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War commander hack v1.02

Command: Modern Operations - v1.02 Official Update

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War Commander is a 2D online game on the theme of war strategy, which is developed and published by Kixeye and can be played on the Facebook platform. Puttin' Heretics to the Flame (10 points): Play in a quick match game as the Black Hand. War commander hack v1.02.

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War Commander CHEAT TOOL features - Gold generator - Metal generator  . You do not have to use [HOST] Commander Hacks is made easily so you will not have to go the problems of using [HOST] the easy and understable interface of War Commander Cheats, using it is really a walk in the recreation [HOST] Commander Hack Facebook - Elite War Commander Cash Cheat. I ran a spellcheck, and went through the guide by hand so I could try to find any errors and fix them.

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Old School (10 points): Play in a quick match game as the Steel Talons. War Commander all codes, war commander cheats codes on facebook, All War Commander Hex Codes V (New Version) Please Read First WCHex Codes. Commander: Europe at War patch v.1.06 Grand Strategy advice.

War Commander Cheats Hack

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Today we add one more hack tool in our working hacks collection, as we release War Commander Hack v for you guys! War Commander game to use cheats with Cheat Engine. Command: Modern Operations - Game.

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Toggle Fog of War ON/OFF: ee_bigheadmode(1) Big Head Mode ON: ee_bigheadmode(0) Big Head Mode OFF: taskbar_hide: Hide Taskbar: taskbar_show: Show Taskbar: statgraph() Enable Statgraph: statgraph_channel("fps") Show FPS (statgraph must be enabled) setsimrate(#) Set Game Speed (#=speed, 10=normal) FOW_RevealAll: Remove Fog *. It's fun to run around outside of combat with this mode, since it makes the game world more immersive to be so close. Today we add one more hack tool in our collection, as we release v for you guys.

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Project Basic and Combo Attacks Pt.1

