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Starship Development Thread #13

Quick Links

JUMP TO COMMENTS | Alternative Jump To Comments Link


  • SN7.1 testing - NET September 6 (eventual test to failure expected) Road closures: September 6, 7, 8; 08:00-20:00 CDT (UTC-5) dalily, Public Notice (PDF)
Vehicle Status as of September 3:
  • SN6 [testing] - Hop complete
  • SN5 [waiting] - At build site for inspection/repair, future flight possible
  • SN7.1 [construction] - Tank stacked, move to test site soon
  • SN8 [construction] - Tank section stacked, nose and aero surfaces expected
  • SN9 [construction] - barrel/dome sections in work
Check recent comments for real time updates.
At the start of thread #13 Starship SN5 has just completed a 150 meter hop. SN6 remains stacked in High Bay 1 and SN8 has begun stacking next to it. FCC filings indicate Starship may make a series of 2-3 km and 20 km "medium altitude" hops in the coming months, and in August Elon stated that Starship would do several short hops, then high altitude hops with body flaps, however the details of the flight test program remain unclear. Orbital flight requires the SuperHeavy booster, for which a second high bay and orbital launch mount are being erected. SpaceX continues to focus heavily on development of its Starship production line in Boca Chica, TX.

Vehicle Updates

Starship SN6 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-09-03 150 meter hop (YouTube) <PARTY THREAD> <MEDIA LIST>
2020-08-30 Launch abort after siren (Twitter)
2020-08-26 Mass simulator installed (NSF)
2020-08-24 Mass simulator delivered and awaiting installation (NSF)
2020-08-23 Static fire (YouTube), following aborted attempt on startup (Twitter)
2020-08-18 Raptor SN29 delivery to vehicle (Twitter) and installation begun (NSF)
2020-08-17 Thrust simulator dissassembly (NSF)
2020-08-16 Cryoproofing (YouTube)
2020-08-12 Leg extension/retraction and SN6 installation on launch mount (YouTube)
2020-08-11 Thrust sim. installed in launch mount and SN6 moved to launch site (YouTube)
2020-06-14 Fore and aft tank sections stacked (Twitter)
2020-06-08 Skirt added to aft dome section (NSF)
2020-06-03 Aft dome section flipped (NSF)
2020-06-02 Legs spotted† (NSF)
2020-06-01 Forward dome section stacked (NSF)
2020-05-30 Common dome section stacked on LOX tank midsection (NSF)
2020-05-26 Aft dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-05-20 Downcomer on site (NSF)
2020-05-10 Forward dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-05-06 Common dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-05-05 Forward dome (NSF)
2020-04-27 A scrapped dome† (NSF)
2020-04-23 At least one dome/bulkhead mostly constructed† (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN8 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-08-31 Aerodynamic covers† delivered (NSF)
2020-08-27 Tank section stacking complete with aft section addition (NSF)
2020-08-20 Forward dome section stacked (NSF)
2020-08-19 Aft dome section and skirt mate (NSF)
2020-08-15 Fwd. dome† w/ battery, aft dome section flip (NSF), possible aft fin/actuator supports (comments)
2020-08-07 Skirt section† with leg mounts (Twitter)
2020-08-05 Stacking ops in high bay 1 (mid bay), apparent common dome w/ CH4 access port (NSF)
2020-07-28 Methane feed pipe (aka. downcomer) labeled "SN10=SN8 (BOCA)" (NSF)
2020-07-23 Forward dome and sleeve (NSF)
2020-07-22 Common dome section flip (NSF)
2020-07-21 Common dome sleeved, Raptor delivery, Aft dome and thrust structure† (NSF)
2020-07-20 Common dome with SN8 label (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN7.1 (Test Tank) at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-08-30 Forward dome section completes stack (NSF)
2020-08-28 Aft dome section stacked on skirt (NSF)
2020-08-25 Thrust simulator installed in new mount† (NSF)
2020-08-18 Aft dome flipped (NSF)
2020-08-08 Engine skirt (NSF)
2020-08-06 Aft dome sleeving ops, (mated 08-07) (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN9 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-08-25 Forward dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-08-20 Forward dome and forward dome sleeve w/ tile mounting hardware (NSF)
2020-08-19 Common dome section† flip (NSF)
2020-08-15 Common dome identified and sleeving ops (NSF)
2020-08-12 Common dome (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN5 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-08-25 COPV replacement (NSF)
2020-08-24 Moved out of High Bay 1 (Twitter)
2020-08-11 Moved back to build site (YouTube) - destination: High Bay 1 (NSF)
2020-08-08 Elon: possible future flights after repairs (Twitter)
2020-08-07 Leg removal operations at landing pad, placed on Roll-Lift (NSF)
2020-08-06 Road opened, post flight images (NSF)
2020-08-05 Road remained closed all day following hop
2020-08-04 150 meter hop (YouTube), <PARTY THREAD> <MEDIA LIST>
See Thread #12 for earlier testing and construction updates
See comments for real time updates.

