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Here are the results from the r/golf 2020 Census!

A big thanks to the 2055 of you who took a moment to complete the recent golf 2020 census.
This is a tremendous response and should provide a reasonable sample size among active users of this sub. Caveat: while my IRL work has a lot to do with digital media and numbers, I am no data scientist or Excel whiz, so I'm sure this isn't quite as good as it could be, but it's all I have time to do with now!
So without further ado, here are the results (and I have made the data available here if anyone wants to take a peek or slice and dice it for themselves). You can view natively in your browser, or simply click the 'download' button in the top right.
I might edit this later with some more findings, but that's enough for now! I'll be really interested to know what you think. What results surprise you? What results were you sure of? Please post and discuss your feedback!
1. How old are you? The average age of golf is 30.01 years. It's also the most common age selected in the census with 144 of you identifying as exactly 30 years old, 135 of you identifying as 31 and 134 identifying as 28 years.
The oldest respondent is 72 (and has a handicap of 5). The youngest respondent was 13, which is the minimum age to have a reddit account, which is why I cut it off there. The two 13-year-olds identify as being off 12 and 6 handicaps.
Just 108 of the sample size are teenagers, representing a mere of 5.26% of respondents.
2. What is your gender? A whopping 98.2% of us identify as male and just 1.1% female. I knew this sub was heavily skewed to men, but that's a LOT more than I expected.
3. What is your relationship status? 41.9% of this sub is married, 29.7% are in a relationship and 27.5% are single.
The average handicap of married golfers is 17.0, single 17.5 while golfers in a relationship are 18.4, suggesting this latter category is prioriting other matters in life :)
0.8% of married golfers and 1.1% of both single and golfers in relationship are better than scratch players
4. Where do you live? 79.7% of you live in the United States Canada is second with 8.1% and the UK third with 4.4%.
The top 10 is:
Country Count
USA 1637
Canada 166
UK 90
Australia 27
Sweden 26
Ireland 23
New Zealand 11
Norway 10
Germany 8
Netherlands/Denmark/Finland 7
There are single representatives from Antigua, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Greece, Grenada, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Romania and Thailand.
5. In which US state do you live? Here is where the Americans among us live:
State Count
California 171
Texas 108
New York 88
Illinois 69
Pennsylvania 63
Massachusetts/Ohio 62
Georgia 69
Florida/Michigan 58
Virginia 56
Minnesota 54
The states with the fewest golfers are Delaware and Montana (2 each) while Vermont and Wyoming each have 4 representatives on golf according to this census.
6. What is your current handicap? (rounded to the nearest whole number) According to this census, the average handicap or golf is slightly lower than 17.5 (slightly lower as there are 20 players who identify as better than scratch, but were counted as 0 for the purposes of this average).
7. Recently,my handicap has been... 1262 (61.35%) of you have been reducing your handicaps lately - well done! 8.81% of you need to stop the recent rise in your handicap 29.84% of you are remaining relatively unchanged/consistent
8. My status as a golfer is... The vast majority of us (96.15%) are amateur players/weekend hackers while there are at least 8 current professionals among us, 3 former pros and 68 aspiring pros
9. What would you say is your preferred brand of club? I appreciate this question didn't suit everyone, as putters are different to irons as wedges are different to drivers - you might like a brand in one club, but loathe it in another. Without wanting to make this survey too in-depth, I think the below table is a decent snapshot of golf's preferred club brands (and really sorry I forgot about the PXG crew!)
Brand # that express it as 'favorite'
TaylorMade 532
Callaway 380
Mizuno 303
Titleist 270
Ping 218
Cobra 126
Cleveland 46
Wilson 46
Nike 39
Srixon 32
Ben Hogan 20
Adams 13
Miura 9
Dunlop 6
Bridgestone 4
MacGregor 4
Bettinardi 2
Honma 2
Vulcan 2
Obviously a lot to unpack here and there a LOT of variables. Of particular interest is the love for a now defunct golf brand (Nike) ahead of leading brands such as Srixon and Miura. Also, there is a noticeable drop-off from Ping to Cobra and an even greater one from Cobra to Cleveland.