Below are changes that I believe would fix all of the useless basic attacks and combo strings (plus any KBs associated with them) for all kharacters. This list has NO special moves changes. The list is in alphabetical order for everyone on the roster. These changes DO NOT consider balance as a roster, but changes to make certain strings just more viable and seen more. THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL CHANGES OR LEAKS, but just what I would consider to be buffs to moves that aren’t seen often. For every move I explain what most likely makes the move underused and what I would personally do to improve them. The order of moves for a specific kharacter are not in any specific order. I tested out all of these moves in practice myself and put down attacks that I never noticed competitive players using (or just ones they rarely used).
I use the standard BUFD-1234 notation when referring to moves. I also use “V1”, “V2”, and “V3” for tournament variations when I refer to them. I don’t specifically name the variation. Furthermore, when I name special moves for reference to a specific move, I use the name given in the Move List. When I list a full string, sometimes I refer to the string as a whole, and sometimes I refer specifically to the very last hit. For example: Scorpion’s B143 would be referring to the very last kick, not the B1 or B14. If I go on to refer to a specific part of a full string, I typically specify that.
Feel free to list any constructive criticism. Reddit has a character max of 40,000 so I split my work into two parts. THIS IS PART ONE. IT GOES FROM BARAKA TO KUNG LAO.
Edit: The link to the second part is here: Link
  • 2 1+3 - This string has almost no purpose besides possibly using it at the end of a combo for 50 frames of advantage and far distance (unless in the corner), but it isn’t worth the damage that Baraka can normally dish out. This move could allow you to safely throw an amplified projectile to possibly chip them out far away, and it could allow a safe War Banner setup, but most people would prefer to do good damage. It is only +1 on block, which is the same as F212, except F212 starts with an 8 frame high while 2 1+3 starts with a 10 frame high. Furthermore, F212 has a much further reach than 2 1+3 and both flawless block gaps, so F212 is just superior to 2 1+3 in basically every way. I suggest that the move becomes +3 on block to give it somewhat of a distinct advantage compared to F212 and increase the pushback on block. The first hit of the string already requires Baraka to be point blank (closer than the first hit of 112), so it wouldn’t be a free plus frame off of some long range attack. The additional pushback would help Baraka avoid the opponent’s pokes and would let him continue pressure with F212 or check them with a F4. This would also indirectly increase the occurrences of the War Banner because there’s a higher chance people will use the War Banner after 2 1+3, if 2 1+3 is used more.
  • I don’t think Cassie has any strings that are almost never used. Every combo string has some purpose whether they’re safe neutral moves (124), combo strings (34, B13), plus frames (F343), auto-shimmes (111), anti-airs (B3), etc.
  • 114 - This string ends with a low and has a flawless block gap too. The string has literally no use since it's unsafe on block (-12) at close range and is only a low. Most players default to blocking low when the opponent is on the ground, so this low isn’t really a mixup of any form. The alternative string is 112, which keeps her safe at -8 from a long range and has no flawless block gap, so it’s much safer. The only time I could even imagine using 114 is when you stagger 11 enough to the point of forcing them to press buttons after 11, but 112 does the same damage as 114 and is less risky. To make this string more useful, I suggest making the string +2 on block, but the flawless block remains as unsafe as it currently is (-12). The +2 would allow Cetrion to input a B3 (10 frame low) as a 8 frame low.
  • F22 D 1+3 (V1 exclusive)- The only issue with this string is how inconsistent the overhead (last hit) hits the opponent. The move will whiff over the opponent’s head half of the time when they are crouch blocking. It’s completely useless if the move that is intended to hit overhead can be avoided by blocking low. This move has to be fixed.
  • 12 - The only issue with this move is that 12 only combos into Widow’s Kiss (V2) on large hitbox kharacters. The fact that D’Vorah’s fastest move can’t go into a full combo forces her to be unable to full-combo punish a majority of moves and limits her to just a minor damage punish of about 90-100 damage. Either 12 should not combo at all, or should combo on all kharacters.
Erron Black:
  • B2U4222 (V1 exclusive) - This string is almost completely useless as it currently is. There is no reason to use B2U4 over B222 (in V1), and as a result, there also happens to be no reason to do the followup either. The follow up comes out whiff, which makes it even worse. My suggestion is to have this barrage of bullets just track the opponent’s location. This at least makes it free chip damage without the recovery that the Zeterrean Spit demands. The shots should be mid hitting attacks since you can’t chip out the opponent if they are avoiding the attacks altogether.
  • B122 (V1 exclusive) - This string isn’t really good to zone with because it forces you to advance forward and the projectiles are all duckable. One way to improve this string is to have the first hit (mid) to jail into the 2 projectiles on block. This guarantees that Erron is at least safe. However, the projectiles are still highs if they are shot from a distance.
  • F2121 (V1 exclusive) - This string isn’t really good because it forces you to advance forward and the parts of the string can be ducked. So something that can be done to improve this string is to have the 2nd hit (mid) jail into the last 2 high shots on block. This can be done by decreasing the startup frames of the last 2 hits enough so F21 jails. The last 2 hits (dial-in part) should also have increased pushback since the string is -15 (up close).
  • 111 - This string is underused mainly because of the superiority of 21212. This move already has some application V2 and V3, but is definitely not used at all in V1. Firstly, the move has a flawless gap in it despite the other version (114) already having one. The move is already minus -4 on block with the other version granting Erron plus frames, so I’m not sure what the purpose of the gap is. Unless the gap is somehow meant to increase the difficulty of flawless blocking since there is a 4 frame difference between the gaps, then I suggest removing this gap. Furthermore, since 111 seems to be a kounter to any attempts to flawless block 114, then I also suggest giving 111 more hit advantage on hit so there is enough time for Erron to throw his Zeterrean Spit and be able to dash up for pressure.
  • 224 - This ender is never used because there is no reason to finish the string due to the fact that 22 is +5 on block at point blank. A simple fix would be to increase the block stun of 224 to +7, add in a flawless block gap, and slightly reduce the pushback so B2 can connect. This would also increase 223’s usage since the 223 will hit the opponent if they are trying to flawless block 224.
  • 134 - This string ends with an overhead, but this move plus the alternative move that gets Frost 3 plus frames (132) both have flawless block gaps with only a 1 frame difference. This means that if the opponent can flawless block either string, they’ll most likely be able to accidentally flawless block the other string when they were actually trying to block the other one. This essentially makes both 134 and 132 weak since they can’t complement one another. The simple fix is to slightly lower the startup frames of 134 to 19 frames (from 23) so this would interrupt attempts to flawless block 132 which would bring up the usage of both 134 and 132.
  • F2 - This move is extremely risky for Frost players because it is an advancing high that can give the opponent a free D2 KB. The problem here is that it whiffs on crouch blocking opponents. Even on the bigger kharacters, this move will not hit the opponent. Hitbox issues to this extent severely weaken the viability of moves like this. The obvious solution is to fix the hitbox so it hits crouch blocking opponents.
  • 23 2+4 - This move provides a huge risk for Fujin because this ender is a high that starts in 28 frames, meaning it is super reactable. It is complemented by 2312, which is a dial-in string that would catch players ducking or flawless blocking this 23 2+4. However, this move in general doesn’t give Fujin any reward for throwing out this high since the block advantage is -4. I suggest changing the block advantage to be +4. This way, Fujin can check the opponent with his now 9 frame mid (13 minus 4) (B1) at a good range. This would immediately bring more usage to 23 2+4 and 2312 without being broken since the move is a high and is flawless blockable.
  • F43 (KB) - This KB is not seen much because of the obvious setup that it requires. It first takes connecting the F43 string once, and then it takes the opponent to block the F4 but get hit only by F43 consecutively. This is extremely unrealistic to achieve because once the opponent gets hit from the F43, either from the end of a combo or somehow in the neutral, then they will default to blocking overhead after F4 since Fujin does not have any low special moves. Staggering the F4 may get Fujin a chance to throw, but that doesn’t allow this KB to come up as much. I have a few suggestions to buff this string/KB. Firstly, the damage alone from F43 should increase because the animation seems like it should do more damage than his other strings. This damage should go to at least a total of 120 (from 97.5) by making the second hit do 70 damage. Secondly, I suggest changing his KB requirement to having Fujin punish or kounter the opponent. Fujin is not meant to be an overhead-low mixup machine, so having a mixup-based KB doesn’t seem to fit his kit.
  • F2 - This move is underused for Fujin because it cannot special cancel, forces Fujin to advance forwards, and has limited range while B2 has the ability to cancel, while keeping his hitbox back and has controllable range while only sacrificing the block advantage. In order to make F2 better, it should become +0 on block (from -7). This way the move is more of a neutral-resetting move at close range while also providing the threat of the followup (F2 1+3).
  • B2 1+3 - This followup to B2 is not used commonly mainly due to the fact that it whiffs majority of the time and that it can special cancel into a full combo (V2). The obvious fix is to have Fujin walk forward similarly to F2 1+3 so he can switch sides as necessary.
  • Geras really has no moves that have no use. All of his strings are all useful that can either provide mixups, KBs, tick throws, restands, advancing mids, etc.
  • 224 - This string is only slightly underwhelming due to the fact that all of Jacqui’s other pressure strings are much more safer and faster. While 11 has the mid hitting part startup in a total of 18 frames, 22 has the mid part start in a total of 23 frames. This would naturally create a preference for the faster mid, since it is harder to mash out of 11 than 22. The only way I can see this string being used more is to increase the block advantage of 22 to -3 (from -6) and 224 to -4 (from -5). Jacqui’s basic and combo strings all are already really good so there is no reason to overly buff 224.
  • B 1+3 (KB) - This KB doesn’t appear very often, mostly due to the fact that most Jacqui players don’t play V2, but even the ones that do don’t get this KB very often. The requirement is to have the opponent be inside the Tech-Dome bubble during this throw. To increase the possibility of this KB happening, the requirement should change so that if more than 60% of the body is within the bubble during the animation, then the KB triggers. This would increase the area that Jacqui can possibly trigger this KB.
  • F41 - This full string is unsafe at -14 for no reason. The starting hit is 18 frames, so it is not reliable for starting combos and B1 keeps her hitbox safe with a bit more range than F4. My suggestion for this move is to make the last hit -5 on block (from -14). This would add a small stagger game on whether or not Jade is going to finish the string or not.
  • 322D1 (V3 exclusive) - This string seems to be a good string, but the ender doesn’t really get Jade anything special. 322 is good for combo damage, but the last hit will usually be special canceled into either Amplified Nitro Kick or Vanishing Winds. My suggestion to improve the last hit is to change the block advantage to -6 (from -10). This is because 322 (dial-in) starts up in a total of 32 frames because 3 (high) starts up in 11 frames and the follow up takes 21 frames, so Jade could at least be able to steal her turn back by landing a string that would be easily poked out of.
  • B1 - This 14 frame high isn’t utilized much because it barely has more range than F2, is a high, and is 14 frames (compared to 9 frame F3 or 12 frame F2). My suggestion is to reduce the recovery frames so that Jax can combo off of this move in the corner and reduce the minus frames on block to -7. That way this move will be useful for combos and for whiff punishing while in the corner.
  • B32 1+3 - This throw/string is not used much because of the slow startup time (18 frames) and the fact that B32 cannot special cancel for some reason. This move essentially offers no combo potential, slow startup, and no pressure. My proposed fix is to make B32 1+3 an actual throw and to increase the damage to 100 (from 90). This would instantly make the string more viable.
  • F42 - This move is meant to give Jax a ridiculous amount of plus frames (+9), but it completely whiffs on crouch blocking opponents. Because this move is a high, the opponent can duck under it, but it should be able to hit the crouch-blocking opponent. The sole fact that the opponent can crouch block under F42 is a huge loss of Jax. The obvious suggestion is to fix this hitbox issue so Jax can properly utilize this string.
  • F3 - The KB that comes from this string requires the last hit to hit by itself. This won’t happen much unless F3 is staggered enough to the point of not expecting the F32 or if the opponent just does not have the matchup knowledge (which will not occur in competitive play). F3 starts up at a slow 26 frames with a range about 1.25 times the range of the default spawn. This allows Joker to be punished by certain special moves or even combo strings with proper spacing and ultimately limits the range that Joker can use this move. Furthermore, the followup cannot come out if F3 is flawless blocked, so using this move is already risky. My suggestion is to remove that flawless block modifier for F3 and add a gap for the followup so there is a mind-game on whether Joker will finish the string or he’ll special cancel to interrupt the flawless block
  • 122 - This string is weak because it is unsafe on block. There is a flawless block gap, but Joker has other continuations (123 and 121) to try to throw the opponent off on their reads. I suggest making this string be safe on block at -7, but flawless blocking the string would make him -12 as he is now. This way he has a somewhat weak check or mixup (V1) that is kounterable by the gap. This would be only a minor change, but a change nonetheless that would increase the string’s usage.
  • F43 - This move is never used because it whiffs on opponents crouch blocking. The whole point of the string is that it catches people who you thought Johnny was going to stagger F4 or continue into F44, but it whiffs even on crouching opponents. This move would be good if the hitbox hit crouch blocking opponents since it has a 260 damage KB for being the only part of the string that hits and it gets Johnny 7 plus frames. The obvious fix is to have this string properly hit opponents who crouch block it since the actual kounter is to just duck it.
  • F212 - This string is not seen very much from Johnny players due to a variety of reasons. F21 is a poor combo starter since the first hit of both F21 and 34 starts up in 11 frames as highs while 34 does more damage. The range of F2 is so barely above that of 3 that it’s negligible. Furthermore, F21 does not jail into his Straight Forceball, so it is weak for pressure. F212 has a gap at the end which further undermines the string’s viability. As a result, my suggestion would be to have the final hit of the string be +1 (from -3). F21 can already serve as a stagger since it is -2 (F2) and -5 (F21) on block. Giving Johnny a plus frame guarantees Johnny a poke since he is left at point blank range and risks a flawless block after F21.
  • 34D3 - This string will almost never be used because 34U3 cannot be ducked on block and gets Johnny 1 plus frame while also leaving him at the same distance. 34D3 ends up being -11 on block, so it has no real advantages. My suggestion for this ender is to allow it to be special cancellable only on hit, so that it can combo while in the corner. The last hit of 34D3 is only 50 damage, so no extra scaling should be put on the string.
  • F344U4 - This string ends his safe F344 into a punishable -17 situation (it also has a gap). This string is not used because it gives him little reward for a big risk of being punished. My suggestion would be to give this string ender a KB that requires Johnny to land this ender by itself. This would require Johnny players to stagger F344 enough times to force the opponent to press a button. This would at least increase the move’s viability since now there is a larger possible reward.
  • 244U4 - This string is the exact same as the one up above (F344U4). This string should get the same treatment, except that it is a shared KB (similar to Jax’s V2). The justification for F344U4 applies here too.
  • B34 U+3+4 - This move is almost never seen because it only comes out on hit and is only a good alternative for damage if Johnny has no meter. However, it leaves Johnny so far away that it is more advantageous to cancel into Straight Forceball from B34 for pressure unless, for example, the opponent needs an extra 50 damage to end a round. My suggestion would be to allow this move to recover faster so it can combo when in the corner. This would be a nice little starter for corner combos and will increase the move’s usage if the combo damage can go beyond his regular corner combos.
  • F4 1+3 - The only problem with this string is how far away the move leaves the opponent. Kabal does not have a long range mid projectile, so there’s no advantage to being at full screen. This move could be used at the end of a combo towards the corner to keep the opponent in the corner or push them towards the corner, but this is not really that beneficial. First of all, V3 Kabal with Gas Blast is better as an ender for the corner. Secondly, the other variations have better hit advantages and damage with this combo: (Kabal must be in corner) B12/F22 BF3 4 BF1 AMP D1 23 BF1. The opponent must reach the corner in order for the last BF1 to connect. This gets 39-41 frames of advantage. If the opponent is too far from the corner and towards midscreen, then the combo can be ended with Nomad Dash to push the opponent really close to the corner with 9-11 frames of advantage (which is enough to bait out a U3 and jump over the opponent so you are not cornered.). Kabal doesn’t want to be full screen since he’s stronger from close up to the mid-range, so this string forces Kabal to reset the neutral. My proposed fix is to simply have the knockdown on hit to be closer. F4 is already a weak mid since it is -2 on hit, so the full string could at least give Kabal a good advantage.
  • F224 (KB) - This KB is never seen in competitive play for the sole reason that doing an actual combo will net much more damage than just the extra 90 damage to the regular string from the KB. The hit advantage of the regular string is 28 frames, but the KB hit advantage is 32. My suggestion to increase the use rate of this KB is to slightly increase the KB damage (by itself) from 90 to 120 and increase the hit advantage on just the KB version to 40 frames. The increase in damage is an obvious appeal, but is only a minor increase in order to ensure that the KB is not too powerful. The overall damage from the start of the string should be approximately 241.02 instead of 211.02. The increase in frame advantage allows for a good oki setup for only a moderate sacrifice in damage.
  • F3 - This seems good on paper as an extended mid that gets 6 plus frames on block. However, when spaced out at max range, the move leaves Kabal just barely out of range for his 12 frame mid (F2) which forces him to use up some of his plus frames to get in range. Since the move is 25 frames on startup, it makes sense to space it further away so the opponent can’t kounter Kabal doing such a slow move. Furthermore, the opponent can dash backwards and punish Kabal for trying to capitalize on his plus frames. As a result, there is less incentive to actually use this move. If the pushback was only a spec less, then Kabal could fully utilize his 6 plus frames for a guaranteed F2 and could also then pressure someone trying to backdash.
  • B2 - This move is essentially a faster but weaker version of F3. The problem with this move is since it’s only plus 2-3 (depending on spacing), you can only guarantee a poke. Most players won’t throw a 16 frame move out so close when they have a 12 frame mid (F2), so then this move would only be thrown out slightly under B1 range which only leaves D4 (11 frames) as the only option afterwards since B1 will be interrupted by most D4s.
  • F12 - The only thing wrong with this move is the inconsistency with the spit’s hitbox. Either the move needs to never hit when crouch blocking, or the move needs to always hit crouching opponents after F1 is blocked. The fact that a large chunk of the roster can duck the spit while blocking after blocking Kano’s best advancing mid makes Kano hard to check opponents. There was a similar issue with Frost’s B121 where the last hit would inconsistently miss or hit crouch blocking opponents. Kano’s F12 needs a similar treatment. They need to add more block stun and recovery to F1 (this won’t change the F1 stagger), so F12 can be guaranteed to hit on block.
  • F43 KB (V1 exclusive) - This KB almost never is seen and is only ever seen as a result of an accident. All V1 Kano players will 100% agree that the KB’s requirement for blocking late is not very practical. What I suggest is to have the KB requirement change to having F4 hit right after F43 had just previously been landed. This way, once F43 has landed once, there is a threat of it coming again for the KB. This then creates a mind game because Kano has a low starter (F2) while the threat of his F4 lingers.
  • F4 - This move should be special cancellable into Snake Bite in V3. V3 needs more options to open players up since it does not have the command grab of V1 or the Chemical Burn of V2. Having the ability to do 330 damage (tested in custom variations) from a 25 frame overhead for 2 bars of meter (F4 into Snake Bite forces a bar by itself) is not anything overpowered and is the least that V3 can get.
  • B131 - This string is used but not very much because Kitana players prefer the combo potential of B14 and the lack of a gap in the last hit. I’m not sure why there is a gap for B131 since you remain -1 putting her at a relatively far distance away, essentially a neutral reset for Kitana. B13 also cannot combo off of Fan Lift or Fan-Nado or Edenian Razor, and does less damage than B14, so it doesn’t seem like this string was intended for combos. Given that the string has a flawless block and leaves Kitana so far away, I suggest making this string +2 and slightly closing the distance so Kitana is able to catch a backdash with a jump-in attack or dash forward and start applying pressure. Because staggering B13 is viable, the string ender (B131) should only give Kitana minor plus frames. Furthermore, there is a big enough of a difference to differentiate between if Kitana used B14 or B13.
  • 21434 - This string doesn’t really get Kitana anything because the first hit (high) starts in 13 frames, which is the exact same as her best mid (B1). Her B1 allows her to get a safe damaging combo starter while this full string doesn’t even get a combo. My suggestion would be to have this string be special cancellable into the Air Fan Toss (or other airborne special moves) because it would open new combo routes. Furthermore, the gravity should be decreased or adjusted and the actual damage should increase so Kitana is able to get a combo in the corner and have a damage reason to go for this combo. This would immediately open up a new combo route in the corner. As a result, the move should become unsafe on block at about -10 due to the high damage it would be getting with my idea (I explain why in the next move).
  • 21222 - This move is an alternative ender to 21434 which is also safe (-6). However, similar to 21434, there is also no reason to go for this string at all due to better options being available. Firstly, my suggestion would be to make this string safer at -3 so there’s more incentive to end the string with this ender instead of just ending with 21 (-6 on block). Secondly, I would make the cancel window (into either 21222 or 21434) larger. I’m not sure if this is just me, but I don’t have enough time from 21 in order to hit confirm into 21434 or go into 21222 on block. I know this change is to 21 and not 21222, but it essentially affects the whole string anyways. In addition, the startup frames on 2 should go to 11 frames (from 13) because 13 is just really slow compared to her regular 1, especially if it can’t anti-air, doesn’t lead into a lot of damage, and has slightly less range. This would allow Kitana’s D1 to jail into 2.
  • B231343 - No Kitana ever throws out this string ender because it’s 3 highs in a row which goes over ducking opponents. Although it is safe on block, there is no reason to take such a risk for practically no reward. Kitana can also go into B231D2, which would be a KB if the opponent tried to duck under the 3 highs, but since nobody uses the string anyways, there’s no reason to be conditioned to simply duck after B231. A simple solution would be to increase the block advantage so Kitana becomes +2 on block. The string already leaves Kitana at point blank range, which only guarantees her D3 (7 frames). If this change is still weak, then the plus frames can be adjusted.
  • 3212 - This move isn’t seen all that much because the very first hit starts high and has less range than her standing 1 or 2. A simple fix would be to make this move special cancellable between the dial-in parts. This would open another combo route for close range punishes in the midscreen that would do as much damage as her B231. However, I’m not sure how unsafe most unsafe strings are, so I’m not sure if the 12 frames that this move takes will be fast enough to punish most unsafe strings.
  • B122 - This move is never seen for a few key reasons. Firstly, the full string cannot come out on block or whiff and the first hit is -11 on block. Secondly, this move cannot be special cancelled unless it is the first hit by itself. Lastly, the first hit comes out in 15 frames, which is not as fast as his good mids. The most obvious way to increase this string’s usage is to allow it to be special cancelled on B12 and allow the full string to come out on block. This way, there is actually a reason for this string to even see usage. However, according to the frame data, the move is safe on block for both B12 and B122, so the frame data needs to be adjusted because this would make B122 one of his best strings because the starting move is a ranged move that keeps Kollector’s hitbox far and is completely safe on block. In addition, because V2 is one of his least popular variations, Kollector should get a KB for B122 with the requirement of them standing on his Vial of Sorrow when hit with B122 which would get Kollector with no extra damage, but a good amount of damage over time.
  • F22 1+3 - This move is likely never seen because it forces a side switch for little damage. At most, this move will only be seen in brutalities. I believe that this move should be a throw, similar to Shao Kahn’s, Raiden’s, and V2 Nightwolf’s. It does 119 damage by itself, which is good damage, so the only thing needed to be done is to have it be a throw and this move will be easily used much more. The grab part is 27 frames and Shotel Fury is 9 frames, so there is the possibility of reacting to whichever option Kollector uses.
  • 2 - This high starter is 13 frames, which is abnormally slow for kharacters. However, the move already has good range, good anti-air potential, has 5 active frames and goes into a KountePunish KB (2 1+3 4). I simply suggest to lower the startup frames to 11, so it has better anti-air potential and the ability to activate the 2 1+3 4 KB.
  • 32 (KB) - This KB most definitely has little to zero usage at a high level because it requires the opponent to lack the matchup knowledge on this overhead KB since it requires the opponent to crouch block. Kollector does not have any tournament special moves that are low, so there’s no overhead-low mixup from 32. I suggest that this KB changes to requiring the overhead to be the first hit of the string. This idea already allows this KB to occur more since it does not rely on the opponent’s lack of matchup knowledge in order to actually hit it. Though the KB will still be hard to get, it’ll at least be more possible to see in real competitive matches.
Kotal Kahn:
  • 22 - This move is one of V2 and V3’s most important strings for combo damage since it's a combo starter that can potentially get Kotal his armor break. However, it's -9 at point blank and the full string (221) is -13 also at point blank. This makes it dangerous to try and hit confirm 22 and limits it to only punishes. One change to this string should be to make it safe at -6 (22, not the full 221) so he has a better hit confirm for decent damage in his less popular variations.
Kung Lao:
  • 212124 - Since 21212 already leaves Kung Lao at +1, there is no reason to finish the string to leave him -7 at blank point blank range. I suggest making this last hit +4 on block, but add in a flawless block gap (by increasing the startup time) to allow for a kounter. This creates a small risk-reward factor with a risk being a flawless block punish and the 21 startup while the reward is a guaranteed F1.
  • 214 - This string basically ends his 21212 punch barrage early with a kick and puts in a bit of extra space. It already has a flawless block gap (I’m not sure why the 212124 version doesn’t normally), so I suggest making this ender +2 (essentially a weaker version of the 212124 suggestion) while keeping the flawless block gap there. This way, the super unsafe 21 has a minimal reward.
  • F13U2 - This ender is extremely useless for a few reasons. First of all, the last hit is a high. Secondly, the startup time is slow enough to react to whether Kung Lao cancels into his Orbiting Hat, Z-Hat, or anything else. Furthermore, the hit advantage and damage isn’t anything to go for. The only way I can see this string being more viable is to decrease the startup frames so you cannot interrupt it with a combo string or react to the lack of a special cancel.
  • 122 - This string can only come out on hit (along with 121). The problem is you would rather option select 12 into 121 rather than 122 because of the combo potential of 121. Furthermore, even if the string hits, it only barely gives more damage for less hit advantage than the F12 string. The only reason I can see this move being used is to allow it to come out on block and give it a KB with the requirement of 122 being the first hit of the string to connect. This would allow Kung Lao players to condition them to poke after 12 by staggering it enough, which then allows Kung Lao the opportunity to get this KB. However, the damage of the KB should be kept relatively low.
submitted by GamingTroller101 to MortalKombat

MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219 arrives today, just in time for the end of February! This month we’ve got another piece of Nintendo Game & Watch history – Pinball – as well as a quite a few TV games, including Dream Life Superstar, Designer’s World, Jenna Jameson’s Strip Poker, and Champiyon Pinball. The previously-added Care Bears and Piglet’s Special Day TV games are now working, as well as the big-endian version of the MIPS Magnum R4000. As always, the TV games vary enormously in quality, from enjoyable titles, to low-effort games based on licensed intellectual properties, to horrible bootlegs using blatantly copied assets. If music/rhythm misery is your thing, there’s even a particularly bad dance mat game in there.
On the arcade side, there are fixes for a minor but long-standing graphical issue in Capcom’s genre-defining 1942, and also a fairly significant graphical regression in Seibu Kaihatsu’s Raiden Fighters. Speaking of Seibu Kaihatsu, our very own Angelo Salese significantly improved the experience in Good E-Jan, and speaking of graphics fixes, cam900 fixed some corner cases in Data East’s innovative, but little-known, shoot-’em-up Boogie Wings. Software list additions include the Commodore 64 INPUT 64 collection (courtesy of FakeShemp) and the Spanish ZX Spectrum Load’N’Run collection (added by ICEknight). New preliminary CPU cores and disassemblers include IBM ROMP, the NEC 78K family, Samsung KS0164 and SSD Corp’s Xavix 2.
As always, you can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

