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Of Men and Dragons, Chapter 53

As usual, I welcome any and all constructive feedback you all might have to offer. I want to know what you're thinking and feeling as you read, (Good and bad) and if anything, in particular, caught your eye. All that being said, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
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Of Men and Dragons, Chapter 53
As she turned and looked at Jack, the raider spoke. Her voice was filled with concern. "What happened..."
She was cut off when Jack raised his handgun to point it at her, and he pulled the trigger.
The gun clicked empty... again. Jack blinked stupidly for a moment before remembering he'd never reloaded after ejecting the last mag. Reaching for his last full magazine, he slid it home and took aim.
However, before he line up a shot, Jack found the raider looming over him with one firm but surprisingly gentle hand keeping his gun pointed to the ground. With her other hand, the raider carefully removed the weapon from his grip.
Not the type to give up, Jack reached for a knife but was barely able to draw the blade a half-inch before once again the raider firmly but gently grabbed hold of his hand and shoved the blade back into its sheath.
Jack was extra confused when the raider pulled him up into a hug, pinning his arms into place so he couldn't struggle any longer before whispering in his ear. "Oh, Jack, what have you done to yourself?"
Jack's attempts to struggle were weakening, but he seemed strangely determined. Angela spoke up over the headset. "He's worse off than I'd feared. Between his exhaustion, the old and new injuries, and the medications he's obviously taken far too many of, his body is at its limit. His eyes are dilated, his breathing ragged and uneven, and I'm pretty sure he's finally damaged himself beyond my ability to repair in a few places. He didn't seem to recognize my voice over his headset. I don't even think he's aware of who you are."
S'haar wanted to treat the obviously fresh injuries on Jack's face, but she knew he'd never let her do it in his current state. Instead, she just pinned him to herself with one arm while the other stroked his hair while she tried to speak calming words to him, hoping to snap him out of his hallucinations.
Eventually, Jack stopped struggling, and his one good eye focused on her as he tilted his head to the side in confusion. S'haar felt a bit of hope when he started speaking. "You again? Listen, lady, I'm flattered by your attention and all, but I told you, I'm not ready to die yet. I've got too much to do, and too many people waiting for me. Besides, as good as your offer is, S'haar made me a better one!"
Despite the situation, S'haar found herself laughing at that, although she at least struggled to keep it muffled behind closed lips. Hugging Jack tighter, she spoke to him again, the laughter still echoing her voice. "Oh, my brave idiot. If we live through this, I'm going to have to reward you for that one!"
Jack's eye lost a little of its glazed appearance as he looked at S'haar again. "S'haar, what are you doing here..." He quickly lost focus and started to struggle in S'haar's grip again, though he seemed to have a different goal in mind this time. "I have to... I need to keep the raiders busy! I need to keep them here until S'haar arrives! I can't let them get away with Em'brel!"
S'haar started to stroke Jack's hair and try to calm him again when he suddenly went still once more. She had no idea when he'd done it, but somehow he'd gotten his hands on his fallen gun. However, this time he was pointing it over her shoulder as he spoke. "They're back!"
Looking behind herself, S'haar could make out the raider who'd run away not long ago as well as five others who had joined him. S'haar grabbed her sword even as Jack fired twice into the one that had run away before. As she charged forward, he took out an additional couple with two shots each.
S'haar slid low to get past the new lead raider's defenses, coming up in front of another who had not been prepared for the maneuver. She heard more shots ring out, even though none of the raiders around herself fell. That must mean there were more raiders in another direction. She'd need to deal with this group fast!
Jack found his aim more than a little worse for wear. A bit ago, he'd started calming down, but now his heart was thundering in his chest again. Additionally, his vision in his one good eye was blurring, and he couldn't catch his breath even though he was sitting on the ground. His hands were shaking so bad that Jack decided to fire two shots at each raider, just to be sure.
He took out the first three well enough, but as S'haar got into melee range with the rest, Jack noticed another raider sneaking in from the side. Maybe sneaking wasn't quite the word. With two swords drawn, he seemed to just be casually walking forward.