When you isolate the data to those with a 0 or better handicap, the results look like this:
TaylorMade (9) Titleist (7) Callaway (3) Mizuno (3) Ping (3) Cleveland (2) Miura (1) Nike (1)
10. Do you prefer to mix or match? 19.57% prefer to match your sets while 80.43% don't mind what's in the bag, as long as it works for you.
11. What brand of ball do you primarily play?
Brand Number who play it
Titleist 462
Whatever I find in my bag or the woods 290
Callaway 249
TaylorMade 211
Srixon 194
Bridgestone 170
Kirkland 121
Vice 119
Snell 79
Wilson 39
Nike 21
Top Flite 19
Oncore 16
Maxfli 13
Inesis 8
Volvik 8
Mizuno 7
Pinnacle 6
Noodle 3
Seed 2
Sugar 2
Slazenger 2
OtheVarious 12
12. Do you think the ball you play has a significant impact on your game? 37.59% of you think it's VERY important 19.40% of you don't think it matters at all 43.01% don't mind, as long as it's a ball by a 'leading' manufacturer
17/20 of BETTER than scratch golfers said that ball choice is critical. The only surprising thing about this is that it wasn't 20/20! The average handicap of players who suggest ball choice is very important is 14.16 (down 3+ whole points from the overall golf average) and if you include the BETTER than scratch handicappers as zero, that falls to 13.85.
13. What is your position on iron covers? 57 of you (2.77%) use iron covers 821 of you (39.97%) of you think these 57 people should be openly mocked 1176 (57.26%) of you think these 57 people should do whatever they like :)
14. Do you drink alcohol while golfing? 17.96% of you don't see any difference between a golf course and an open bar 29.60% of you drink and play some of the time 24.74% of you drink occasionally 27.70% of you never drink while golfing
Of the 29 zero or better handicappers among us, 11 never drink on the course and 5 drink most of the time!
15. What is your preferred tee time? 40.55% of you enjoy gettingup at the crack of dawn for an early morning tee time 27.46% of you like a morning slot, but without the early wake-up 14.41% of you would rather play in the afternoon 13.00% of you enjoy finishing the day with twilight golf Just 4.58% of you prefer to tee off at lunchtime
16. What is your preferred way of getting around the course? 45.13% of you prefer driving 32.18% of you are card carrying members of the push cart mafia 22.69% of you mental bastards prefer to walk and carry
17. Are you a member of a club? 71.23% of golf are nomads 23.81% of us are full year members of a club 4.96% of us are members of a club for part of the year
18. Have you ever had a hole-in-one? 10.18% of you have an ace to your name 89.82% of us are still searching for that elusive milestone!
19. Who do you prefer golfing with? 76.53% of us would rather golf with our friends 12.03% most enjoy playing with family 10.37% prefer the solitude of a solo round 1.07% of you most enjoy the company of strangers
20. Hot or cold? 67.53% of you would prefer to play in roasting hot conditions 32.47% would rather play in the freezing cold
21. What is your biggest pet peeve on the course?
Here's how you responded to the pre-defined answers:
Peeve # of you who most hate this
Slow play 1051
Lack of course care 214
People who hit up on you 204
'Put me down for bogey' guy 147
People who litter 145
Bluetooth speakers 111
Unsolicited advice 93
And here are some of the best 'write in' answers!
  • All of the above in equal parts (this was a popular response!)
  • The 6-foot gimme guy
  • Drunk golfers (refer to question 14)
  • Finding out the greens have been cored
  • The 10 practice swings before a duff guy
  • Snobbery
  • Rule sticklers
  • This is technically littering, but cigarette butts and sunflower seeds
  • Starters who don't properly manage their time sheets
  • Angry players who swear, throw clubs etc.
22. What do you consider to be the best part of your game? 34.95% of you are best with an iron in your hands 31.44% of you are magicians around the green with a wedge 16.84% of you feel most at home on the greens 16.77% of you love to step on to the tee with the big dog
23. What do you consider to be the worst part of your game? 45.62% of you aren't confident with driver in hand 20.25% of you least like putting 18.55% don't strike irons well compared to the rest of your game 15.58% of you are most uncomfortable with a wedge
24. Assuming you had not achieved either, would you rather... 68.01% of you would rather play a whole round to par or better 31.99% of you would prefer to write a "1" on your score card
25. Which shot produces the most pleasure for you? An utterly PURE mid/long iron right out of the sweet spot (40.12%) Ripping a booming drive down the middle of the fairway (30.62%) Reading the break and hitting the ideal weight on a putt (11.74%) A pin-point chip/pitch to tap-in range (9.54%) Crushing a wood off the deck (4.67%) Splashing out of the sand to a few inches from the cup (2.58%) A perfectly judged bump & run (0.73%)
So that's all of the questions with pre-defined answers, which was much easier for me to dissect than the qualitative answers to come! With upward of 2000 responses, I can't depict every answer, so have done my best to group them and provide some outlying humour and interesting responses.