  • 06790: [Graphics] (surpratk.cpp) suratk: Missing star field rotation effect in final level. (MetalliC)
  • 07079: [Gameplay] (suna8.cpp) sparkman, sparkmana: Player 2 button inputs are not read correctly. (dink)
  • 07428: [Media Support] (vsmileb.cpp) vsmileb: Unable to load media. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07557: [DIP/Input] (karnov.cpp) wndrplnt: Coin inputs no longer work. (MetalliC)
  • 07562: [Graphics] (seibuspi.cpp) rdft: Line scroll effects have regressed. (MetalliC)

New working machines

  • Advance Bright Ltd / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. Decathlon [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • Bandai / SSD Company LTD Mahou Taiketsu Magiranger - Magimat de Dance & Battle (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, ShouTime]
  • Conny / VideoJet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Pocket Dream Console (France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Consumenta Computer / Loproc Conchess (standard) [hap, Berger]
  • Game & Watch: Pinball [algestam, Ryan Holtz]
  • Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Dream Life Superstar (Version 0.3, Mar 16 2007) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Mission: Paintball Powered Up [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Star Wars - The Clone Wars [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Hasbro Designer's World (Version 1.0, Dec 20 2005) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto 1X [Berger, blitzchess.fr]
  • HP 86B [F.Ulivi]
  • Merry Circus (Version 1.0.2) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • MGT 20-in-1 TV-Spielekonsole (Germany) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Mortal Kombat (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle]
  • Performance Designed Products / Disney / Jungle Soft Disney Game It! Classic Pals [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Plug & Play Game Controller with 200 Games (Supreme 200) [TeamEurope]
  • Retro Dance Mat (110 song Super StepMania + 9-in-1 games) (PAL) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Senario / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. My Sports Challenge (5-in-1 version) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • Senario / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. My Sports Challenge (6-in-1 version, QVC license) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • Senario / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. My Sports Challenge Plus / Wireless Sports Plus [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Senario Guitar Super Star (Fender Stratocaster style) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Shiggles Inc. Club Jenna Presents: Jenna Jameson's Strip Poker [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • Sports Trivia Professional Edition (Senario, Plug and Play) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • TaiKee Interactive TV Games 49-in-1 (PAL) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Tech2Go / WayForward Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant and Monster Mayhem [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Tomy / SSD Company LTD Champiyon Pinball (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime, David Haywood]