Jack turned and let off another two shots, but this raider moved differently. Somehow he'd read the direction of Jack's aim, and with deceptively rapid movements, managed to avoid the bullets.
Jack squinted in disbelief. Taking a moment to steady his aim a bit more, he fired again. The raider was grinning now, enjoying his new game as he dodged once more.
Jack was on his last bullet as he took careful aim, trying to psych out his opponent when the raider suddenly charged forward. Waiting until the last second so the raider would get close enough that even in his current condition, Jack couldn't miss, he finally fired.
It took Jack's brain a moment to figure out just what had happened, Somehow the raider had gotten both swords up to shield himself from the shot. Now both blades were broken mear inches from their handles, but the swords had absorbed enough of the kinetic energy that the raider seemed to suffer only flesh wounds and other minor abrasions.
Jack knew he was in trouble even as he drew his last knife. The raider's grin had only grown more manic as he closed the distance between themselves.
Lon'thul shook his head. This was the most idiotic plan he could have possibly thought of. He couldn't believe when both S'haar and his father had agreed to it when he'd first proposed it.
Getting the disguise had been easy enough. Raiders were wandering all around this forest in small groups, but they moved in such loud and clumsy ways that the hunters could spot them long before they were in the range of sight. It had been a simple task for the hunters to pick them off and take their clothes.
It was no surprise that their skills at silently approaching their prey and striking before the animals had any chance to run translated well in this environment. S'haar may be better in a stand-up fight than any man Lon'thul knew, but this was his element, and here, he and his father were second to none. They even took out a few more patrols than they'd needed when the raiders got between the hunters and the camp.
Getting out of their nice coats and into these inferior copies had been thoroughly unpleasant, but it was paying off now as they simply walked through the camp. The hunters had split off into two groups, with one group getting ready to create a distraction while Lon'thul and his father confidently strolled into the center of the camp.
Everyone in the camp was running around, attending to gods knew what. In all the commotion, non of the raiders spared more than a glance in their direction. Whatever Jack had been up to, the camp was in chaos.
When he caught sight of Em'brel, Lon'thul had to fight the urge to run forward and grab her. The key was to look annoyed, as though this task was beneath him.
As they got closer, one of Em'brel's guards stood to meet them. "Hold it! What're you doing here rather than out in the forest, looking for the intruder?"
Lon'thul did his best to sound annoyed when he noticed Em'brel's gaze shoot up at the sound of his voice. "Chief said to move the girl. He wants to keep the intruder guessing or something." While he was talking, his father had broken off to speak to another of the guards.
The guard spit into the dirt at Lon'thul's feet. "He's not my chief! I don't care how good with a sword he is. That maniac shouldn't be in charge of anything!"
Of course, Lon'thul had no idea what the guard was talking about but tried to play along, so he shrugged and smiled. "Yeah, but orders are orders. Don't wanna get on his bad side, ya know?" Out of the corner of his eye, Lon'thul saw his father speaking to a different guard now.
The guard Lon'thul was speaking to laughed loud and clear. "Smart kid! Keep that up, and you'll get a job like guarding a captive when everyone else had to go scour the forest!"
Lon'thul laughed too. "Yeah! How do you think I got this job? Listen, get yourself a bite to eat. We'll take her from here." His father was talking to yet another guard.
The guard Lon'thul had been speaking with narrowed his eyes, suddenly seeming suspicious. "As good as that sounds, what say I come with ya? She can be a real handful, you know?"
Lon'thul noticed the guard's hand sliding toward his sword, and he realized he'd "overplayed his hand," to steal a phrase from Jack's card game. Before the guard could react, Lon'thul kicked him solidly in the chest, knocking him backward.
The hunter drew his sword to finish what he'd started, then fight the rest of the guards off or die trying, but Em'brel beat him to the punch. As soon as the guard had fallen within range, she'd lept up and slammed a piece of firewood onto his head hard enough Lon'thul doubted he'd ever get up again.
Looking around at the other guards, Lon'thul saw his father extracting a bloodied knife from his fourth victim, who was also the final guard. He had no idea how his father had killed all four of them without any of the others noticing until it was too late, but he wasn't going to complain either.
His deed done, Dek'thul whistled loudly into the air. Not long after, a whistle could be heard in response.
