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Airmagnet Wifi Analyzer 80 Keygen 11. It calculates the ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for a successful WLAN. And Survey can now run passive and active Wi-Fi scans. AirMagnet is releasing updates to two of its main Wi-Fi network management tools. AirMagnet: A tool for every Wi-Fi occasion.

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Airmagnet Wifi Analyzer 8.0 (7 Downloads Available)

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AirMagnet Survey Professional v4. 0 keygen by EDGE Keil Professional. Netscout AirMagnet Spectrum XT W/ Fluke USB 5 GHz Wi-Fi Analyzer. SURVEY PRO DOWNLOAD CRACK Basic File ArchivesSURVEY AIRMAGNET PRO DOWNLOAD CRACK Reconnaissance can airmagnet survey pro download crack take two forms. Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G Deployment Guide The Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G is adaptable for all mobile professionals, from users on the move within an office environment to nurses and doctors in a healthcare environment to associates working in the warehouse, on the sales floor, or in a call center.

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[Table] IAmA: I'm a Wi-Fi expert. Ask me anything.

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Date: 2013-10-15
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Questions Answers
What is the best router on the market? I prefer the Apple Airport Extreme, but it is expensive. A good value is a e2500 from Linksys, but if you like DD-WRT firmware use the e2000 instead.
Why do you prefer the e2000 over the e2500 for DD-WRT? I've been running DD-WRT build 21676 on my e2500 and haven't had any problems aside from the lack of my 5GHz antenna functioning, which I understand to be a DD-WRT issue rather than being a router-specific issue. You hit the nail on the head. 5 GHz doesn't work well for the e2500. It works fine for me on the e2000.
How do I find out if someone is jacking my password protected wifi? Open a web browser and type the address of your default gateway (System Prefs -> Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP in MacBooks) to get into your wireless router. Most wireless routers will have an Administration tab or a DHCP tab where you can see a list of devices that are connected.
You could also just keep your WiFi open like I do as a nice gesture to your neighbors and any homeless people that may live near you.
If my wife sees things better when they're further away, does that mean she's farsighted? Also- my wife has three eyes. Explain. Is that your way of saying she enjoyed 127 HOURS?
What is your day job? WLAN pro.
Teaching. Post-install consulting. Little bit of pre-install surveying. Blogging. Writing whitepapers, books & courses.
How did you get started in IT? What was your path to this point? I got a job with a large consulting firm where I did some IT after graduating from USC (Fight On!), but really it was a friend who got me into wireless and a career in IT. Being able to write well, having a positive attitude towards users and attention to detail are three things that have helped me a lot.
As we are nearing a 5 GHz-heavy future, what do you recommend to avoid over-deploying dual-band APs (and thus oversupplying 2.4 GHz)? Trust a vendor's implementation or...? Turn off the 2.4 GHz radios on all but 3-4 of your APs that cover a given location.
Can you please dispel my dad's belief that google chrome causes our router to crash? I cannot. I have had laptops bluescreen because of a wireless router's firmware and it is possible that it could happen in reverse. It is unlikely, however.
Damn... well can you confirm my (probably irrational) belief that really cold weather, say 0 degrees F, makes it slower? It is possible that the wireless routemodem will malfunction at that temp. The low temperature won't affect the radio waves, though.
What is the coolest thing you can do with WiFi most people don't know about? Most devices can be used as APs to share broadband wireless (3G/4G) Internet connections. You can also decrypt anyone's wireless traffic as long as you know the WPA2 Personal passphrase.
If you link to product, can you please not use amazon links? The embedded affiliate codes qualify as spam links. Thanks! Here you go: Link to www.amazon.com
What's your opinion on wifi and health? Do you think the signals pose a risk to developing memory loss, brain damage, etc. It's a subject I have yet to study, so I'll be speculating here. Wi-Fi signals are so low (most devices require about 0.0001 Watt received to have a solid connection) that I have a hard time believing that they are worthy of worrying about health risks.
When do you think we'll get complete and total wifi coverage across the globe? The same day we use the last drop of oil.
How do you connect two computers together so that you can control another computer through your own computer that's using the same wifi and is in the same house? First question I'm useless on. I'm a WiFi more than a software guy.
is there a reason why the school wifi at the public schools are so slow other than there are too many devices using the wifi at the same time? Second question the problem is the RF. It was probably planned haphazardly or an incorrect site survey was done. And in most cases it was done without directional antennas.
