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Part 49: Transcription "Anthony's 'Trusted Staff' Blackberries" -- @Georgwebb Video Series

George Webb
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  • [Day 205.9. Hillary'Hillarys, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 9 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205 I think this is version 9
    • I just saw the detective that working the Seth Rich case, Wheelers interview, but he didn't say anything about the cameras-- about the camera in the bar, the police body cameras, the cameras on the EMTs, the cameras and the ambulance accumulators in the hospital. He didn't say anything about the admittance report at the hospital. He didn't say which hospital
    • So everybody could do me a favor: If you could just scour the internet and just find out what bar he was at.
    • If other people want to scrape the internet with any Facebook posts from that bar that night, if there was a football game on it, so they could just leave that football game, or if there's a basketball game, and it was in the middle of the thing is in January
    • So just whatever significant event was going on.
    • If somebody else can get a read on pictures that we're taken at the bar--maybe what he was dressed in
    • I'm gonna go to the bar, I'll ask for the camera, I'll ask I'm going to go back to this convenience store, doesn't matter about the Hells Angel guy--if you want to shoot me, go ahead and shoot me when I'm there
    • And then I'm going to go over the hospital, and then start talking to the admittance staff, and see was there this is basics you follow the footsteps of the victim, that's how it's done, and then you publish it
    • So that you get as many leads as you can.
    • You walk down the path as he took you, you get the time that he left the bar, you go to the take the path, and they took home, you knock on all the doors, you say did you see anybody that looked like this, and with this description, do you have home security, you have a camera? Did you see anybody swerving drunk like they said he was So drunk
    • Did anybody else at the bar notice he was drunk?
    • Did the bartender serving him drinks notice we was drunk why didn't they cut him off?
    • What is his name what's that bartender's name?
    • Why isn't he on the internet trying to help solve the murder?
    • Why aren't the parents trying to solve this murder?
    • It makes me think these are actors.
    • I mean nobody--Jack Burkman I mean I figured out in five minutes that he was a fake
    • I mean I went to the website. It was all about how this was conspiracy theory.
    • He made a statement today about Russian hacking--they're going with a McCabe dossier peepee dossier all over again
    • This is ridiculous--I can't believe how they keep going back to this Evan McMullen crap
    • So anyway please send me all this data,
    • And I don't know if I'll be able to make it tomorrow morning, but I'll do it after my son's graduation
  • [Day 205.10 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 10 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205 I think this is going to be version 10
    • So lose city bar"Lou's City Bar" is the name of the bar
    • That bar manager supposedly talked to Seth Rich about 1:45.
    • That would mean that his name is supposedly Joe Capone, and he offered him a ride.
    • If anybody could post a picture of Joe Capone so I know what he looks like when I get there that'd be great.
    • If anyone there was a Dodgers game going on that night a late Dodgers game 11 o'clock versus the Padres that was the late game
    • So if anybody has any tweets, look for tweets on July 10th of last year, and he tweets about the Jeff Dodger game any tweets from Lou's bar
    • Anything on Facebook, tweets about the Dodgers game, Lou's bar that type of thing--other sports events would be helpful.