New working clones

  • Albert Computers, Inc. Albert [rfka01]
  • ASEM S.p.A. AM100 [rfka01]
  • Ataque Androide - Moon Cresta (FAR S.A. Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Battle Balls (Portugal) [Apocalypse]
  • Blood Bros. (Korea) [Jorge Silva]
  • Dharma Doujou (Germany) [Darksoft]
  • Double Wings (Asia) [Asayuki, pacman70]
  • The End (SegaSA / Sonic) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • El Estivador (Spanish bootleg of Port Man on Galaxian hardware) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Final Star Force (World?) [Jorge Silva]
  • Galaktron (Petaco S.A.) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Galaxian (Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • GTAC Do-Do [R. Belmont, rfka01]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy (German, 04-10-88) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy (German, 06-03-89) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Berlin 68000 (v0.02) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Blitz- und Problemloesungs-Modul (set 2) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Genius 68030 (v4.00) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto II (set 2) [Berger]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 2, v4.00 2 EPROMs) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 3, v3.00) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 4) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 5) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM IV (v6.00) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM IV (v7.00) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM V (set 2) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Mega IV (set 2) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Milano (v1.01) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Modena (set 2) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Modena (set 3) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Monte Carlo (ver. MC2) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Polgar 10 MHz (v10.1) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Portorose 32 Bit (v1.01) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Rebell 5,0 (set 2) [hap]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Super Mondial (ver. AB) [hap]
  • The Lord of King (bootleg) [hammy, caius]
  • Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Ichi-Funtel) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Mr. Do! (Fabremar bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.60, DK PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61, DK PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61a, C1 PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • New Fruit Bonus '96 Special Edition (v3.61a, DK PCB) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Olivmandingo (Spanish bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • P-47 Aces (ver 1.1) [Derick2K, rtw, trap15]
  • Pang (bootleg, set 7) [jordigahan, Pikolo, ClawGrip]
  • Puzzle & Action: Tant-R (Japan) (bootleg set 4) [jordigahan]
  • Puzzli (revision A) [SpinalFeyd]
  • Raiden II (easier, US, prototype? 11-16) [neSneSgB]
  • Rampart (Joystick, smaller ROMs) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Ribbit! (Japan) [Apocalypse]
  • Saitek / Tasc Kasparov RISC 2500 (v1.03) [hap]
  • Seicross (set 2) [Zab, The Dumping Union]
  • Sirio II (Calfesa S.L. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg, set 2) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Space Pilot (set 2) [chaneman]
  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (USA 920312) [Lions3]
  • SWTPC swtpc S/09 OS9 [68bit]
  • Tasc ChessSystem R30 (Gideon 2.1, prototype) [hap]
  • Tasc ChessSystem R30 (The King 2.20) [hap]
  • Tasc ChessSystem R30 (The King 2.23, unreleased) [hap]
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version N) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • Three Ds - Three Dealers Casino House (set 2) [Patrik Styrnell]
  • Time Killers (v1.00) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Triumph-Adler Alphatronic P10 [rfka01]
  • Triumph-Adler Alphatronic P50 [rfka01, Carl]
  • Viper Phase 1 (New Version, Portugal) [Jorge Silva]

Machines promoted to working

  • Care Bears TV Games (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Ryan Holtz]
  • Gimix 6809 System [68bit]
  • MIPS Magnum R4000 (be) [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • Simba / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. TV Sports 10-in-1 / Decathlon Athletic Sport Games [David Haywood]
  • Winnie the Pooh - Piglet's Special Day (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Ryan Holtz, Sean Riddle, David Haywood]

Clones promoted to working

  • Witch Card (ICP-1) [Ivan Vangelista]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • 3 Cards Poker 96 (V1.6) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Advance Bright Ltd Guitar Fever (2007.07.03 Ver 2.7) [TeamEurope, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • Advance Bright Ltd. Wikid Joystick [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Alcatel / Telefonica TeleTUP [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Alcatel / Telefonica TRMA VIA [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Ampex 230 plus Terminal (v4.0) [Bitsavers]
  • Applied Microelectronics Institute/The Weather Channel WeatherSTAR 4000 [R. Belmont, Techknight]
  • Atari Flashback Mini 7800 [Sean Riddle, GameHistory.org]
  • AtGames / Sega Reactor MD (PAL) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Bandai Multi Game Player Gamepad [Sean Riddle, GameHistory.org]
  • Basic Fun The Oregon Trail [anonymous]
  • Big Buck Hunter Safari (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Cadaco Buzztime Home Trivia System [Sean Riddle]
  • Casio ROM Pack Software List holder [David Haywood, ClawGrip]
  • Cefa Toys Super Quique / Mega Duck (Spain) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • City Patrolman [unknown]
  • CompuData Tulip System I [rfka01, nIGHTFALL crew, Dirk Best]
  • Digital Pocket Hand Held System Model: 8630 - 230-in-1 [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • dreamGEAR My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine - 300 Handheld Video Games (DGUN-2593) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Duck Commander (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Epoch / SSD Company LTD Excite Sports Tennis x Fitness (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime]
  • Formula 1 [PinMAME]
  • Gegege no Kitaro Yokai Yokocho Matsuri De Batoru Ja (GYM1 Ver.A) [Porchy, SpinalFeyd]
  • Ice Mania [PinMAME]
  • Imaginarium / ItsMagical Karao Kids Songs 2 (Spain) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Code Mystics TV Touch Games: Spider-Man in Villain Round-Up [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Code Mystics TV Touch Games: Star Wars Original Trilogy [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc DreamWorks Dragons Hero Portal [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Keroro Gunso Chikyu Shinryaku Shirei Dearimasu! (KRG1 Ver.A) [Porchy, SpinalFeyd]
  • Konami Endeavour BIOS [R. Belmont]
  • Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Disney Princess [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Lexibook Retro TV Game Console - 300 Games [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • MGT Fitness Konsole (NC1470) [TeamEurope]
  • Mini Arcade Machine (Red5) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Orb Retro Arcade Game Controller 153-in-1 [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • Rapid Fire 5 (Konami Endeavour, NSW) [Heihachi_73]
  • Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer (Ver. 2.xx) [DBWBP, depblue]
  • Senario Guitar Star [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Ryan Holtz]
  • Star Wars Clone Trooper (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • STM Electronics Pied Piper Communicator 1 [Adrian Graham]
  • Super Roller (v7.0) [hammy]
  • Super Shanghai 2001 [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Symbol PDT 3100 (v1.10-00) [ArcadeHacker, ClawGrip]
  • Tomy / SSD Company LTD Nihon Isshuu - Boku wa Plarail Untenshi (Japan) [Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, ShouTime]
  • Toy Story - Toys on the Move (JAKKS Pacific TV Motion Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Triumph-Adler alphatronic PC-16 [Carl, rfka01]
  • VTech MobiGo [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • VTech MobiGo 2 (Germany) [TeamEurope]
  • Waixing Megapad 31-in-1 [Sean Riddle, GameHistory.org]
  • The Walking Dead: Battleground (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • The Walking Dead: Zombie Hunter (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle]
  • WinFun / KidConnection SmarTV Adventures [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • 3 Cards Poker 96 (V1.0) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Cherry Angel (set 2) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Club Kart: European Session (2003, prototype, set 2) [coolmod, MetalliC]
  • Ferrari F355 Challenge (private show version) [coolmod]
  • Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer (Ver. 1.xx) [DBWBP]
  • Roland D-550 Linear Synthesizer [DBWBP]
  • Sanyo MBC-16LT [rfka01]
  • Sirio II (Calfesa S.L. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg, set 1) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Time Crisis 4 (Japan, TSF1001-NA-A) [Guru]
  • Victor V286C [rfka01]