26. Who are you picking to drain a 20-foot breaking putt to save your life?
By far the most popular response was "Tiger" or a variation of it (including "2000 Sunday Tiger" or "Young Tiger" or simply just an emoji and there are so many variations of TW, Eldrick, El Tigre etc. that I am not going to tally them up - just trust me on this, he is far and away the top choice!)
A lot of you would back yourself for the putt. Some because you legitimately think you will make it, others because they will feel more motivated than anyone on earth while others wouldn't consider burdening another person with that responsibility!
So here's the list I've generated with everyone who had 5 or more mentions.
  • Tiger Woods (714) - not including the aforementioned variations of his name, so I suspect that more than half of you will have chosen TW in some way, shape or form
  • Myself (139)
  • Jordan Spieth (121)
  • Jack Nicklaus (83)
  • Phil Mickelson (82)
  • Dustin Johnson (76)
  • Rickie Fowler (62)
  • Justin Thomas (58)
  • Jason Day (49)
  • Kevin Kisner (31)
  • Bryson DeChambeau (26)
  • Colin Morikawa (20)
  • Brad Faxon (18)
  • Kevin Na (17) - and two said "just so he can walk it in"
  • Steve Stricker (16)
  • Rory McIlroy (15)
  • My dad (13)
  • Dennis McCarthy (12)
  • Anyone but myself (11)
  • Happy Gilmore (11)...uh oh, Happy learned how to putt!
  • Jesus (11)
  • Ben Crenshaw (10)
  • Brandt Snedeker (9)
  • Webb Simpson (9)
  • Matt Kuchar (8)
  • Ian Poulter (8)
  • Brooks Koepka (6)
  • Arnold Palmer (6)
  • Tommy Fleetwood (6)
  • Jim Furyk (6)
  • Jon Rahm (5) - would have been a lot more after last weekend!
  • Patrick Reed (5)
A special shout out to....
  • The 6 people who would choose my mom (clearly good putting is not hereditary)
  • The 3 people who said "The Club Pro Guy"
  • The 2 people who said Michael Phelps
  • The 2 who said Batman
  • The 1 cool cat who said Carole Baskin
  • The 1 who nominated Rick Shiels because he "prefers some risk"
  • And the wise guy who said "a robot designed for putting" (see: 2000 Tiger)
27. If you could change one rule in golf, what would it be?
Another one where I made it pretty difficult to analyse and display the results! But here are a few of the top answers (in what I interpret as order of popularity), and please feel free to access the results yourself if you want to sort through them all.
  • Lost ball to become a drop at nearest point of relief for a one-shot penalty instead of reloading for three
  • All hazards/OOB to be red stakes for consistency
  • Be permitted to ground your club in a bunker
  • Relax dress codes (including allowing tour players to wear shorts)
  • "Gallery Balls" whereby amateurs receive a free drop for a 'lost' ball that is definitely in play
  • All players should receive relief from fairway divots
  • Any drop/penalty should just be one stroke (a LOT of you think all OB should be treated as a lateral hazard)
  • A certain number of mulligans per round (most said one, but some of you want up to 3 per nine!)
  • Actual enforcement of penalties for slow play and/or a shot clock
  • Be permitted to lift, clean and place on all fairways
  • Free relief for things like ree roots, fences etc.
  • Drop height... some of you want it lower (ankle) and some of you want it back to the waist!