    • But I'm just guessing, if Seth Rich really is such a big sports fan, going there five or six times a night, that he would be involved in any of the sports team, if somebody could tell me his last tweet, that would be great or last couple of tweets that'd be great
    • Somebody could say who his girlfriend is--supposedly that she heard the shot while he was on the phone with her, and he said not to worry--that that seems odd
    • If anybody can tell me what hospital he went to that would be helpful
    • If anyone knows from the police report the ambulance service which particular ambulance service that was that would be great
    • If anyone can tell me if it was a 22 or 45 normally you would know that by the shot the sound a 45 makes a much bigger sound than a 22
    • If anybody has any contacts about supposedly went to this Wonderland bar, but I don't think he did
    • The space of time now unaccounted for is longer than I thought: it was two o'clock to 4:20
    • Now it looks like it's from 1:40 or 1:45 when he talked to Joe Capone outside the looseLou's City Bar to
    • Now being all the way to 4:20 that's almost two hours that's two hours an hour and 40 minutes now not accounted for
    • So he's got to be somewhere, he's got to have a phone somewhere, if there's got to be a picture somewhere in the bar of him that night he's in the corner and a leather stool that he always sat in at a corner
    • So somebody has to have tweeted something from that bar that night
    • Also if I don't think Joe Capone is a real name, but if it is, please post his picture, and we'll go from there
    • I think we're gonna--this is going to be a like a John B Wells caravan to midnight
    • I think I'm gonna just keep going to Saylorsville to visit ghoul onGulen, and then decide whether to go to New York or go to Washington DC, and just do this in the morning, and just keep going as long as they keep getting great leads like I got on this last stop
    • I'll just keep going to Washington DC, and walk the last steps to stuff that's Rich that was the story I did 30 days ago, and I can't believe that the I can't believe that the DC police didn't pick up on that, and run with that, and get ton more leads
  • [Day 205.11. For Live Researchers for Set Rich, Part 10 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 205
    • Just don't post any answers to this please, but this is just, so people can sync in this is Lou's City Bar right here.
    • This is right here. This is wet West our W Street and Flagler
    • So if you look at it here, he would have been right here, he would have walked down either Columbia Street, or Harvard Street I've walked down both of those streets
    • So there's got to be cameras all along here, that would have verified this.
    • You wouldn't walk along the reservoir here. This is very dark and desolate, and this is kind of like the end of Howard University, but it's all like dumpsters and stuff--it's not very nice back here.
    • But this street Georgia streets pretty nice
    • So I think he would have walked over this way or even down a little bit further to W, and then just cut straight over on W
    • I don't think he would have done this jog.
    • I think you would have just gone Georgia down to W and W over here as I said I was on my hands and knees at this corner exactly where he would have been
    • You can see the lake straight down the street just the edge, and you can see this MedStar Hospital at the edge of the street as well
    • So the girlfriend's name is Kelly Mulka {{ Ms K MULkTRA? (uncool. srry) }}
    • So if anybody can do a search on, global search on that, again don't answer to this video--I'm going to toss this away after everybody gets it, but then the other one is the police chief temporary, always the temporary police chief that just came in for the weekend Anthony Haythe-- like in "hay the murders over this way... no wait a minutes over here"
    • Anyway it's H a Y th e
    • So I'm especially interested if he's in DynCorp, if he's never had any time and DynCorp, Haiti, Kosovo, you know all the names, Syria, Afghanistan Iraq etc
    • So... Thanks
  • [Day 205.12 Hillarys Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 12 - YouTube]
    • Okay. This is day 205 I think. This is 12
    • {{ Reading Quote behind George }} "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti"
    • Everything I owe to my researchers: it starts out as noodles but turns into spaghetti: a great plate of Intelligence, which is awesome
    • This one I like even more which is Thomas Alva Edison
    • "I don't fail I tried 10 thousand times of things that I know don't work or something like that
    • Here in Oil City, Pennsylvania, which I think is where Rockefeller originally took the land of Ida Tarbell dad.
    • Ida Tarbell wrote all those books. I'm I don't know am I kind of a male reincarnation?
    • Anyway I thought of Pinkertons
    • The whole idea that Rockefeller had in naming the Pinkertons was: will give him a British gentleman's name, and it'll be a dainty name
    • So it will kind of throw people off from the fact that these are killers!
    • And some people might say, "well that's DynCorp same thing"
    • It's kind of Wall Street's secret police
    • Only Steve Feinberg's innovation is: he got the US government to pay for his ratlines--pay for all the people doing "security".
    • All those 7,000 individual contractors for DHS 24-hour pay, for the whole family.
    • Top wage, fill out the time cards on a little slip of paper, just turn them in once a month, whatever you need.