New working software list additions

  • altos8600: Altos Diagnostic Executive [Robbbert]
  • apple2_flop_clcracked: Algebra Volume 6 (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Alkemstone (cleanly cracked), Building Perspective (cleanly cracked), The Dragon's Eye (cleanly cracked), Fraktured Faebles (cleanly cracked), Generic Computer Games (cleanly cracked), Gruds in Space (cleanly cracked), Other-Venture #3: The Escape from Traam (cleanly cracked), Pick The Part (cleanly cracked), Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), World Atlas Action: Geography Facts (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
  • apple2_flop_orig: 221B Baker Street (Version 1.1), Adventure Programming Kit (Versoin 10.84), Alter Ego (female version), Alter Ego (male version), The Dallas Quest, The Dragon's Eye, Expedition Amazon, Garfield Trivia Game, Generic Computer Games, Legacy of the Ancients, Manhunter: New York (Version 1.0I), MasterType (Version 2.1), Micro Cookbook (Version 3.00), Miner 2049er II, Ming's Challenge, The Serpent's Star (Version 1.0), Spectrum: Programs and Patterns, Summer Games II, Time Zone (Version 1.1), The Tracer Sanction, Transylvania (1985 Version), Treasure Island, Tumble Bugs [4am, Firehawke]
  • applix: Boot disk [Robbbert]
  • aussiebyte: Boot disk [Robbbert]
  • buzztime_cart: Series 1 - Everything Trivia, Series 1 - History Trivia, Series 1 - Sports Trivia, Series 1 - TV Trivia [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • c64_cass:
    • The CF Power Pack Tape 6, The CF Power Pack Tape 9, Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future, Excaliba, Postman Pat 2, Saracen [FakeShemp]
    • INPUT 64 1/85, INPUT 64 1/86, INPUT 64 1/87, INPUT 64 10/86, INPUT 64 11/85, INPUT 64 11/86, INPUT 64 12/85, INPUT 64 12/86, INPUT 64 2/85, INPUT 64 2/86, INPUT 64 2/87, INPUT 64 3/85, INPUT 64 3/86, INPUT 64 3/87, INPUT 64 4/85, INPUT 64 4/86, INPUT 64 4/87, INPUT 64 5/85, INPUT 64 5/86, INPUT 64 5/87, INPUT 64 6/85, INPUT 64 6/86, INPUT 64 6/87, INPUT 64 7/85, INPUT 64 7/86, INPUT 64 7/87, INPUT 64 8/85, INPUT 64 8/86, INPUT 64 8/87, INPUT 64 9/85, INPUT 64 9/86 [pagetable, FakeShemp]
  • c64_flop_orig: INPUT 64 1/87, INPUT 64 1/88, INPUT 64 10/86, INPUT 64 10/87, INPUT 64 10/88, INPUT 64 11/86, INPUT 64 11/87, INPUT 64 11/88, INPUT 64 12/86, INPUT 64 12/87, INPUT 64 12/88, INPUT 64 2/87, INPUT 64 2/88, INPUT 64 3/87, INPUT 64 3/88, INPUT 64 4/87, INPUT 64 4/88, INPUT 64 5/87, INPUT 64 5/88, INPUT 64 6/87, INPUT 64 6/88, INPUT 64 7/87, INPUT 64 7/88, INPUT 64 8/87, INPUT 64 8/88, INPUT 64 9/87, INPUT 64 9/88 [pagetable, FakeShemp]
  • fmtowns_cd: Cyber Sculpt V1.0 (HMC-140A), Mahjong Bishoujoden Ripple, Microcosm (HMD-215), Secre Volume I - Naoko Iijima [redump.org, r09]
  • gamegear: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (World, final prototype 19920925) [drx, FakeShemp]
  • hp86_rom: Advanced programming 1 ROM, Advanced programming 2 ROM, Assembler ROM, Extended Mass Storage ROM, I/O ROM, Language ROM, Matrix 1 ROM, Matrix 2 ROM, MIKSAM ROM, Printeplotter ROM [F.Ulivi]
  • ibm5150:
    • Magic Pockets [ArcadeShadow]
    • Domino 1.0 [FakeShemp]
  • ibm5170:
    • Cannon Fodder 2, Epic Pinball (shareware version - Mr. Disk release), Epic Pinball: Crash and Burn, Epic Pinball: Cyborgirl, Epic Pinball: Enigma [ArcadeShadow]
    • Tågplusguiden - Vinter–Våren 1998 [FakeShemp]
  • jakks_gamekey_nm: Pac-Man & Bosconian (01 APR 2005 A SKU G) [Sean Riddle, Ryan Holtz, David Haywood]
  • jazz: Windows NT Workstation Version 3.5, Windows NT Workstation Version 3.51, Windows NT Workstation Version 4.0 Service Pack 1 [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • lynx: Weltenschlächter [anonymous]
  • megadriv: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (World, final prototype 19921102), Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (World, prototype 19931103) [drx, FakeShemp]
  • nes: English Pyramid (Pirate) [Gaming Alexandria]
  • odyssey2:
    • Death Race (Euro) [anonymous]
    • Death Race (USA) [SSJ, TeamEurope]
  • sbrain: Boot disk [Robbbert]
  • sdk85: Mastermind [AJR]
  • spectrum_cass:
    • Load'N'Run (Spain) (Especial) [Manu128k]
    • Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 00), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 01), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 02), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 03), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 04), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 05), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 06), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 07), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 08), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 09), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 10), Load'N'Run (Spain) (Issue 11), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 00), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 01), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 02), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 03), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 04), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 05), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 06), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 07), Load'N'Run 2ª época (Spain) (Issue 08) [SPA2, RetroLEL, Jander, ICEknight]
  • uzebox: Final Blood, Frog Feast, Laser Puzzle, Laser Puzzle II, Melli's RetroLand, Reels of Fortune, Uzebox Tactics, Uzi Wars [uzebox.org]