Lon'thul didn't stop and listen. He ran forward and helped Em'brel remove her collar. The girl looked up at him in equal parts, astonishment, relief, and fear. "Where's Jack and S'haar?"
Lon'thul felt a slight pang that her first words were something other than gratitude to him, but he squelched that feeling telling himself he needed to be better than that. "Jack's apparently been harassing and terrifying the raiders all night and into the day. As soon as we got close to the camp, S'haar split off to track him down while we came here to rescue you. Angela seemed to think he was in more immediate danger, but we wanted to make sure we took advantage of his distraction while we could."
Em'brel's eyes widened. "We need to get to them now! Jack is being hunted by a monster!"
S'haar finished the last raider with an upward thrust through a gap in his chest plates into his heart. The immediate threat addressed, she turned to see what Jack had been shooting at.
As she did so, her own heart skipped a beat and turned to ice. This was impossible! He's been dead for years! He can't be here! S'haar stood rooted in place as she saw the thing that haunted her nightmares approaching Jack where he sat. Her mind was screaming in all different directions at her. Wake up, this is only a dream! We need to run now! He is dead! He needs to die again!
She watched in hope as Jack fired at the ghost from close enough range that he couldn't miss, only to have her hope fall to despair when the monster's grin was still there as Jack dropped the now useless gun and drew a knife.
That same grin had haunted her nightmares for decades. She'd told herself it was only anger she'd felt toward that man, but all the fear that had tormented her for years came rushing back in an instant. It was only after meeting Jack that she'd finally really started to move past the horrors he'd inflicted on herself and her mother. Now he'd returned, and he was stalking the one person who meant more to her than anyone else ever had.
Jack looked pathetic, sitting in front of that monster with only a tiny knife drawn. He had no hope of survival...
Something in S'haar snapped, and all the fear and indecision found itself hardened into a single point of rage. She lept forward, crazed with bloodlust.
Jack watched as S'haar charged his assailant, leaping through the air with her sword raised overhead in a double-handed grip. She brought it down in a blow meant to cleave her target in two. He caught t blade on the shard of his own and redirected the blow to the side with almost criminal ease. At the same time, he swung his other sword toward her in a move that would have decapitated her if it still held more than roughly three inches of edge left. But S'haar didn't evade or counter as she usually did. Instead, she rained blow after blow of raw fury down on her target, trying to overcome his defenses with might alone.
Seeing S'haar made Jack remember that lovely dream he'd been having just moments ago. S'haar had been here holding him and whispering to him. He could almost swear he could still smell her odd musk, which he'd grown fond of over their time together.
Of course, that was just a dream. Jack was out here in the forest to fight raiders and keep them busy long enough for S'haar to arrive with reinforcements, and right in front of him, he could see two raiders fighting. Though the male's fine control seemed to give him an edge over the female's wild blows. The only reason she was still in the fight was the fact that the male was wielding broken swords.
Something about the broken swords stirred something in Jack's mind. Looking at his hands, he could see that he already had a knife drawn. He must have meant to use it on the raiders!
With that thought, Jack tried to get to his feet but immediately felt intense pain shoot up his leg.
Oh yeah, he had a spear in his leg! How could he forget? The raider was going to kidnap Em'brel if Jack didn't do something! Though he had to admit, Em'brel was putting up a much better fight than he would have thought her capable of, but she was swinging with far too much wild abandon! She needed to learn to remain calm and collected in combat, like S'haar.
Wait, no... Em'brel had already been kidnapped! He needed to get to Angela to heal his leg so he could track the raiders and save her! After all, that's why he was in this forest right now!
No... something wasn't right... He was mixing things up... S'haar... S'haar was here right now! She was fighting... someone... right in front of him...
Jack screwed his eye's shut. He needed to focus! He needed to cut through the fog in his mind!
Opening his eyes, Jack noticed the knife still in his hand. A thought occurred to him, and before he could second guess himself or talk himself out of what he was about to do, he slammed the knife into his leg, right where the spear had pierced him a day ago.
Even with all the medications flowing through his veins, the pain was intense. Jack's vision started to darken around the edges, but the haze was gone, and he could think clearly again. S'haar was fighting for her life.