Starship Components at Boca Chica, Texas - Unclear End Use
2020-09-01 Nosecone village: two 5-ring barrels w/ internal supports (NSF)
2020-08-25 New upper nosecone hardware (NSF)
2020-08-17 Delivery of downcomer, thrust structure, legs (NSF)
2020-08-15 Forward fin delivery (NSF)
2020-08-12 Image of nosecone collection (NSF)
2020-08-10 TPS test patch "X", New legs on landing pad (NSF)
2020-08-03 Forward fin delivery (NSF)
2020-07-31 New thrust structure and forward dome section, possible SN7.1 (NSF)
2020-07-22 Mk.1 aft fin repurpose, modifications to SN2 test tank on stand, Nosecone with header tank weld line (NSF)
2020-07-18 Mk.1 aft fins getting brackets reinstalled, multiple domes, LOX header sphere (NSF)
2020-07-14 Mk.2 dismantling begun (Twitter)
2020-07-14 Nosecone (no LOX header apparent) stacked in windbreak, previously collapsed barrel (NSF)
2020-07-09 Engine skirts, 3 apparent (NSF)
2020-07-07 Aft fin imagery (Twitter), likely delivered June 12
2020-07-04 Forward dome (NSF)
2020-06-29 Aft dome with thrust structure (NSF)
2020-06-26 Downcomer (NSF)
2020-06-19 Thrust structure (NSF)
2020-06-12 Aft fins delivered (NSF)
2020-06-11 Aft dome barrel appears, 304L (NSF)
For information about Starship test articles prior to SN7.1 and SN8 please visit Starship Development Thread #12 or earlier. Update tables for older vehicles will only appear in this thread if there are significant new developments.

Permits and Licenses

Launch License (FAA) - Suborbital hops of the Starship Prototype reusable launch vehicle for 2 years - 2020 May 27 License No. LRLO 20-119
Experimental STA Applications (FCC) - Comms for Starship hop tests (abbreviated list) File No. 0814-EX-ST-2020 Starship medium altitude hop mission 1584 ( 3km max ) - 2020 June 4 File No. 0816-EX-ST-2020 Starship Medium Altitude Hop_2 ( 3km max ) - 2020 June 19 File No. 1041-EX-ST-2020 Starship Medium Altitude Hop ( 20km max ) - 2020 August 18 As of July 16 there were 9 pending or granted STA requests for Starship flight comms describing at least 5 distinct missions, some of which may no longer be planned. For a complete list of STA applications visit the wiki page for SpaceX missions experimental STAs




We will attempt to keep this self-post current with links and major updates, but for the most part, we expect the community to supply the information. This is a great place to discuss Starship development, ask Starship-specific questions, and track the progress of the production and test campaigns. Starship Development Threads are not party threads. Normal subreddit rules still apply.
If you find problems in the post please tag u/strawwalker in a comment or send me a message.
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r/SpaceX Starship SN6 150 Meter Hop Official Launch Discussion & Updates Thread

Welcome to the SpaceX Starship SN6 150 Meter Hop Official Hop Discussion & Updates Thread!

Hi, this is your host team bringing you live updates on this test.

Quick Links

SpaceX Starship Development Resources
EDA/NSF/LabPadre Multistream | (courtesy u/johnfive21)

Starship Serial Number 6 - 150 Meter Hop Test

Starship SN6, equipped with a single Raptor engine (SN29), will attempt a hop at SpaceX's development and launch site at Boca Chica, Texas. The test article will rise to a maximum altitude of about 150 meters and translate a similar distance downrange to the landing pad. The flight should last approximately one minute and follow a trajectory very similar to Starhopper's 150 meter hop in August of 2019, and to the more recent SN5 150m hop. The Raptor engine is offset slightly from the vehicle's vertical axis, so some unusual motion is to be expected as SN6 lifts off, reorients the engine beneath the vehicle's center of mass, and lands. SN6 has six legs stowed inside the skirt which will be deployed in flight for landing. The exact launch time may not be known until just a few minutes before launch, and will be preceded by a local siren about 10 minutes ahead of time.
Test window TBA August 28/29/30, 08:00-20:00 CDT (13:00-01:00 UTC)
Backup date(s) TBA
Static fire Completed August 23
Flight profile 150 max altitude hop to landing pad (suborbital)
Propulsion Raptor SN29 (1 engine)
Launch site Starship Launch Site, Boca Chica TX
Landing site Starship landing pad, Boca Chica TX


Time Update
T-17:47 Touchdown
T+17:47 Ignition
T+17:38 Siren indicates 10 minutes until attempt.
T+17:28 UTC Starship venting.
T+17:00 UTC Tank farm activity, methane recondenser started.
T+15:30 UTC Road closure in place, pad clear.
Thursday September 3 - New attempt
T+23:46 UTC Lots of activity along the road, another attempt seems unlikely.
T+21:21 UTC Appears to be another hold/scrub. Possibly due to wind. There is still time in the window for another attempt, we'll see.
T+20:06 UTC Starship venting. Indicates approx. 30 mins until attempt.
T+18:17 UTC Starship appears to be detanking, indicates they will not be hopping soon (possible they will still make a second attempt later in the window)
18:47 UTC Starship venting, Indicates approx. 30 mins until attempt.
17:30 UTC Fuel farm venting
14:22 UTC Pad cleared
T-3 days Thread is live.


Participate in the discussion!

🥳 Launch threads are party threads, we relax the rules here. We remove low effort comments in other threads!
🔄 Please post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks!
💬 Please leave a comment if you discover any mistakes, or have any information.
✉️ Please send links in a private message.
✅ Apply to host launch threads! Drop us a modmail if you are interested.

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