. Grow Empire: Rome - Apps on Google Play read this article. No-CD & No-DVD Patch troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a No-CD/No-DVD patch to. Tags: 2 ghosts recon advanced warfighter graw2 graw tweakguides koroush.

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Download Patch 1.35 More Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Mods The latest patch for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter brings the game up to version 1.35. Tiered trade 10/20/40% on games, extra $25 system trade. Update: what im asking about is if there are a lot of stuff i need to know about in graw 1 like story line and characters that if i dont play it it will make me confused. There is a fixed exe for 1.0 and also a image which should ( does for me ) work on all versions. Thread starter snip3rxero; Start date Jul 8, 2020; Reply. I really enjoy it. And campaign co-op is always fun.

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Because each forum has it own rules and guru3d has it own rule unless the admin let people talk about pirate suff here. You are Caesar, mighty leader of the Roman republic, your objective is to defeat other civilizations in ancient Europe with an army made-up of roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes and barbarian mercenaries. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - the sequel to the award-winning next-generation first-person shooter - returns to. It is a direct sequel to the 2020 video game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. So far, the 360 has 35 exclusives coming up, and the PS3 52. However, lots of reviews seem to proclaim it as amazing.

In honor of Wastelanders coming soon, here is a list of weapon issues that will hopefully be fixed

Before I begin here, a few brief notes:
  • I put a lot of thought into deciding what counts as an issue here and what doesn't. I was originally trying to just stick to bugs, but there are some things that are important to list yet appear to be more oversights than bugs. However, moving on to oversights invites a discussion on balance, which is a massive issue here that I'm not going to touch on. My criteria for deciding whether something should be here was whether or not it seemed intended, and whether similar things work the same way. I am definitely happy to get more info on things to update the list with, but keep in mind that if it is a balancing issue like "mutant's is too weak" or "drum mag does not have enough ammo", I likely already considered it and chose to leave it out because it is not in the spirit of this post.
  • I am including issues that are both harmful and beneficial to players. I know some of you don't like that, but at the end of the day I would rather see things work properly and then decide what should and should not be there.
  • I tested nearly every one of these myself in the past few weeks, which means I am limited to my own experience. The things I could not replicate due to either game circumstances or not owning the right items will have a disclaimer in their text about it.
  • If any of you remember my similar post from the summer, only 15 out of ~70 issues I listed there were actually fixed between then and now. You can keep a count of how many of these end up getting fixed in Wastelanders if you want.
  • I tried my best to make this list easy to read, but it's very long, so that was not exactly possible beyond a certain extent.