Software list items promoted to working

  • fmtowns_cd:
    • King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder, Kyuukyoku Tiger, Mixed-Up Mother Goose, Panzer Division - Kikou Shidan, Taito Chase H.Q. (Demo), The Case of the Cautious Condor [Barry Rodewald, Carl, r09]
    • Life & Death [redump.org, Barry Rodewald, Carl, r09]
  • pc98: Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku, Mahjong Taikai [Angelo Salese]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • casio_rompack:
    • How to Play your Casio ROM Keyboard (RO-251) [Sean Riddle, avlixa, ClawGrip]
    • World Songs (RO-551) [Sean Riddle]
  • fmtowns_cd: Doki Doki Vacation - Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de, Para Para Paradise [redump.org, r09]
  • ique: Dòngwù Sēnlín (version 8), F-Zero X Wèilái Sàichē (manual, version 2), F-Zero X Wèilái Sàichē (manual, version 4), F-Zero X Wèilái Sàichē (trailer), F-Zero X Wèilái Sàichē (version 3), iQue Club (version 1), iQue Club (version 2), iQue Club (version 3), Mǎlìōu Kǎdīngchē (manual, version 2), Mǎlìōu Kǎdīngchē (manual, version 6), Mǎlìōu Kǎdīngchē (trailer), Mǎlìōu Kǎdīngchē (version 4), Mǎlìōu Kǎdīngchē (version 5), Mǎlìōu Yīshēng (manual, version 2), Mǎlìōu Yīshēng (manual, version 4), Mǎlìōu Yīshēng (trailer), Mǎlìōu Yīshēng (version 4), Rèntiāntáng Míngxīng Dà Luàn Dǒu (manual, version 1), Rèntiāntáng Míngxīng Dà Luàn Dǒu (version 5), Shuǐ Shàng Mótuō (manual, version 2), Shuǐ Shàng Mótuō (manual, version 4), Shuǐ Shàng Mótuō (trailer, version 1), Shuǐ Shàng Mótuō (trailer, version 2), Shuǐ Shàng Mótuō (version 4), Shén Yóu Mǎlìōu (manual, version 2), Shén Yóu Mǎlìōu (manual, version 6), Shén Yóu Mǎlìōu (trailer, version 1), Shén Yóu Mǎlìōu (trailer, version 2), Shén Yóu Mǎlìōu (version 4), Sàiěrdá Chuánshuō: Shíguāng zhī Dí (manual, version 2), Sàiěrdá Chuánshuō: Shíguāng zhī Dí (manual, version 4), Sàiěrdá Chuánshuō: Shíguāng zhī Dí (trailer), Sàiěrdá Chuánshuō: Shíguāng zhī Dí (version 1), Sàiěrdá Chuánshuō: Shíguāng zhī Dí (version 4) [FakeShemp]
  • leapster: The Disney-Pixar Collection (USA), Letterpillar (v1.0, USA) [TeamEurope]
  • mobigo_cart:
    • Ben 10 - UltimateAlien - Mine der Gedanken (Germany) (80-250604), Cars 2 (Germany) (80-251904), Chuggington (Germany) (80-251804), Cars Toon - Hooks unglaubliche Geschichten (Germany) (80-251204), Disney Princess (Germany) (80-251104), Dora - Tag des Zwillings (Germany) (80-250804), Für immer Shrek (Germany) (80-250004), Kung Fu Panda 2 (Germany) (80-252004), Micky Maus - Wunderhaus (Germany) (80-250504), Mobigo Kiosk (Germany), Die Pinguine aus Madagascar - Operation Krone (Germany) (80-250304), Rapunzel - Neu Verföhnt (Germany) (80-251704), Team Umizoomi - Die große Umiauto Rettung (Germany) (80-252504), Toy Story 3 (Germany) (80-250104) [TeamEurope]
    • Mickey Mouse, Tangled, Toy Story 3 [Sean Riddle]
  • n64: Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage (USA, prototype 20000210), Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage (USA, prototype 20000509), Cruis'n World (Europe), Die Hard 64 (prototype 20000315, set 1), Die Hard 64 (prototype 20000315, set 2), Die Hard 64 (prototype 20000315, set 3), Dragon Sword (prototype), Duke Nukem - Zero Hour (USA, final prototype), ECW Hardcore Revolution (Germany), Frogger 2 (USA, prototype, "Milestone 4"), GT64 - Championship Edition (prototype 19980525), International Superstar Soccer 2000 (USA, rev 1), Madden NFL 99 (USA, prototype 19980805, "Beta 10 NTSC"), Madden NFL 99 (USA, rev 1), Mario Kart 64 (USA, set 2), Mission: Impossible (Spain, rev 1), Mortal Kombat Trilogy (prototype 19960513), NBA Hangtime (USA, set 2), Robotech: Crystal Dreams (USA, prototype, earlier), SpaceStation Silicon Valley (USA, rev 1), Top Gear Hyper-Bike (prototype), Top Gear Rally (Asia), Top Gear Rally 2 (prototype 19990831), Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (Europe, prototype 20000606), Wipeout 64 (prototype) [FakeShemp]
  • pi_storyreader_cart:
    • Scooby Doo - Miniature Golf Mystery / Museum Mystery / Haunted Theater [Porchy]
    • Barney: Barney Cares / Best Manners Show / Let's Work Together, Blue's Perfect Picnic Spot, Disney No Rumbly In Pooh's Tumbly, Disney Pooh Windy Day, Disney Princess: Jasmine / Mulan / Pocahontas, Disney Princess: The Little Mermaid / Snow White / Beauty and the Beast, Disney's Bambi / Lady and the Tramp / Peter Pan, Disney's Pinocchio / Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2 / The Jungle Book, Disney's The Lion King, Disney's The Little Mermaid, Disney/Pixar Cars / The Incredibles / Monsters Inc., Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo, Dora the Explorer: Dora's Garden Adventure / The Gingerbread Boy / Dora's Art Adventure, Dora's Garden Adventure, Noah's Ark, Petter Rabbit / Jemima Puddle-Duck / Tom Kitten, Scooby-Doo! Miniature Golf Mistery, Sesame Street: Elmo's Colorful Adventure / Grover Stays Up Very Very Late / Me Loves Cookies, Spongebob Squarepants Grand Price Winner!, Spongebob Squarepants Grand Price Winner! / Dora's Garden Adventure / Blue's Perfect Picnic Spot, Thomas & Friends: Cheer up Cranky! / The Big Race / Carnival Capers [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip] Cars (Germany), Das Dschungelbuch (Germany), Findet Nemo (Germany), Der König der Löwen (Germany), Peter Pan (Germany), Winnie Puuh - Ein stürmischer Tag (Germany), Winnie Puuh hat keinen Hunger (Germany) [TeamEurope]
  • sdk85: AP-29 Serial I/O Routines [AJR]
  • smarttv_cart: Amusement Park [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • telestory_cart:
    • Dora the Explorer - En la feria ambulante / Dora va a la escuela (Spanish), Power Rangers Mystic Force - Code Busters / Whispering Voices (UK / USA?) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
    • Cinderella - Cinderella / Beauties in Bloom (USA), Dora the Explorer - At the Carnival / Dora Goes to School (USA), The Lion King - The Lion King / The Lion King II - Simba's Pride (USA), SpongeBob SquarePants - Ice-Cream Dreams / Stop the Presses! (USA), Winnie the Pooh - Bounce Tigger Bounce / Pooh's Honey Tree (USA) [Sean Riddle, TeamEurope]
    • Thomas & Friends - Thomas Visits the Toy Shop / Thomas' Milkshake Mix [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]