How does a splash screen authentication work exactly? For example does it capture the MAC address of the connecting device? I am because I'd love to get a chromecast working on hotel wifi, and have so far been unsuccessful. Splash page security is based on MAC address, but there may be additional security that blocks MAC address spoofing. Try changing your laptop's MAC address to match the Chromecast's client MAC address (Chromecasts have 2 MAC addresses: 1 AP and 1 client) and see if it can connect after you authenticate your laptop. Alternatively, if you have a Windows laptop, try using hostednetwork to turn your laptop into an AP that the Chromecast can connect to while simultaneously using your laptop as a client for Internet access.
Why does my Wi-fi crap out when I run the microwave? It was a big issue living on a sailboat, but it still happens now that we are back in an apartment. Microwave ovens use 2.4 GHz radio waves, just like 802.11b/g/n wireless routers. When two devices transmit on the same frequency at the same time in the same place, interference occurs.
You can try a wireless router that uses 5 GHz radio waves (802.11a/n/ac) or get a new microwave oven. Microwave ovens usually emit interference because the shielding has worn out.
Is going to school for 1 year (transfer credits to cut off a year) for a Computer Information Systems Associates of Science Degree worth it? For some larger companies it is a nice way to get an entry-level, low paying position. In general degrees are of less value in IT, however. I have a friend w/ no college degree who makes well into 6 figures + got lucrative stock options doing what I do and he has no degree past high school.
I finished CWNA. Which next SP,DP,AP ? What do you think the minimum of hardware I should have for the next step? A WiSpy for design, a MacBook Pro for analysis. CWSP is the most widely known, but I prefer CWAP. I am biased because I co-authored the study guide for CWAP.
For CWAP, an Apple laptop with Wireshark + a partition for Windows + WiSpy is a great place to start. For CWSP, I used trial versions of AirMagnet WiFI Analyzer for the WIDS and an AP with a built in RADIUS server for EAP.
Are you waiting for 802.11ac on new apple laptops? How is apple's wifi implementation for 802.11ac so far? I have yet to get an 802.11ac laptop. I am in no rush to. 802.11ac is probably only worth it if you do large file transfers over your LAN at home.
I think ac features are better for enterprise than for home, but a lot of people will buy ac for home but never get an advantage of those features. Agree? Comment? Disagree. 256-QAM will likely require clear space & a sub-10 meter range, which is rare in enterprise. High density WiFi usually is better w/ 20 MHz wide channels, so the 80 MHz (or 160 MHz in future) adv of .11ac is nullified. MIMO/spatial multiplexing isn't available on most WiFi devices and it's the same on current n and ac anyway.
I was having a lot of issues using my Apple Airport express with my time warner service, and when I installed a cheap D-link router it worked much better. Are these compatibility issues with the airport express and time warner cable? I agree that the AirPort Express was probably malfunctioning.
Also, is it possible to set up a wifi relay so that areas that are behind walls can get wifi from a router on the other side of the wall? To extend coverage behind walls, use a Powerline connection between two wireless routers instead of a repeater.
Is 5 Mbps up/down enough internet for 6 males who play games online? I am a WiFi guy more than a broadband or video game guy, so you'd have to ask someone else.
My wifi just stopped working on my laptop - I can only get the internet on it when I directly plug it in. The diagnostic trouble-shooting doesn't do anything - are there any steps I can take to get it up and running again? WiFi radios on laptops die sometimes. Try to connect your smartphone to your wireless router to ensure that it's not the router. If the router is fine, try the Network Preferences (Apple) or Network Connections (Windows) to make sure your WiFi is enabled. If you have a Windows laptop, this WiFi USB adapter is small, fast and relatively inexpensive: Link to www.amazon.com
Dear lord, it was just disabled. Thank you. Also, I'm an idiot with these things. Thanks. You're welcome. I've done that several times so don't feel bad.
What are the differences between WIFI and WLAN? On Iphone, there is a feature called 'iTunes WLAN Sync',but same feature on Ipad is called 'iTunes Wi-Fi Sync', I am confused. WLAN is a technology. The technology of extending a local area network (LAN) wirelessly. WiFi is a product certification for standardized devices. Companies that make WLAN products that are designed to work with other companies' WLAN products may get their products tested by the WiFi Alliance for WiFI certification.
For mine, I think the signal stays. I don't do much heavy internet stuff (just blogs and junk), but I have a cell tower hooked to the modem and every 5 minutes or so there's a hiccup and the cell connection cuts. Could it be the router? (which is both cheap and old...) Yes, cheap and old wireless routers do get inconsistent. The cable/phone company will ask you to connect with a wire to test if it is their fault. Try that and if the signal is solid, then the problem is probably your wireless router.