Specific Weapons

Alien Blaster
  • The sharpshooter grip can not be converted back to standard after crafting.
  • Projectiles are extremely delayed, the impact occurs long after the beam passes through an enemy, making it very difficult to hit moving targets.
  • It seems to not have a critical multiplier, although it could just be due to the already obnoxiously low damage (testing against level 1 scorched dealt 11-12 damage per hit, 12 on a VATS critical).
Auto Grenade Launcher
Bone Club
  • Can sometimes spawn with a scope attachment. It is not visible on the weapon, provides no effect, and is not even visible in the menu if inspecting it anywhere other than a weapons workbench. I am at a loss for words with this.
Combat Knife
  • Has two “No Upgrade” mods, one of which removes the blade. The funny thing is this was supposedly fixed a while back according to patch notes, but it never was. This same bug on the sledgehammer actually WAS fixed, however.
  • Can’t convert to normal after priming it.
  • There is a weird bug when combined with two-shot, one of the bolts deals significantly more damage than the other. This is consistent with and without perks, as well as with and without sneak criticals, although the specific ratio varies between 1:2 and 1:3.
  • Damage numbers in pip-boy related to the crystallized barrel are wrong. In multiple tests against various enemies, it seems that the regular barrel deals the same damage.
Cultist Blade
  • It was removed from the common legendary drop pool a long time ago. With the upcoming removal of vault raids, it will soon be impossible to find new ones.
Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • The dot reflex sight is heavier than a circle reflex sight for whatever reason.
The Dragon
  • The explosive secondary effect gives +80% damage instead of +20% damage, it seems to add a full damage explosion per pellet.
  • It was removed from the common legendary drop pool a long time ago. With the upcoming removal of vault raids, it will soon be impossible to find new ones.
  • You can no longer apply or craft bayonets on them; yet another stealth change not mentioned in patch notes. Was this a bug that got fixed, or is the removal itself a bug?
Enclave Plasma Rifle/Plasma Rifle
  • Flamer barrel benefits from rifleman perks. At least the splitter is understandable as to why it is not treated as a shotgun, but this is literally a fully automatic spray in more ways than one.
  • There is a big mess going on with nozzles and barrels. Compression/vaporization nozzles lower the reach of the weapon (although they state they lower range instead. On a side note, why does the weapon have a range of 200+ when it has such limited reach? That causes some very interesting interactions with explosive variants that shoot bullets instead of fire). Switching barrels causes the reach to revert back to the default - it does not matter which barrel you switch to. Yes, with a vaporization nozzle equipped, changing your long barrel to a standard barrel will INCREASE your reach. Then to top it all off, this effect resets when you leave the server. Based on the fallout 4 wiki, there was a similar issue: “The long barrel modification is implemented such that, in the game, it must be applied last to increase the range after a custom nozzle is selected.”
  • For clarification: range refers to the pip boy range stat, which determines the distance at which damage starts to fall off. Reach refers to how far the flames travel before they disappear. The long barrel is the only attachment that claims to change reach.
Gatling Gun
  • Can be fired faster than normal by tapping fire in a specific pattern.
  • Reload sounds are missing while wearing power armor and in third person; supposedly this causes other issues too but I could not replicate them.
  • Pip boy stats show a very erroneous 400 as its fire rate, when the real one is closer to 15-20.
Gatling LaseGatling Plasma
  • They will often not use up a core completely, even from a full reload, whether the core is fully charged or not. This leads to large amounts of cores with 1-5% charge taking up inventory space, and makes it look like you are not using ammo. Additionally, if you have many nearly-empty cores in your inventory, you will sometimes be displayed the incorrect amount of ammo and you will stop shooting/not automatically reload when it runs out.
Gatling Plasma
  • The beam focuser causes you to shoot green plasma bolts that leave a red mark on impact. They even have reflecting lasers when you hit a mirelurk's or fog crawler's shell.
  • The beam splitter turns it into a flamer. You can see impact points for green plasma balls if shooting the ground, so the game seems to be confused about what kind of weapon it is.
  • Has a magazine mod slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.
Gauss Rifle
  • Charging is slightly buggy. It is much better than it used to be, but sometimes a charged shot will fizzle out, especially after being staggered, jumping, scoping, etc.
Handmade Rifle
  • The stinging magazine capacity is still 35 after the nerf, which is more than the drum magazine.
Laser Rifle/Ultracite Laser Rifle
  • There is a ridiculously specific bug where you can not shoot if you have a sniper barrel and rifle stock, are wearing power armor, and are playing in third person. If any of these factors is removed, you can fire normally again. The question is...how?
  • Capacitors like snappy, speedy, or tuned beta wave do not increase the fire rate on automatic barrels.
Light Machine Gun
  • It has barrel, stock, magazine, and muzzle mod slots despite not having any interchangeable mods for them.
  • The muzzle brake is a mod that is learned from scrapping (and it even requires gunsmith 4 to “craft”), but every LMG has one by default and there is physically no way to replace it, making it impossible to "craft". This even counts towards the 2 mods that can be learned for this weapon, with the other being the prime receiver.
M79 Grenade Launcher
  • It has receiver and muzzle slots despite not having any interchangeable mods for them.
Meat Hook
  • It benefits from both the iron fist and gladiator perks.
Missile Launcher
  • The triple barrel mod is heavier than the quad barrel, without providing any additional benefits over it. Based on how other mods are balanced here, this does not make any sense.
Paddle Ball
  • Datamined mods (according to this list here) exist that can be learned from scrapping, but it can not be scrapped (it is treated as a legendary weapon).
Pipe Bolt-Action/Pipe Revolver
  • These two benefit from both rifleman and gunslinger perks when used with a rifle stock.
Pipe Gun
  • Unlocking every attachment in the game still leaves you with 65/66 learned mods displayed at weapon workbenches.
Pump Action Shotgun
  • It has a sights mod slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.
  • It was removed from the common legendary drop pool a long time ago. With the upcoming removal of vault raids, it will soon be impossible to find new ones. Interestingly, the mr. handy buzz blade is still in the drop pool.
Salvaged Assaultron Head
  • This currently has its own unique form of damage bug present, as of the past few updates. Shooting a charged head will display the proper damage, but it will only deal the damage from a single charge. This is very easy to see on a quad head, where you get a damage number of 1000+ but it can not kill a level 3 brahmin.
  • Some heads do not irradiate you while shooting; seemingly the older ones that dropped before some past update are the ones responsible for this.
Shepherd's Crook
  • Free range interactions with brahmin are severely bugged; they will often be delayed by a few seconds even on a server with minimal lag. This can loop and persist through weapon switching, and the animation prevents you from shooting whichever weapon you have out until it is over.
Single Action Revolver
  • It has a barrel mod slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.
Submachine Gun
  • The prime receiver deals more damage than the hardened; on all other guns, prime and hardened deal equal damage. The only other weapons where prime deals the most damage are those that do not have a hardened receiver, like the gauss rifle.
Super Sledge
  • If you switch weapons without first holstering it, the audio loop from the rocket will continue playing until you equip it again and holster the weapon first.
  • Trying to shoot the syringer will charge it into a weird throwing state, which moves it off-screen until you let go of the fire button, at which point it will fire as normal.
  • The endangerol syringe has the inverse effect of what it says. Shooting an enemy with it gives THAT ENEMY an armor penetration bonus. I tested this against various scorched, they dealt significantly more damage against me with 278 DR after being shot by the syringe (2-4 damage, 100% increase; 7-12 damage, ~70% increase).
  • It shows 17/18 mods learned for it at a workbench when everything is learned; supposedly the karma barrel plan (which is not obtainable) counts towards the maximum.
Tesla Rifle
Ultracite Gatling LaseLaser Rifle
Western Revolver
  • The refined and severe receivers provide a 37.5% damage increase, while hardened and prime only give 25%; these are probably supposed to be swapped.