    • Anyway some people also say well no Rockefeller actually in 20 years occupation of the south actually all the Pinkertons were paid for for Rockefeller. So who knows?
    • But the investigation goes well a lot of people sent pictures I do have a picture of Joe Capone
    • Now which is good I do have a picture of Kelsey Holdeth. Or I think I said that name wrong. There's another girl named Chelsea Cash or something that says she's the girlfriend now, which is odd.
    • The Washington police DC police--I just think we should start tweeting the DC police--@DCPoliceDept DC Police
    • And the questions that I've already asked tonight, are:
    • Can we have the badge numbers of the people who found Seth Rich?
    • Supposedly he was conscious. Did they ask him where he was shot?
    • Will you be releasing Seth Rich's metadata--his phone?
    • Do you have a picture of what he was wearing that night?
    • What hospital was he taken to?
    • Yeah we'd love to see the badge numbers--if you have a police report that you can post for that night?
    • We would like to know how they--what--how the reward is being given out, is it being given out to PR firms that Anthony Wiener knows?
    • Ballman is is like Berkman. Ballman is the guy who's supposedly the family's a spokesman who is a PR guy.
    • Berkman's a PR guy. Five minutes to figure that out.
    • I think the background there is going to be Edelman
    • The one guy I know in the PR businesses Edelman
    • So be interesting to do a compound search on Edelman, Berkman, Ballman, and of course Anthony Weiner.
    • Because that they're all going to go back for Schumer.
    • They're all going to be doing political stuff through Schumer
    • So anyway that's it's 11:30 here in Oil City
    • I probably might go another 60 miles.
    • I might do one more tonight.
    • For some reason the DC Police Department posted the wrong date.
    • They said "give to the Seth Rich fund"
    • This is five minutes ago--give it a Seth Rich fund July 8th.
    • Well no he would he went out July 9th... we still don't have a picture of him that night on July 9th
    • And then he was shot in the morning of July 10th--they tweet out the July 8th's obvious misdirection.
    • There wasn't a baseball game that night it was a UFC fight that night
    • So again, does anybody at Lou's City Bar and Grille tweet out anything at all about a UFC fight that night?
    • Or was there a birthday party there that night... usually somebody has a birthday at a bar on a Saturday night in Washington DC
    • Seth Rich also was a Wisconsin fan--that bar is known to be a packer bar
    • So is there a is there a club? Is there a website for the club of people that go there, and watch those things?
    • Supposedly also like Nebraska, so maybe like Nebraska football
    • So I don't know that answer he liked the Redskins as well
    • So there's another affinity club that he might have been a member of that we can talk to the people
    • Somebody posted a picture of his aunt, and I might go talk to her.
    • And then he had several roommates that he lived with--I didn't realize that. I thought he just was the one girlfriend that was on the phone when hear this she heard the shots on the phone and he said don't worry about it
    • So I'm gonna be walking that path.
    • I'm gonna be making sure I'm going to go into every business.
    • Look for cameras, going to ask people what they saw that night, keep posting, and then start tweeting the DC Police Department.
    • Start asking questions:
    • What hospital, you know.
  • [Day 206.1. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Okay Day 206 Part 1 Here at the beautiful Clarion Hotel in do blah Debois, Pennsylvania or Devoy Pennsylvania
    • Don't only remember W E B De boy I don't know if he was the back-to-africa movement, no that was Marcus Garvey
    • I think DeBois had one poem that said "hideous glee" I don't know why I think of Hillary when I think of that
    • But anyway let's not try to do too many double entendres here with Debois.
    • I just wanted to say that finding Seth Rich here--I'm not necessarily saying it's related to the Awan brothers, but I am saying that Mr. McCae would have telemetry NGA telemetry on this city of Washington DC city.
    • Washington DC is the most camera-ed city in the United States by far
    • Department of Homeland Security.