What is your favorite tool for measuring CCI? WiSpy? Airmagnet wifi analyzer? What are your tools of choice for measuring the "performance" of the RF? Do you ever find yourself modifying patch antenna's to reduce the back-lobes (in an effort to limit CCI?). WildPackets OmniPeek is my favorite for hardcore analysis. AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer is great for field work that requires a quick solution.
Let's call my wifi signal at work "connection X" and call my 4g cell signal "connection Y." When more than one connection is available. If connection Y is stronger than connection X use connection Y. If connection X is stronger than connection Y use connection X. It's maddening. If my wifi signal cuts out, my phone gets stuck trying to load something forever, then eventually decides it can't load the page. WHY NOT JUST USE THE OTHER PERFECTLY FINE SIGNAL?! Turn the transmit power on your wireless routemodem down to about 25 mW (14 dBm). It could be that your phone can receive just fine but has too low a Tx power to reach back to the AP.
Could a powerline work for an outbuilding 200' from the main house powered off a subpanel from the main house? How far apart can these things be? Powerline is all about the electrical wiring. I'd say try it and see if the electrical wiring is linked somehow, but I kind of doubt it.
Why do my customers call it a rooter? They are British.
In a large enterprise campus environment (5000+ wireless devices) that requires the same SSIDs to be broadcast throughout the network. Do you recommend using VLAN pools to cut down on subnet sizes or do you use large subnets and control broadcasts/multicasts with vendor technology (aruba has a feature called bcmc optimization for example). Having a larger subnet would reduce the complexity in the design and also reduce issues with layer3 roaming and problems with the hashing load balancing between VLANs. Also at what size of subnet do you typically run into issues if don't control broadcasts/multicasts? I focus on RF rather than IP design. That said, from what I've seen 200 IP addresses per subnet tends to work well. Aruba's VLAN Pooling technology seems cool but I have yet to study it close enough to give a solid recommendation.
Here is one thing I know: if your RF is good, you'll have to really mess up the IP to have a bad WLAN. If your RF is bad, then there's no chance your WLAN will be good no matter what IP design you choose.
I have a 17 dbi antenna i bought separately for the wireless card in my computer (I understand that the common rating is 3-5). How well can this really scale reception quality? I'm sure the benefits fall off at some point. Does adding multiple antennas help on a receiver, or is it more for routers to keep them omnidirectional? You should check the beamwidth on that antenna. A higher gain antenna is great if your stations are within the beam.
Usually you want omnidirectional antennas on stations.
Is there any truth to the notion that WiFi is dangerous or harmful in some ways? There's a guy at my university who is terrified of WiFi and basically turned his dorm room into a Faraday cage by lining it with alumnium foil, and he apparently sleeps with a Faraday cage around his bed too. He also goes around unplugging routers, and once rented a ZipCar so he could sleep in the parking garage where there was no WiFi. Obviously, this kid is an extreme case, but is there any evidence that continued exposure to WiFi has health effects? Answered below. Link to www.reddit.com
Is it true that the limit on most routers for wi-fi is 20 mbps? Would it be the router at fault or the wi-fi card? I called up Verizon and that's what the rep said but I was still unsure. The wireless link of wireless routers can go well above 20 Mbps, but you may have to be close and you need one that supports 802.11n or 802.11ac.
Is there a tool that I can buy that will locate the source in a house that is killing a Wi-Fi signal? I work for AT&T and this would make my job so much easier when changing channels and what not doesn't work. Metageek sells the WiSpy DBx USB adapter ($600) and Chanalyzer software (free) that show RF signal across all WiFi channels. In most cases, however, you are better off just avoiding nearby WiFi. For Windows use Metageek inSSIDer. Android: WiFi Analyzer. Mac OS X: use Wireless Diagnostics (hold Alt/Option while clicking the WiFi signal bars to get there). Especially try to avoid channels 2-5, 7-11 and any channels with 802.11a, b or g networks.
What's coming next for Wifi? AC is the "new" kid on the block, but presumably there's more to come after that? While on the subject of AC, does AC does anything beyond N other than increasing the available throughput? Is there better handling of congestion or interference or anything like that? New standards often feature battery life improvements, but I have yet to test whether .11ac does that. Next up might be better integration with service provider (3G/4G) wireless.