  • Change number of clubs permitted in bag (interestingly, half of those who suggested this want fewer and the other half want more - there doesn't seem to be a universal consensus)
  • That inconsequential and accidental touches of the ball or sand should not result in a penalty
  • Allow rangefinders/slope in competitive play
  • Preferred lies within one club-length no nearer the hole on all grass and bunker sand
  • Flagsticks should remain in the cup 100% of the time
  • Overturn the ban on anchoring
  • Slightly bigger cups
  • Stymies should be permitted
While sorting through these responses, it became apparent just how difficult it is to please all golfers. On one line, someone says "Collared shirts compulsory" and on the next, someone says "Collared shirts optional!"
And finally, this one tickled me...
"If you are not on the green and can run to your ball and play another shot within 5 seconds, the first one shouldn't count!"
28. What is your hottest/most controversial golf take?
Another one that's impossible to really depict succinctly, so here are some interesting responses, copied and pasted exactly as you wrote them!
  • (most) old people ruin the game (gatekeeping & arrogance towards younger generation)
  • "Annoying fans" are necessary to grow the sport
  • 18 holes per game is too many
  • 70% of people should be playing from the red tees. Move forward
  • Alcohol should be banned on the course
  • Alignment lines on balls should be banned
  • All private clubs should have a public day
  • Amateur golfers on YouTube do more for attracting new people to the sport than pros on TV
  • Augusta as a course/club is overhyped. If it wasn't for the exclusivity and the masters itself, it would be considered an average course
  • Bad golfers should be relegated to non-ideal tee times
  • Blades make you a better golfer because you can feel where your misses are on the face
  • Breaking 80 isn’t impressive if it’s not from the tips
  • Brooks is more annoying than Bryson
  • Bryson and brooks are likable, talented guys
  • Bryson and Patrick reed are good for the game (several dozen more Bryson takes!)
  • Carts should only be used by people with mobility issues
  • Corn Ferry far superior to European tour
  • Dress codes are stupid
  • European Tour is more difficult than the PGA Tour
  • Everyone cheats, somehow or some way
  • Fairway shots are most times harder than shots out of the rough on low quality courses
  • Fedex Cup should be match play
  • Fitting is the biggest scam going. It is a sales tool and nothing more.
  • Getting married ruins the promising careers of young pga pros (see Jordan, tiger, rory, rickie, DJ)
  • Gimmes are acceptable and should be reasonable encouraged in social (non-competitive) play
  • Gimmes suck and hurt your game
  • Glove should not be removed during putting
  • Golf courses are a waste of resources and land
  • Golf decorum means something and isn't designed to be purely elitist
  • golf fans are the worst fans of any sport
  • Golf isn’t fun to watch just to play
  • Handicapping is a participation trophy for bad players
  • Hazards should not be raked, they are hazards
  • Hitting Fairway Woods off the deck is far easier than off the tee
  • Hole in one's aren't that special
  • I don't like Phil Mickelson
  • I don't really mind slow play
  • I don't think you should mark your ball on the putting green for the other golfers. Putt around other balls.
  • I love golf but hate golfers
  • I'd be on tour if I was given 1 year to train, a new fitted set of clubs, and had no obligations to anything outside of golf (this respondent is a scratch player)
  • I'd like to see a tournament with separate tees: womens/champions/PGA, all competing for the same $/trophy
  • I'd rather hit a great drive and double bogey than dink my iron a few times and par
  • If Bryson was black people would focus on the fact that he is changing the game and advancing it rather than focusing on his minor blunders he has had and blowing them out of proportion.
  • If you can’t shoot under 100, you have no business being on a regulation/championship 18 hole golf course
  • Instead of rolling back the ball, ban the use of tees
  • Iron covers aren’t terrible
  • Irons should be labeled with loft not numbers
  • Leaving the pin in to putt is better than taking it out
  • Men can learn way more from watching the LPGA than the PGA Tour
  • Mulligans are stupid and you cheat yourself out of an actual score
  • Music being played from the cart should not be distracting during a random weekend tee time. We aren’t on tour.
  • No discount should be given if the greens are aerated
  • No one should take more than one practice swing. Just get up and hit the ball.
  • Nobody wants to see pros play ridiculously tough courses where the winner is -1.
  • Older men at golf courses prove millennial aren't the entitled generation, its the 50 to 60 old dude who is
  • Pace of play is less of an issue than people make it out to be in the amateur game
  • PGA tour broadcast juices yardages for casual fans
  • Players on the tour aren’t too long, it’s cool to see what they can do with the same equipment as us
  • Playing forward by a set of tees doesn't make you less of a man
  • Playing more rounds will help you improve scores faster than range sessions. Rounds are what get scored, not repeated hits off turf.