Whoever this raider was, he remained calm and collected as the fight dragged on. He was letting S'haar exhaust herself while he, in turn, exerted the absolute minimum effort required to defend himself.
Even with only one good eye, Jack could see S'haar's eyes widened to the point that they showed all white around the pupal. She was clearly terrified and in full fight or flight mode, meaning she wasn't thinking, relying on instinct instead. All of her usual control and discipline was missing. In its place was a rage that was quickly burning through S'haar's energy reserves.
Jack had to do something, but what? Looking at the knife embedded in his leg, Jack wondered what use it could possibly be? It's not like the raider would just let him crawl over and stab him in the leg. It wasn't weighted for throwing, though Jack supposed that would be better than nothing.
That's when Jack remembered something from what seemed like days ago. Rummaging through a few pouches, he felt his fingers wrap around what he was looking for. Pulling it out, Jack could see the one magazine he had left, with only a single bullet in it.
Looking around, Jack found his gun lying not far to his right. He crawled sideways through the mud, grabbing it, and hurriedly ejected the spent mag before loading his last hope.
S'haar was breathing heavily. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, a voice was screaming that this fight was not going well. But that voice was drowned out by the thunderous shout of rage that filled the rest of her being.
Throughout her childhood, merely being related to this man had scared away all the other children, leaving her isolated. Any pets she'd tried to take in had been ruthlessly butchered in one of his drunken rages. Even when he'd finally had the decency to go and get himself exiled from the village in the middle of winter, he'd taken S'haar's mother from her when she simply gave up on life without him.
Now here he was, the beast from her nightmares, back from the grave to take the most precious thing he could from her! He would die! He must die!
Over and over, S'haar chanted these things to herself, fueling each blow with greater force than the last, but he always deflected the blows, his twisted grin never faltering.
Over and over, S'haar's blows slowly began to lose strength. Still, she forced herself to fight on, unwilling and unable to do anything else.
Over and over, S'haar slowly fell back. He moved with the same grace, speed, and control he always had. If anything, he'd only gotten better in the years he'd been gone.
Finally, S'haar realized she couldn't keep this up much longer. Her arms screamed in agony. Her thoughts were slowing down. Her breaths were growing more and more ragged. It was only a question of time...
That was when S'haar heard the familiar sound of Jack reloading his gun behind her. Knowing what was coming, S'haar made one last wild swing toward her father's eyes, forcing him to raise his sword to block and thus obscuring his vision. She then leaped back to give Jack a clear shot.
Seeing the opening S'haar had created for him, Jack squeezed the trigger. He wasn't going for anything fancy, just aiming for center mass.
Jack felt the now familiar kick of the gun, heard the familiar roar of the explosive propellant, and saw the familiar flash explode out of the barrel. For a moment, his hope was suspended by those three sensations, but even as he registered those things, he also saw his target already twisting mid-air.
It took agonizingly long fractions of a second for Jack's brain to tell him what he was seeing. By then, the raider had already landed off to the side, in what seemed to be an uncontrolled tumble.
Jack's hope died when the raider somehow recovered mid-fall and ended up on his feet once more. He hadn't gotten away completely unscathed. His side now sported a gouge in his bony plate that was slowly oozing blood, but it had been far from the finishing shot Jack had been hoping for. The raider stepped toward S'haar again, his grin broader and more insane than ever, when he suddenly stopped and tilted his head to the side as if listening.
Turning back to her, the raider finally spoke. "Who knew that worthless woman could make something so interesting? With a few more years, you might actually become something worth killing! Unfortunately, this game now has too many players for my taste. Don't worry though, we'll meet again. That's a promise!" The raider then turned and ran, leaving an exhausted S'haar and a broken Jack behind.
Jack could just make out the shouts of someone approaching, but his only concern at the moment was S'haar. The two of them gave each other a look of profound relief, and Jack let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.
Now that the adrenaline was fading, Jack found that he was exhausted. Also, despite the fact he was sitting, he still couldn't catch his breath for some reason. On top of that, his left arm was suddenly in excruciating pain...
That was when the world went dark.