I've tried to change my fragmentation length and my RTS threshold of my NETGEAR router at home as there were wierd speed issues occuring on our wireless network. Could you explain what these two things are though? I've been curious for ages... Fragmentation sets a maximum transmission length for everything that goes through the air. If you set Frag threshold to 300, then a 1500 byte frame would have to be split into 300 byte fragments before it is sent. Positive: fewer collisions. Negative: more overhead from headers and interframe quiet periods. It is designed to help when interference from non-802.11 sources is a problem. I generally avoid it. RTS/CTS is where two headers (one from the transmitter and one from the receiver) are sent before data is sent. All frames larger than your RTS threshold use RTS/CTS. It is designed to mitigate problems from nearby 802.11 devices causing interference. I have used it on several occasions, but it may cause unnecessary overhead if the channel is relatively clean.
Im a network admin. We use aruba in-house at my current job. Whats a good entry level cert for wireless? Should I go with an aruba cert or an independent cert? (I have a CCENT and am taking my CCNA soon.) I like CWNA, but ACMP is good as well. ACMP is Aruba-specific and less recognized in the WLAN industry, but studying it will help you learn the ArubaOS interface.
Have you taken any Cisco certificates? Also. Do you do site-surveys or coveragetests? If you do, what devices do you use for the coveragetest? No Cisco certifications, but I was a tech editor on the CCNA Wireless study guide from Sybex.
I usually do surveying and testing work post-installation, but I have done pre-installation work. Fluke Networks's AirMagnet Survey is a nice tool for walking around and generating a heat map.
This IAmA couldn't have come at better time. I use a Linksys ADSL Gateway for a fiber optic connection at home. I plugged in the fiber cable provided by the ISP into the one of the 4 Ethernet ports and used another LAN cable to connect the gateway to my desktop and wifi is also active. The internet is working fine on the desktop and laptop but more than 1 device cannot be used at the same time. One of the devices will go idle and ISP's login page prompting the username and password pops up, the same happens if I try to connect to mobile through wifi, the ISP's login page keeps popping up every time and we are being forced to use just one device at time. How do I fix this ? How can I make the gateway 'remember' the ISP login and password permanently ? I have the entered the un & pw in the administrative page of the device and its not helping. Any ideas ? This is more of a broadband question than a WiFi question, but it sounds like you need a router. Routers hide MAC addresses. Connect one side of the router (wireless router or regular router) to the ISP and the other to your devices.
Who invented Wi-Fi? Was it invented? Lucent Technologies was the owner of much of the intellectual property that became the original 802.11 standard.
Why does torrenting fuck up my 4mbps (50kbps up) connection? I am less knowledgable about home Internet connections than about WiFi.
Do you think you could explain to me what RADIUS is, why do some AP's/WAP's use RADIUS? RADIUS is a type of AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) server. It is popular for WiFi because WPA2 Enterprise authentication uses EAP, which is supported in the RADIUS standard.
Also, could you explain a little about beam forming? Beamforming allows the AP to generate an omnidirectional signal, but directionalize the data for a better connection. Ruckus Wireless has something similar that works better than standard beamforming. (Full disclosure: a good friend @GTHill (Link to twitter.com works for Ruckus.)
How comes that a wifi can be visible to some devices and invisible to others, even when said devices are really close to the router? Any way to fix that? Chances are the devices that can't see your WiFi are using a different frequency band. 802.11a/n/ac devices use the 5 GHz band and 802.11b/g/n devices use the 2.4 GHz band. You can get a dual-radio wireless router (I like the Apple Airport Extreme) to support both bands.
My laptop connects to my wifi at a functional ( I.E. fast load times) level only when plugged in. This is at my home connection, and doesn't affect other signals that I can connect to. If you use a wireless modem from the cable/phone company, try using a separate wireless router. My parents had a similar situation until they complained to TimeWarner. TWC installed a separate wireless router and things improved.
The problem could also be your laptop. Try your laptop away from home to verify that it has good WiFi.
I've got a weird problem. When using a dual-channel (40Mhz) setting on either of my two laptops with Wireless-N adapters both machines will frequently disconnect from the network, and the network's SSID will drop from the visible networks list for an extended period of time before the laptop finds it again and reconnects. During this time other devices on the network will continue to operate normally, and the router shows no indication of being down. The problem does not occur when the router or network card are forced down to 20Mhz single channel mode. Any ideas for a cause and/or fix? This sounds like a wireless router that isn't mixing with your laptops. You could wait for a firmware or OS update to fix the problem, but realistically you either need to keep your WiFI to 20 MHz or get a new wireless router.
I have Cable Tv and Internet combo. I'm on the Internet without any problems, and as soon as we turn the cable box on, the Internet stops and i can't use the Internet. What do you thinking is? The router? That is the cable company's fault. It is possible that using a wireless router that is separate from your cable modem will help.