Source Changes

  • formats/wd177x_dsk.cpp: Allowed derived classes to override the format per track/head. [68bit]
  • formats/flex_dsk.cpp: Simplified code, and added support for variants with single-density initial tracks. [68bit]
  • formats/os9_dsk.cpp: Added support for variants with single-density initial track and base sector zero. [68bit]
  • floptool: Added OS9 disk format. [68bit]
  • bus/ss50: Added MFI, OS9 and UniFLEX formats to DC5 floppy drive controller. [68bit]
  • gimix.cpp updates: [68bit]
    • Connected interrupts, removed timed interrupt hack, and added two additional floppy drivers.
    • Added disassembly override for OS9 system calls.
    • Added OS9 Level 1 version 1.2 BIOS option.
  • tti.cpp: Made the two firmware revisions BIOS options. [AJR]
  • sdk85.cpp improvements: [AJR]
    • Made second 8355 into a ROM expansion slot that can load custom 8755 programs.
    • Added optional TTY interface.
    • Added vectored interrupt and soft reset buttons.
    • Improved accuracy of button labels and changed default key mappings.
  • jaguar: Eliminated unsafe raw memory pointer use from blitter (fixes several exceptions, including tempst2k). [AJR]
  • i8155.cpp: Made timer more efficient by not counting each cycle. [AJR]
  • bus/a2bus: Added 8251-based RS-232 serial interface described in BYTE magazine. [AJR]
  • Added disassemblers for NEC 78K/0, 78K/I, 78K/II and 78K/III microcontrollers. [AJR]
  • naomi.cpp: Made “Gun Sense” board used by hotd2 a separate device. [AJR]
  • wd_fdc.cpp updates: [AJR]
    • Predicate command completion interrupt on busy flag having been set.
    • Increased HLD idle timeout to fifteen revolutions for variants other than FD1771 and FD1781.
  • i8279.cpp updates: [AJR]
    • Removed timing hack, ensuring SL3 is output (required by Pied Piper Communicator 1).
    • Corrected keyboard scan rate and logging thereof.
  • goodejan.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
    • Corrected OKI M6295 pin 7 level to high (fixes voice pitches).
    • Added difficulty DIP switches
    • Converted to raw screen timing parameters.
  • toki.cpp: Converted screen refresh rate to raw timing parameters. [Angelo Salese]
  • ddenlovr.cpp: Added coin counters and corrected metadata for all games. [Angelo Salese]
  • subsino2.cpp: Fixed missing ron button. [Angelo Salese]
  • Synchronized with upstream GENie (addresses GitHub #6248). [Belegdol]
  • armedf.cpp updates: [cam900]
    • Converted to use single-pass priority drawing for sprites.
    • Fixed I/O writes for systems without NB1414M4.
    • Cleaned up code, memory maps, ROM loading and graphics decoding, and expanded comments.
  • twin16.cpp: Restrict sprite drawing to clipping rectangle. [cam900]
  • sound/vrc6.cpp, sound/ym2413.cpp: Changed descriptions to match chip markings/part numbers. [cam900]
  • sound/msm5205.cpp updates: [cam900]
    • Added support for MSM5205 10-bit DAC.
    • Derive timing and sample rate from input clock
    • Updated notes.
  • video/stvvdp1.cpp: Fixed Gouraud shading flag test. [cam900]
  • vgmplay.cpp: Fixed YMF262 register mapping and YMF278B volume. [cam900]
  • sound/ymf262.cpp: Added support for variants with different clock dividers. [cam900]
  • sound/ymf278b.cpp: Fixed FM output rate and clock divider, fixed mixing behavior, and expanded notes. [cam900]
  • sound/ymf271.cpp: Corrected envelope release time. [cam900]
  • bus/isa/gus.cpp: Calculate GF1 sample rate from input clock. [cam900]
  • ics2115.cpp: Calculate sample rate from input clock. [cam900]
  • video/deco16ic.cpp: Fixed of-by-one clipping in tilemap drawing. [cam900]
  • boogwing.cpp: Improved blending, priority drawing and palette effects. [cam900]
  • video/deco_ace.cpp: Use fixed-point palette fade calculation. [cam900]
  • gstream.cpp: Implemented per-frame sprite limit. [cam900]
  • cpu/z80: Added skeleton LZ8420M device (Z80 with internal RAM and additional I/O). [cam900]
  • psikyo.cpp: Derived gunbird clocks from crystal values. [cam900]
  • Netlist library updates: [Couriersud]
    • Fixed issue separating nets into independent groups for four-terminal devices without external feedback loops.
    • Added current-controlled voltage source (CCVS).
    • Improved SPICE format conversion – official TI µA741 model can now be converted without errors.
    • Added support for evaluating expressions in parameters when netlist is created.
    • Added support for potentiometers to SPICE format conversion.
  • sound/mm5837.cpp: Measured frequency versus supply voltage. [Couriersud]
  • cpu/ks0164: Added preliminary Samsung KS0164 disassembler. [David Carne, O. Galibert]
  • machine/spg2xx_video.cpp: Removed row scroll offset hack. [David Haywood]
    • Problematic cases where different games in multi-game systems required different values are fixed.
  • nes_vt.cpp: Untangled from NES state class and NES controller bus. [David Haywood]
  • cpu/spc700: Fixed TCLR1 and TSET1 operations, and removed page-crossing penalty on Y-relative accesses. [David Viens]
  • mjsister.cpp, xyonics.cpp: Hooked up 6845 CRT controllers and added raw screen timing parameters. [Dirk Best]
  • machine/mc6844.cpp: Added preliminary MC6855 DMA controller device, based on implementations in drivers. [Edström]
  • machine/mc6854.cpp: Added support for external clocks and DMA mode. [Edström]
  • Added Alfaskop 4110 keyboard emulation. [Edström]
  • cpu/jaguar: Fixed disassembly of movei instruction (GitHub #6314). [ElectronAsh]
  • Changed alternate versions of ChessSystem R30, Kasparov RISC and various Mephisto chess computers from BIOS options to clones. [hap]
  • machine/spg2xx_audio.cpp: Added preliminary ADPCM36 decoding – significantly improves pballpup. [Lord Nightmare, Ryan Holtz]
  • roland_d50.cpp: Added additional ROM versions to d50, d50a and d550 as BIOS options. [Lord Nightmare, anonymous, Erik Gavriluk]
    • Also added chip labels and locations, PCB notes, and version strings.
  • video/k052109.cpp Fixed and cleaned up tilemap scroll effects (fixes fuusenpn and MT06790). [MetalliC]
  • bus/ti99: Added VRAM size option to Enhanced Video Processor card. [Michael Zapf]
  • machine/sunplus_gcm394.cpp: Re-worked some of the DMA and NAND Flash handling so that jak_tsm loads more code. [N. Gilbert]
  • cpu/xavix2: Added preliminary Xavix 2 CPU emulation and disassembler. [O. Galibert, N. Gilbert]
  • cpu/romp: Added preliminary IBM Research/Office Products Division Microprocessor (ROMP) device. [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • konendev.cpp: Hooked up H8/3007 “IFU” CPU. [R. Belmont]
  • Added a tip on how to enter the debugger to the online documentation. [R. Belmont]
  • cpu/m68000: Allow RTE instruction to unwind 68010 bus error (type 1000) stack frames. [R. Belmont]
  • bus/nubus: Fixed macse30 Sigma Designs L-View SE/30 PDS card. [R. Belmont]
  • apple2.cpp, apple2e.cpp, apple2gs.cpp: Exposed CFFF accesses to slot cards. [R. Belmont]
  • bus/a2bus: Added support for Applesurance floppy drive controller card. [R. Belmont, DiskBlitz]
  • video/apple2.cpp: Improved monochrome-mode drawing in lores, hires and double lores modes. [R. Belmont]
    • Gives correct NTSC color with -video bgfx, effect hlsl, NTSC on, NTSC A and B to 0, scanline length to 39.1 µS.
  • uzebox.cpp: Use filename extension to detect UZE format, as some early games lack the identification string. [Robbbert]
  • iris3130.cpp: Modernized logging, added preliminary MMU support, and added ROM board support. [Ryan Holtz]
  • machine/6840ptm.cpp: Made logging more configurable. [Ryan Holtz, Phil Bennett]
  • machine/i8214.cpp: Improved interrupt level check, and added setters for combined B/SGS and R inputs. [Ryan Holtz, Phil Bennett]
  • audio/cmi01a.cpp: Derived PTM clocks from /CAS clock – fixes TIM tests in CMITST diagnostics. [Ryan Holtz]
  • cmi.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Improved interrupt handling – nearly all CMIINT tests pass now.
    • Hooked up peripherals and MIDI ports on the SMPTE/MIDI board.
    • Mapped handlers for the TVT second display board.
    • Adjusted video board PTM clocks to be based on /CAS clock – fixes TIM tests in LGTST diagnostics.
    • Adjusted master card PTM clock to be based on /CAS clock – fixes TIM tests in MAST diagnostics.
    • Hooked up AIC interrupt – all interrupt tests now pass.
  • machine/spg2xx_audio.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Fixed off-by-one error on Beat Count timer – fixes timing in icanpian, and in shredmjr to some extent.
    • Hooked up channel FIQ.
    • Hooked up software wave-in channel (used by jak_care for voices).
  • cpu/unsp: Implemented MULS and FIR_MOV operations. [Ryan Holtz, N. Gilbert, smf]
  • audio/elan_eu3a05.cpp: Added OKI ADPCM decoding. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 1942.cpp: Fixed sprite priorities, implemented sprite line buffering, fixed logo on title screen, and improved interrupt timing. [Ryan Holtz, David Haywood, smf, O. Galibert]
  • machine/spg2xx_io.cpp: Added watchdog timer support and rudimentary SPI support. [Ryan Holtz]
  • machine/i2cmem.cpp: Added 24C04 device. [Ryan Holtz]
  • Split spg2xx_jakks.cpp into separate files for plain, game-key and touch variants. [Ryan Holtz]
  • spg2xx_jakks.cpp Hooked up jak_batm I²C EEPROM – enables saving. [Ryan Holtz]
  • atarittl.cpp: Fixed various errors in stuntcyc netlist. [Ryan Holtz]
  • machine/315-6154.cpp: Converted to real PCI host device, and updated NAOMI DIMM board accordingly. [Samuele Zannoli]
  • superga2.cpp: Fixed player 2 inputs for kuzmich. [xotmatrix]
  • atarigx2.cpp: Corrected program ROM labels for motofren. [Brian Troha]
  • tsamurai.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for the Ring Fighter sets and added PCB locations to them. [Brian Troha]
  • snk.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for fitegolfu. [Brian Troha]
  • midzeus.cpp: Decapped PIC microcontroller for thegrid. [Caps0ff]
  • sdk80.cpp: Replaced monitor program with corrected version (GitHub #6324). [Colin Douglas Howell, Robbbert]
  • isbc8010.cpp: Corrected an OCR issue in monitor ROM that prevented M command from working. [Colin Douglas Howell, Robbbert]
  • naomi.cpp: Dumped Sega Atomiswave BIOS. [CoolFox, MetalliC]
  • model3.cpp: Re-dumped ecap ROMs. [coolmod, MetalliC]
  • vsmile_cart.xml: Added some French releases to the list of undumped cartridges. [DisizDream]
  • n64.xml: Added a lot more PCB documentation, and replaced bad dumps with re-dumps. [FakeShemp]
  • esq5505.cpp: Added PCB layout for SQ-2. [Guru]
  • stadhero.cpp: Added PCB layout. [Guru]
  • psikyo.cpp: Measured some frequencies for s1945, including horizontal and vertical video sync. [Guru]
  • konendev.cpp: Mapped additional inputs, expanded documentation, and cleaned up code. [Heihachi_73]
  • bloodbro_ms.cpp: Dumped some of the PROMs and PLDs for bloodbrom. [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • gameboy.xml, nes.xml, snes.xml: Corrected some metadata and added some parent/clone relationships. [quasiscroto]
  • fmtowns_cd.xml: Re-tested software, and updated metadata and notes. [r09]
  • fmtowns_cd.xml: Switched to dumps with proper track indexes and offset correction. [redump.org, r09]
    • 3x3eyes, 4dboxing, branmark, chasehq, fsc4, fsc5, libido7, lifendth, loom, marble, mcosmo, msdet2, mspectre, nadia, nova, raiden, rance4, srmp23, srmp4, ssf2, tnzs, vaindrem, vaindrm2, yojusenk, yumimimx.
  • ssv.cpp: Identified ROM boards for Monster Slider, Super Real Mahjong P7 and Gourmet Battle Quiz Ryorioh CooKing. [twistedsymphony]
submitted by cuavas to emulation

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