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As promised, I got this chapter out as quickly as I could. Judging by the comments from the last chapter, most of you figured out how this chapter was going to start, but there was another twist in here only two people seemed to see coming when they put two and two together after I dropped the name De'haar a couple of chapters ago. Well, maybe more of you did, but only two people commented on it.
The good news is I THINK this is the last cliffhanger in book one, though I'm not going to promise anything. I write what feels right for the characters at the time, so my plans often change.
Did you like Jack's delusional state? I was trying to think of a way to spice up S'haar's berserker rage without just saying, "She swung wildly again," over and over. I hope his perspective added a bit of tension as you were mentally screaming at Jack to pull himself together and do something. Or maybe not? I'm never certain if something reads as well as it seems in my head.

If you like my work and would like to support it, consider donating to my Patreon. Don't worry if you can't, there won't be any paywalled content or anything else like that, this is nothing more than a way to show your support. =)
submitted by DrBlackJack21 to HFY

A Complete (ish) Review of Phantom Forces. (If you work for Stylis, PLEASE read this, I really want the devs to see this!)

Edit: I wasn't expecting this to get much attention! Thanks everyone who upvoted and gave their opinion in the comments.

I've made a few posts about the game/map design of Phantom Forces but I've never made a full review, so here goes. Prepare for a possibly pretty long post.
I'm going to break my review down into a few parts, starting with:

1) Base Mechanics
The mechanics of the game are simple. You have two guns, three grenades, one knife. You can jump, sprint and crouch, vault over low obstacles, and do a high jump to get up bigger ones. The movement speed is pretty fast, even when using the heavier weapons, and no stamina bar means you can jump and sprint as much as you want, however, while sprinting you cannot fire your gun straight and have to wait about half a second before it's raised, and doing a high jump will give a 1 second cooldown before springing again. All that leads me into my second segment:

2) Pacing
In my opinion this is the strongest part of the game. Combat feels fast and dynamic. The fast run speed and vaults make moving around the map fast. Combine this with large square hitboxes and guns being able to pierce almost any thin cover and it makes the game feel amazing to play. Unlike other games like GTAV or many COD games, the gameplay almost never devolves into "pop out from behind a wall, shoot, repeat". It's like playing DOOM, always moving, strafing, jumping, and shooting.
The way the movement works is perfect. When vaulting over barriers, your gun comes up to the forwards position, which encourages aggressive pushing since you can stay at full speed while shooting. The high jump is great for getting up larger barriers but it breaks your momentum, which means it's usually used much less (which is a good thing). Sprinting allows you to go fast but leaves you vulnerable since your weapon is down (except with a melee, which again encourages aggressive action). This prevents fights from devolving into "you can't hit me na na na na na".

3) Graphics/Art style
The graphics are, well, bad. However the devs have used this to their advantage. By using a simple colour palette of greens and greys, The dark black of the player models stand out well, encouraging aggressive play and getting up and moving around to avoid fire instead of hiding. The maps themselves are simple and blocky, but believable. Locations like a middle eastern village, an eastern european factory and construction sites are all believable and match the modern warfare aesthetic of Phantom Forces.

4) Weapons
The selection is just amazing for a game with half a dozen devs. Every gun in the game feels unique in some way, and are all very well balanced. People complain about the meta a lot but compared to many AAA games Phantom Forces is amazingly balanced. Furthermore, the customization is insane! Conversions, a billion sights, barrel stuff, ammo, skins, there's so much stuff to do with a gun!
I really don't have the time nor patience to review every gun, but I'll review the gun classes.

Assault rifles: The default guns. Middle of the road in all aspects. Good run speed, firerate, damage, range falloff, reload times. Great for any map and almost any situation.
Battle rifles: Heavier assault rifles. Lower ammo capacity, longer reload times, but high damage with solid firerate.
Carbines: Lighter assault rifles. These have probably the fastest paced gameplay out of any gun class. They do the same thing as AR's with a bit more vertical recoil and lower damage. Not used much but still fun.
Shotguns: Low firerate, high damage hard hitters. Work best at close to mid (slugs just make them worse snipers so they're not really good at long range). Some call them OP but they're easy to counter by keeping some kind of barrier between you and the enemy. Movement speed ranges from average to fast, with low capacity however the slow firerate and 1 shot ability means you won't find yourself running out of ammo too often.
PDW's: Light, average reload, low recoil, mid cap mags. Pretty much the same as carbines in most respects, aside from some high damage guns like the tommy gun or grease gun. Almost all PDW's have great damage up close but fall off quickly at range. This makes them great for up-close and personal combat, and makes them great at stringing together multiple kills then retreating to reload.
DMR's: Low to mid firerate semi automatics perfect for mid to long range, with damage ranging from a three shot kill to a one shot to the head. Excellent for keeping enemies pinned down and shooting through barriers. Some are slow and bulky like the Scar-SSR, while others handle as well as carbines like the MK11. Great for anyone who loves semi automatics.
LMG's: Heavy, high capacity, with medium damage and great penetration (haha). Perfect for planting down in a spot, ripping through some enemies, then repositioning. somewhat weak against snipers due to the giant beacon that points right to you whenever you shoot, and the slow run speed which lets them line up shots better, but still as solid pick for taking out large groups and laying down sustained fire.
Sniper Rifles: Long range, lowest firerates, and highest damage. Great at taking down single enemies but struggle when up against groups, with poor run speed. Quite fun but unfortunately Stylis is making them increasingly unviable due to their map design.

Speaking of that, let's get to the part I know you've all been dreading if you've read my other posts:

5) Map Design
Oh boy. There's a lot to get into here.
Here is a post about the flaws of Stylis's map design, I highly suggest reading it before reading this next section.