Please answer this. Why is my connection changing to 'limited'? Windows 8, TWC. That sounds like an old or cheap wireless router that is having DHCP problems. I like the Apple Airport Extreme for home use.
I have an airport extreme and an airport express (connected to speakers). The Extreme is wired to my computer and the router. But when I play music from my computer to my express it stutters if I walk through the house. I live in a small brick house, the distance between the airports is no more then 5 meters (15ft). There is no solid wall blocking the signal, only a zig-zag hallway the signal has to go through. There are also tons of wifi signals in the area. Should I just move? Try an additional wireless router linked up with Powerline.
Hey what do you think of that study that proved wireless routers stop plant growth and actually cause them to die? It sounds like faulty science from an activist organization, but who can say?
ELI 5 on how to create global internet using wireless (wi - fi) ) ? Global WiFi ain't happenin'.
I have Time Warner and in order to have their "Ultimate" internet package you have to use their Ubee routemodem. I have 3 Mac and 2 Lenovo laptops that I use over wifi and the Macs drop connectivity every 10 minutes (packet loss) or so but the Lenovo laptops work no problem. I'm getting ready to put the Ubee in bridge mode and connect my Cisco router into it and use it as an access point but I rather not have to do that so I can use the Cisco router as an alternate AP for broader coverage. Am I screwed or is there something that can be done? You're probably screwed. I turned off the WiFi on my TWC wireless modem and connected an Apple Airport Extreme. I have a separate WRT160N w/ DDWRT firmware connect via Powerline in another room.
I know I'm late to the party, but figure I'd give it a shot anyways. I work at a hotel with wifi. Most guests don't have a problem connecting, but we have guests quite regularly complain about no wifi and the only connection between these guests is they are all either using iphone/ipad. Could this be something on our part, or is this just Apples way of getting you to buy their 4G? There's a great chance that the transmit power on your APs is too high. Many iPhones and iPads have a lower transmit power, so those devices may connect and be able to receive data, but be unable to transmit back to the AP consistently. Try lowering your Tx power on your APs to about 25 mW (14 dBm).
How come I lose my wifi signal near the microwave when its on? Interference. Try configuring your wireless router to a different channel. Preferably a channel 36 or above.
What do you know about telecommunications companies starting to implement wifi into their networks in high-traffic public areas? It is something that telcos are interested in, but by and large it has yet to be used. I like the idea as long as users are not forced to authenticate through a splash page.
How does wifi work? Radio waves are modulated using either PSK or QAM to indicate bits of data.
Why do transmission devices use bits for speed while file systems and computers use Bytes for size? I have always divided the Mbps by eight to get a rough idea of transmission speed. I can only speak for the network side, and bits make more sense because it is 0s and 1s that are being signaled.
Why is it called Wireless Fidelity? WiFi is not an acronym.
Have you ever worked with Karlnet? Negative.
Can you give me a few tips for strengthening internet/wifi security. At home, longer passwords are more important than capital numbers or non-alphanumeric characters. In the enterprise, enforce mutual authentication if you use static passwords. For guest WiFi, use WPA2 Personal instead of a splash page so that your guests' data is encrypted.
Why does my wifi connection "hiccup" so often. It makes using the internet a hassle, and it's been like this for years. Lots of times it's an old or cheap wireless routemodem. Do the signal bars go out? Or does the signal stay up but the Internet access go out?
BEN! I was one of the Marines that took your Wifi Class in North Carolina. I remember you! We took it in 2006 or early 2007 if I remember correctly. We gave you tons of shit, but you were a supremely good sport about it. Reddit: This guy knows what he is talking about. Hey hey! I remember that class fondly. Camp LeJeune, was it?
How can I increase the range of the wifi in my house, my router is on the other side of the house from my game room and the signal is super weak. Use Powerline and get a second wireless router for the other part of the house.
Why is my connection so bad :( not a real question just complaining about sky service We feel for you.
Built a new pc that had 0 powers connecting to the Internet at home but at my apartment it can barely hold a signal. Other things like steam cannot work either. My laptop works fine the same distance away. Help :( It sounds like the WiFi radio of the desktop was damaged during your move. Try a WiFi USB adapter (I use the AE6000 from Linksys) on the desktop and see if that helps.
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What is the most comprehensive wireless site survey equipment on the market today?

If this isn't the best sub for this please let me know. I see that Ekahau is highly recommended but as far as I know that only measures wifi. Is there a product available today that can detect other wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, and more all on one platform? Now I HAVE seen a product like this but unfortunately, it is not commercially available.
If one doesn't exist I'm thinking of making one.
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