General Weapons

All Weapons
  • Sometimes, pressing sprint will shoot your weapon. This is extremely difficult to replicate and I don’t think it’s a consistent bug. It seems to happen mostly after quick inputs while looting a body and/or crouching. Due to the nature of this bug, testing was not really possible beyond just confirming that it is still an issue.
Bolt-/Pump-Action Weapons
  • The cycle/pump animation is repeated if you unscope/ADS while in the middle of the animation.
  • For the longer animations like a hunting rifle, you can shorten/skip it by bashing, throwing a grenade/knife, or using a stimpak at the right time.
  • Faster fire rate effects do not work with these weapons in third person.
Energy Guns
  • Armor piercing effects only sort of work on energy weapons; they do not apply to the full damage.
  • Using a splitter on an explosive energy weapon causes ridiculous damage, it seems like the damage calculation is not applied properly.
  • Ash/goo piles of flying enemies stay midair, and are invisible from underneath (except for the smoke from ash piles).
  • Sometimes, a few seconds after an enemy dies, an ash/goo pile appears near its corpse even though the body did not disintegrate. Interestingly, the cryolator creates a red laser ash pile from this bug.
Explosive Launchers
  • Pip boy display for damage does not seem to accurately track some effects. For example, the Bunker Buster (mighty missile launcher, +20% dmg) only shows an increase of 1-2 damage over a regular missile launcher in the pip boy despite dealing significantly more damage to enemies in testing (~330 vs. ~290 on a sheepsquatch).
  • Two shot still doubles the damage of these weapons instead of giving the intended 25% bonus.
High Damage/DPS Weapons
  • Anything dealing large amounts of damage in a short amount of time can still cause the damage bug to occur. I have only been able to consistently trigger it with my automatic tesla rifle, plasma thrower, and flamer, but I have seen many reports of this still happening with a wide variety of weapons, mostly using a combination of bloodied, instigating, explosive, and/or fire rate effects. The gatling gun, .50 cal machine gun, tesla rifle, gauss rifle, flamer, and plasma rifle seem to be the most likely to cause this.
  • Hits that register (impact sound, hitmarker, damage numbers) will sometimes not deal any damage. This used to be a much more frequent issue, but it still happens sometimes.
  • "Interact"ing with an object cancels your melee animation. This has fairly limited use, but is still an interesting bug/exploit; this might have more use in Wastelanders if "talk"ing to a person does the same thing.
Missing Attachments
Rare Attachments
  • There are a few attachments in the game that only exist on rare pre-modded weapons and can not be either attached with a physical mod or crafted from a plan. These include the tesla lobber barrel (random drop), cultist dagger shadowed/serrated blades (random drop), bowie knife shadowed/serrated blades (random drop), and super sledge heavy rocket (only exists on All Rise). With this game, it is difficult to tell whether this is intended or not. The pink/yellow/indigo baseball bats can at least be reasonably assumed to be intended as a collector's item, locking away functional mods like that seems questionable.
Scorched Killer Receivers
  • It seems like it will sometimes count towards the maximum attachments learned on a weapon, and sometimes not. This is difficult to test as it would require starting multiple new characters, scrapping dozens of weapons, and rushing the responders quest line for each data point. In the experience I do have, my double barreled shotgun was at 30/31 until I learned this mod, but the combat shotgun and pump action showed all attachments unlocked (40/40 and 27/27 respectively) even though I did not know those receivers yet.
Semi-Auto Weapons
  • You can press the heal button to use a stimpak immediately after shooting. After using a stimpak, you can immediately shoot again. This can be exploited both to heal faster than normally possible (outside of power armor) and to shoot a slower semi-auto weapon (like the combat shotgun) faster than usually possible.
Spin-Up Weapons
  • They will not shoot if you go in/out of ADS while spinning up in first person. If you go in/out of ADS and then return to the same state that you started spinning the barrel in, all before the barrel finishes spinning, it will stutter for a second but then shoot as normal.
  • If you are staggered from a crippled limb while spinning up, the sound will continue until you pull the weapon back out. If you die before you pull the weapon back out, the sound will persist indefinitely until you bring your weapon back out.
  • Very often, they will cause enemy health to rubberband back up. This seems to be its own form of the damage bug, because it happens almost exclusively with shotguns. Damage numbers will be displayed properly, but the enemy will heal back 60-80% of the damage you dealt.
Unarmed Weapons
  • It seems like they are still affected by the old bug that only lets them drop with the crippling secondary effect (+50% limb damage) and one of two tertiary effects (+ agility, -90% base weight). This was first brought to my attention here and since then I have been on the lookout for any fresh drops with a different effect, with none to be found.