The older maps in Phantom Forces are amazing. They have a perfect mix of verticality, cover, open areas, and occasional (but avoidable) choke points. For example, Highway Lot. This map has huge open sniping areas like the highway and the rooftops, paired with very tight corridors and more mid range areas like the parking garages. In any of these maps you have to constantly be moving through them, going between open high-visibility areas like rooftops to get kills and more covered areas to avoid getting shot.
The capture points in the King of the Hill and Flare Domination gamemodes are placed in areas where there is always multiple exits and/or shooting positions that look over them so camping them is very hard. Combine this with grenades and you have a fun dynamic experience that is (mostly) camper free (and as I have noted before, the more you're moving in Phantom Forces, the more fun you're having).
Now, problems begin to arise when there is no balance of these four main elements. For example, look at Bazaar or Rig. On these maps shotguns reign supreme since everyone is forced into tiny areas, with no option to take more open areas and snipe. This leads to guns like the AA-12 being incredibly OP despite them having balanced stats, because the one thing that balances them, which in the AA-12's case is it's insane spread, isn't a problem due to the map being so small.
The lack of verticality in maps like Farmyard or Bazaar is infuriating. The battles end up feeling less and less dynamic, since you aren't moving around the map nearly as much. Instead of feeling like a battle it just ends up feeling like running through a maze where everyone has a gun and wants to kill each other. It's not so much the size of the map that makes sniping hard and close range weapons OP, since snipers are very usable on crane site which is a mid sized map, but more the lack of vantage points snipers can use. Even Industry, probably the only new map that fits Phantom Forces's gameplay style, had no good exposed vantage points for long range players to use.
I think a lot of this lack of long range on maps comes from Mirage. Quite a large portion of the playerbase HATES Mirage, and I fully understand why. but it's NOT because of the verticality.
In fact, the verticality is the best part of mirage. It's incredibly fun to run up and down between floors, switching shooting positions and moving quick, all while watching your back in case some flankers started storming the building. The main issue with Mirage is that it was too spread out. Players who wanted to use even good mid-long range guns like battle rifles would have trouble using them due to the extreme ranges. The huge, wide streets between the buildings became killing grounds, and the buildings on the edge of the map were far too large and had sight lines that were far too good, leading to a lot of deaths that felt out of the player's control. This is INFURIATING game design.
Furthermore, the buildings themselves were a few floors too tall, leading to pretty much the entire bottom 2-3 floors of the buildings being unused. the extra floors just made it longer to get into the action. If the buildings were closer, shorter, and there were a few less of them, this would probably be one of the communities favourite maps.
My theory is that when the devs saw the massive backlash towards mirage, they assumed that meant the community didn't like long range maps and verticality (which we absolutely do like them!) and proceeded to make snipers more or less obsolete on the new maps.

6) Extra Content
The case/key system is actually pretty good. You get cases and keys from logging in and winning matches, or buying them with the in game credits (or your mom's credit card). You get credits from ranking up and selling skins. This is actually well balanced so that you can unlock guns and attachments faster if you want to, so if you really want that one gun you can get it and don't have to grind for hours or pay IRL money.
However, there are WAY too many case and key varieties in game right now. I agree with adding new skins but there are so many case types that it's pretty much impossible for new players to get matching sets. I know you guys have to make money but it's really not helping your player retention when people can't even make their gun look nice without seeing "you don't have any keys [purchase more]"
Furthermore, the lack of new content for low rank players isn't helping. What reason do new players to the game have to log in? some old guns that have been in the game since the dawn of time? It's not the main cause of dwindling player numbers but it's certainly part of the issue.
No, the main reason I believe Phantom Forces is becoming less and less popular is the changing demographics of roblox. They are appealing more and more to younger and younger children, and Phantom Forces is more of a 11-14 ish age range game. However, As that younger roblox demographic ages we might see a large resurgence to the game.

7) Final thoughts
(No, this isn't a TLDR read the post you lazy bum)
Overall, this game is incredible for such a small dev team working with what I've heard is a janky at best, broken at worst platform. By hyper-focusing on elements like smooth and fast movement and weapon selection and customization Stylis has made a game that is thoroughly entertaining to play. Features like team balancing and the old spawn algorithm worked amazingly well, with minimal bugs (Yes, I said old. Fuck the new system). Weapon animations are excellent, sound design is passable at worst and punchy and satisfying at best, the meta is well balanced and most of the maps are well designed.
So yeah, that's about it :D

Yeah I told you it would be a long post. I apologize if it got kinda incoherent and ranty at the end there.
I really want the devs to see this. I love Phantom Forces, it's my favourite game in the world. I have so many memories playing this game, and I want to see it do well. Again, if anyone has any way of contacting Stylis and sending them this it would be very much appreciated.


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