  • Practice swings don't work and are generally pointless
  • Prime tiger wouldn’t go on that run he had today against this new talent
  • Pro Golfers should be able to play through noise and heckling
  • Pro V1s are overrated and mainly used by people for placebo
  • Pros are playing for millions of dollars they are allowed to be entitled and whine
  • Pros should carry their own bags
  • Putters over $100 are a waste of money
  • Rowdy fans are alright
  • Ryder Cup is better than any major
  • Scottys are not overpriced
  • Scrambles are a horrible way to play golf
  • Shafts don't matter for most golfers
  • Solo golfers do not have the right of way as long as the group ahead is meeting course pace of play
  • Stepping on someone's putting line makes no difference
  • Take the driver out of the bag. You’ll shoot better.
  • Tee boxes based on handicap not age/gender
  • The British Open is more prestigious than the Masters
  • The top 20 LPGA players could make bank on the men's tour if they could tee off from 100 yards ahead
  • The US Open is a better tournament than the Masters
  • There are like 5 people on the subreddit qualified to give swing advice
  • Tiger doesn't care to win again
  • Unless you are a 10 handicap or better, the ball you play does not matter
  • US Open should only be played at public golf courses
  • Waiting for the group in front of you is not hard or annoying
  • Womens golf is more entertaining to watch
  • Yelling fore does nothing. You’re on a course be aware of your surroundings.
  • You should have to have a license to play golf. Nothing crazy just take an online class that would go over basic rules and etiquette.
29. What is the best golf course you have ever played?
Have aggregated the most popular answers to the best of my ability, capped at 6+ responses.
  • Pebble Beach (17)
  • Chambers Bay (16)
  • Half-Moon Bay (15)
  • Torrey Pines (13)
  • Whistling Straits (12)
  • TPC Scottsdale (11)
  • Bethpage Black (10)
  • Arcadia Bluffs (9)
  • Wolf Creek (9)
  • Tobacco Road (8)
  • Sypglass (8)
  • Pinehurst #2 (7)
  • Pasatiempo (6)
  • TPC Sawgrass (6)
30. What is your bucket list course that you are yet to play?
Again, a lot of variations here which made it tough for me to sort the data, but have done my best to sample a Top 10. I was very surprised to see Augusta behind St Andrews and so far behind Pebble but I suppose people subconsciously don't vote for courses they have no legitimate way of ever playing. I'd be interested to see these results if I re-phrased the question to "You have a free, no questions asked tee time anywhere in the world, name your club..."
  • Pebble Beach (433)
  • St Andrews (200)
  • Augusta (193)
  • Bandon Dunes (119)
  • Pinehurst #2 (61)
  • TPC Sawgrass (49)
  • Bethpage Black (35)
  • Torrey Pines (22)
  • Whistling Straits (22)
  • Wolf Creek (21)
31. What is the ONE thing golf administrators ought to do to encourage more people (particularly young people) to play the sport?
This was a genuinely encouraging list of 2000+ results to read though. We often read about the 'doom & gloom' aspects of the future of our sport, but there is a vibrant and dedicated golf community out there thinking of ways to perpetuate interest in the sport and keep the flame lit for the next generation.
Again, here's a sampling of what I would consider to be the most popular responses.
  • Make the game less cost prohibitive (this is a big one - everything from clubs to green fees to beers)
  • Open 'masterclasses' or free clinics from pros at ranges and local clubs (another big one)
  • Shorter courses (9 or 12 hole)
  • Heavily discounted beers for 18+ players
  • More facilities like Top Golf
  • A greater focus on 9-hole game, tee times, handicap structure etc.
  • All clubs should have a dedicated youth program
  • Allow interest free payment plans for things like memberships, clubs etc.
  • Alter rules to make it less elite/proper ie. mulligans, preferred lies etc.