Legendary Effects

Furious (Damage increases after each consecutive hit)
  • This can cause a weird form of damage bonus; sometimes, enemies will take increasingly large chunks of damage about a half-second after you hit them. This old video gives a clear idea of what I mean. Note, however, that this is NOT displayed in damage numbers and this is NOT related to the actual stacking furious damage - you can still get increasing damage and damage numbers from a furious weapon, and then experience the health bar dropping even further as well. Additionally, that video was uploaded (June 19, 2020) BEFORE patch 12 (August 20, 2019), which stated that, "The Furious Legendary Weapon attribute now correctly applies increased damage output on consecutive hits against the same target." This implies that the health bar rubberbanding down is a completely different effect/bug independent of the actual intended furious effect.
Instigating (+100% damage on full-health target)
  • This effect lasts beyond the first shot with rapid fire weapons, as long as you keep shooting and do not miss. This bonus is even reflected in damage numbers.
Junkie’s (+10% damage per addiction)
  • Having a junkie's weapon equipped boosts the damage of your grenades/throwing knives/tomahawks. This might be intended, but I do not see why it would for junkie's specifically.
Resilient (+250 DR while reloading)
  • Reloading a weapon with this effect breaks most prefix modifiers (I believe everything except for quad/double). This can be avoided by crouching before reloads. I can not even begin to imagine what’s causing something this convoluted to occur, but as we saw with the attempted fix during the previous patch, this bug has the power to break the flow of the universe.
Stalker’s (+100% VATS accuracy at +50% AP cost when out of combat)
  • This can drop on melee weapons even though it has absolutely no benefit for them. I am not saying "useless" in the way people refer to mutant's or nocturnal or something, I really mean useless. Melee weapons in VATS are only capable of having either 0% chance to hit or 95% chance to hit, this effect does not affect the hit chance in any way.
Vampire’s (Health regeneration per hit)
Various effects
  • This is a fairly well-documented issue at this point, but certain legendary effects can cause a huge damage overflow bug. Thorough explanation and one of if not the first video documentation [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M6RXBFrFpU&feature=youtu.be) . According to some dataminers, it seems that these effects have an uncapped version of the furious effect (like in fallout 4) attached on top of their regular effect, so your damage rises exponentially (yet slowly) as long as you keep hitting your target and boosting that damage. I have confirmed this to work with a junkie’s fire rate minigun, junkie’s limb damage LMG, and stalker’s fire rate ultracite laser rifle.
  • This only affects base weight and not any attachments that are added. This might be intended, since the same is true for weightless armor, but I am adding it since weapon weight reduction effects (armoperks) also work on attachments.
Not really sure what to put at the end here, it doesn't feel right ending with the list but there isn't really a main conclusion or something to have. This is just something I keep up as a hobby and decided to publish publicly. If you made it down here, have a nice day
submitted by Papa_Shekels to fo76

[Extensive Survey Results] Alternate Renditions & Official Mashups

What's up, everyone? Hows your week going? I hope it's going well for you; I hope everyone is well and being safe. Last week, we concluded the ratings for studio album tracks, off album tracks and cover songs. There was a Master List posted in the comments if you missed it! This week, we're focusing more on alternate versions/recordings of studio album tracks. Everyone has always had varying opinions on if they enjoy acoustic or tour versions over the original studio album releases; this was our chance to see the general fandom's actual approval rate and compare them! Let's get to it.

Comparing Studio Production with Alternate Renditions

Below are the results for the survey. This is how it went down: you were given a list of the alternate versions, and you were given three responses. Those were: "Prefer Original", "Prefer Alternate", and "Haven't Heard It". Since there was quite a variety of answers, and more "Haven't Heard It" responses than I had originally imagined, I decided to also include a link to those versions for those who haven't ever listened to them! There are many different versions available to the public, but I tried to get the versions with the clearest audio quality. I hope that helps. This time, we had a total of 284 responses. Percentages were rounded up to the tenth, so some may be listed as slightly oveunder 100%.
Track Name Prefer Alternate Prefer Original Haven't Heard It Link
All Too Well (Acoustic Guitar) 23.9% 59.9% 16.5% ---
All Too Well (Piano) 45% 40.1% 14.8% ---
Bad Blood (Remix) 45.4% 41.9% 12.7% ---
Back to December (Acoustic) 17.6% 40.1% 42.3% ---
Blank Space (1989 Tour) 33.8% 48.2% 18% ---
Blank Space (Acoustic Guitar) 23.2% 60.2% 16.5% ---
Come Back...Be Here (Acoustic Guitar) 21.5% 35.6% 43% ---
Call It What You Want (Acoustic) 38% 42.6% 19.4% ---
Change (Acoustic) 18.3% 43.7% 38% ---
Cornelia Street (Acoustic Guitar) 67.6% 22.9% 9.5% ---
Daylight (Piano) 56% 31.7% 8.8% ---
Death By A Thousand Cuts (Acoustic Guitar) 52.1% 35.2% 13.4% ---
Delicate (Acoustic) 38% 47.9% 14.1% ---
End Game (rep Tour) 40.1% 46.5% 12.7% ---
Forever & Always (Piano) 46.4% 36.6% 18% ---
Gorgeous (Acoustic Guitar) 26.4% 47.5% 12% ---
Haunted (Acoustic) 25.7% 47.5% 24.3% ---
Holy Ground (Piano) 35.9% 44% 20.1% ---
Holy Ground (RED Tour) 28.9% 37.7% 33.5% ---
How You Get The Girl (Acoustic Guitar) 29.9% 38% 32% ---
I Did Something Bad (rep Tour) 66.5% 20.1% 13.4% ---
I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Acoustic Guitar) 37% 31.7% 31.3% ---
I Knew You Were Trouble. (Acoustic) 19.4% 51.8% 28.9% ---
I Knew You Were Trouble. (1989 Tour) 48.6% 31% 20.4% ---
I Know Places (Acoustic Guitar) 22.6% 46.8% 30.6% ---
King of My Heart (Acoustic Guitar) 28.5% 43.7% 27.8% ---
King of My Heart (reputation tour) 47.5% 34.9% 17.6% ---
London Boy (Acoustic) 32% 42.3% 25.7% ---
Love Story (Acoustic) 23.6% 52.5% 23.9% ---
Love Story (1989 Tour) 39.8% 40.1% 20.1% ---
Lover (First Dance) 34.2% 50.7% 15.1% ---
Lover (w/Shawn Mendes) 6% 83.8% 10.2% ---
Lover (Acoustic) 32% 53.9% 14.1% ---
Lover (Piano) 47.2% 43.4% 9.5% ---
The Man (Acoustic Guitar) 33.8% 50.7% 15.5% ---
ME! (Piano Demo) 34.3% 39.1% 26.8% ---
Mean (Grammy's) 33.5% 38% 28.5% ---
New Year's Day (Piano) 57.7% 28.9% 13.4% ---
Our Song (Acoustic) 19.4% 48.9% 31.7% ---
Ours (Acoustic Guitar) 23.9% 42.6% 33.5% ---
Out of the Woods (Piano) 40.8% 39.1% 20.1% ---
Red (Acoustic) 34.2% 42.3% 23.6% ---
Shake it Off (Acoustic Guitar) 18% 53.9% 28.2% ---
Should've Said No (Acoustic) 18.3% 51.1% 30.6% ---
Should've Said No (ACM) 34.2% 33.8% 32% ---
So It Goes... (Acoustic Guitar) 27.8% 43.7% 28.5% ---
Soon, You'll Get Better (Piano) 42.6% 35.6% 21.8% ---
Sparks Fly (Speak Now Tour) 30.6% 32% 37.3% ---
State of Grace (Acoustic) 32.4% 41.5% 26.1% ---
Style (Acoustic Guitar) 16.5% 56% 27.5% ---
Teardrops on My Guitar (Acoustic) 15.5% 41.5% 43% ---
Tim McGraw (Acoustic) 19% 41.9% 39.1% ---
Treacherous (Acoustic Guitar) 26.8% 44.4% 28.9% ---
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Acoustic) 16.2% 52.1% 31.7% ---
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (1989 Tour) 45.1% 31.7% 23.2% ---
Welcome to New York (Acoustic Guitar) 28.9% 41.9% 29.2% ---
Wildest Dreams (Electric Guitar) 36.3% 35.9% 27.8% ---
You Are In Love (1989 Tour) 32.4% 38.4% 29.2% ---
You Belong With Me (Acoustic) 18.7% 51.4% 29.9% ---
You Belong With Me (RED Tour) 18.7% 48.2% 33.1% ---
22 (Acoustic Guitar) 17.3% 53.5% 29.2% ---
Better Man (Acoustic Guitar) 47.5% 20.1% 32.4% ---
This Is What You Came For (Acoustic Guitar) 31.3% 30.3% 38.4% ---
Babe (Acoustic Guitar) 38.4% 27.1% 34.5% ---