  • Allow kids (U15) to play free (and rent clubs free), or at heavily reduced rates
  • Alternate course routing that allows you to come off whenever you like, not necessarily play 18
  • Kids play free with a paying adult (ensuring pace of play is maintained)
  • Relax the dress code and 'traditional' golf culture ie. be far less elitist
  • Twilight 9-hole beer leagues, aimed at young professionals looking for something to do after work
  • Carving out tee time blocks for 'beginners' so they don't feel pressured
  • Similarly, these blocks might be "free for all" in terms of attire, etiquette etc. so if a 14-year-old shows up in a hoodie, carrying 18 clubs and wants to have two mulligans from every tee, it's completely fine!
  • Introduce golf to public schools through gym/PE classes
  • More tech in carts and ability to connect bluetooth (with limited volume)
  • Change the nomenclature of "women's" tees to "beginner" or "forward" tees
  • Close the course one day a month for beginners, with teaching pros on the course and range
  • Pace of play is important, but if newbies feel intimidated they will never come back
  • Encourage mini games within a round for kids ie. straightest shot, nearest to pin etc.
  • Engage with local community/government to identify talented (possibly minority) athletes who would otherwise have no access to golf and get clubs in their hand
  • Decrease the emphasis on score - make it FUN and about the process, not the end result
  • More social events BEYOND golf in local clubs to build the golfing community rapport
  • Improve the professional tour TV and online products
32. What is the best tip, or piece of advice you have ever received that's improved your game?
This one is just too crazy to aggregate, so please view all responses (in column AG) here :)
But I will list EVERY bit of advice provided by our scratch or better players.
  • Only hit shots you know you can hit
  • Just keep playing
  • Don't think, just do
  • If you chunk chips, focus on using you left (right handed) hand more than your right
  • Focus on the next shot
  • Get a lesson
  • You're not good enough to get mad
  • Slow tempo always creates a better shot
  • Tempo tempo tempo! 90% of my bad swings are rushing at the top and hands getting ahead of my body
  • Hammer the nail
  • You don't control the outcome, focus on the process
  • Bowed left wrist
  • Being mad is ok, being negative is not
  • Ask quetions of people who are better than you
  • Focus on the shot you have now, not the one you just hit
  • Swing on a plane
  • Eliminate the double cross
  • Play your game
  • Before all else, hit the center of the face
  • Aim small, miss small
  • Care less
  • Slow Down
  • Learn how to properly manage the course
  • The only shot that matters is the next
  • Rotation is the wrong word, you're not supposed to rotate
  • Relax your grip
  • Accelerate THROUGH the ball - let the ball simply get in the way of your club head’s swing path
33. If you had the attention of EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in the world for 10 whole seconds, what would you say?
Again, too much for me to break down, so you can see all responses here in column AH, but here are some of my favorites and some of the more popular ones!
  • Fix your ball mark
  • Hurry the fuck up
  • One practice swing is enough
  • Leave the flag in
  • Pick up your fucking trash
  • Have more fun on the course - it's a game after all
  • Enjoy this game while we can - it's truly a privilege
  • Accommodate the new as when you are gone, they are all that are left to carry the game
  • Grip it and rip it
  • Focus on contact before power
  • Sam Snead's win record is B.S.
  • Thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only person obsessed with this game
  • If you love golf, take new people golfing
  • Be considerate to players of all skill levels and work to grow the game not alienate newcomers
  • Keep your tempo up through the chip shot
  • Yelling "FORE" could save someone's life (including tour players)
  • Your ego doesn't exist, let it go
  • Don't be a dick, treat the game/courses right, and if you're going to suck, suck at a faster pace
  • There's always someone worse than you
  • You don't practice enough to get that mad
  • You aren’t as good as you think and that's okay
  • Go get fitted, it will pay for itself many times over in the long run
  • Be ready to hit your shot before it's your turn
  • You hit the ball 15 yards shorter than you think you do
  • At your best as a pro, you’ll never be half as good as Tiger's peak
  • Mashed potatoes
  • It's our job to grow the game.
  • Baba booey
  • Jim Nantz, please come do the color commentary for one my rounds
  • Take some damn lessons and stop buying $500 drivers
  • Stop giving yourself gimmies, put the ball in the hole
  • Smell the roses, enjoy the views
  • Golf is hard
  • All of you sandbaggers are going to hell
  • Hurry the fuck up, and stop spending a minute perfectly adjusting the line on that 15 footer for bogey
  • It's our job to grow the game
Thanks again for your input! I might edit this later with some more findings, but that's enough for now!
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