Rating Official Mashups & Medleys

Below are a list of her official (mostly tour) mashups and medleys. Just like the other rating system, the scores are based off of a scale of 1-10. There was a total of 284 responses.
[8.92] Enchanted / Wildest Dreams - Most common response: 10 with 52.8% of its votes.
[8.67] Clean / Long Live / New Year's Day - Most common response: 10 with 43.7% of its votes.
[8.65] Long Live / New Year's Day - Most common response: 10 with 45.8% of its votes
[8.63] Red / Daylight - Most common response: 10 with 45.1% of its votes.
[8.18] Bad Blood / Should've Said No - Most common response: 10 with 28.5% of its votes.
[8.17] Style / Love Story / You Belong With Me - Most common response: 10 with 29.9% of its votes.
[8.0] Artist of the Decade Medley - Most common response: 10 with 25.4% of its votes.
[7.88] WANEGBT / This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Most common response: 10 with 23.6% of its votes.
[7.85] Back to December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry - Most common response: 8 with 24.3% of its votes.
[7.07] Fearless / I'm Yours / Hey Soul Sister (Ukulele) - Most common response: 8 with 24.6% of its votes.
[6.95] You're Not Sorry / What Goes Around...Comes Around (Piano) - Most common response: 7 with 21.8% of its votes.
[6.77] Stay Stay Stay / Ho! Hey! - Most common response: 7 with 26.4% of its votes.

Them's the breaks, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the results. I worked super hard on this list; can you tell? Please feel free to discuss, and those who are hearing the alternate versions for the first time -- please tell me what you think of them! Next week is gonna be really cool; we're covering the "Fan Favorite Topics" section of the quiz, which includes questions that are typically not part of the common survey. These topics include: favorite album cover, favorite era aesthetic, ranking lead singles, ranking track 5s, ranking different producers, etc. We will also be covering the preference for bonus tracks. It'll be exciting! Oh, and if you didn't get a chance to vote last week, you have seven days to Go HERE and do that. You MUST complete the entire extensive survey in able for your votes to count next week.

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