    • They even joke that it's the Department of Homeland police--they run the DC police
    • I believe they have enough DHS has an office right in the DC Police Department
    • So there's lots and lots and lots of resources available
    • We could look at Seth Rich's credit card for instance the last day and retrace his steps publicly
    • We could go and look at the pictures from Lou's Bar and Grill
    • You probably would those might be suspects if Seth talked to anybody during the night--might have gotten into an argument or something like that
    • If he had been at other stores that day you might want to talk to the merchants to retrace his steps there, to see if any of those folks had had heard him say anything about him being troubled that day, or whatever
    • Or any comments he might have made about people that didn't like him or trouble he was having with his girlfriend whatever
    • That would be something it seems like you would want to do
    • It seem like you'd want to publish what he was wearing, you know.
    • You could say Seth Rich had a tie and an blue suit and a white shirt. And then walk around with that picture to the neighbors. Then knock on doors and say, 'hey have you seen a guy with the glasses that makes him look smart and big tie a white shirt and blue blue jacket?'
    • Therefore then you could you could fill in that block of time between 140, when he left the Lou's City Bar and Grille, to the 420 when the police officers answered the shots fired answer
    • Now I went on to the DC gov web site and this is the these are the officers
    • Now this is unconfirmed
    • What happens is my researchers send me information that I I confirm it.
    • But here's one of my researchers what they said is the five officers Robert Wingate Robinson, Derek Thar, Shea Ellis, Benjamin Velez, Mark Lee and then Jody O'Leary
    • Now they said Jody O'Leary was I think this is the motorcycle police--was the responding officer the first one to get there
    • So I don't really know.
    • But anyway the policy is that you can request to the DC police to see any body camera
    • So there's three body cameras here
    • So I would like everyone here who's seeing this to formally request it.
    • It's at DC police DEPT please I'd like to request George Webb comes in as soon as possible to view the body cameras the three different body cameras for this for his death that night
    • So we can see exactly what kind of shape he was in.
    • I'm sure the police talked to him he was supposedly conscious but dazed
    • I'm sure that everyone would like to see the questions the police asked of him, as they got it as they waited for the ambulance.
    • I'm sure the police would have asked did you see who did it
    • How long have you been here are you bleeding?
    • Where have you been hit?
    • Do you think you've been shot can you show me where you're bleeding just simple triage questions that you would ask a shooting victim
    • So there's the folks--if you want to tweet the DC police, I'd like to see all three of the cameras tomorrow, if possible, or the day after. Whatever's convenient for the DC police
    • And then I thought about this Anthony Weiner email.
    • This is what they call prima facie evidence on its own face--doesn't need any other support.
    • We have Anthony Weiner distributing secure Blackberry phones with us with a trusted staff
    • Now Anthony Weiner also on his laptop has six hundred fifty thousand emails, which many are classified, from that alone this should reopen the Anthony Weiner case.
    • And he should be called in front of Congress, and again, I say the six hundred fifty thousand emails should be released, at least the metadata, because we have a person with no classified clearance as well as Huma
    • Now in the business of selling these are sending these phones and
    • Now with James Comey's testimony and the FBI a correction to it we, know that these phones are the hacking device.
    • These phones are a token that allow hacking
    • So we have we don't even need to know that it's the Awan brothers at this point.
    • We just know he has a trusted staff giving phones out, and we know that there's classified information on his server
    • So that means he has the classified information on a server.
    • We know the phones is a way of syncing and he's giving up phones.
    • Therefore Anthony Weiner's giving out classified information A to B and B to C
    • There's just no two ways about it.
    • Why wouldn't you call Anthony Weiner in front of congressional staff and ask him where are those phones?
    • What did you do?
    • Who was your trusted staff?
    • Can we see receipts?
    • Could we see start dates?
    • And how many phones did you give out?
    • Who would you give them to?
    • These are simple questions
    • So again there was an alternative very bulletproof phone from General Dynamics, it was Hillary that made the decision to use all these doped phones or whatever from the Awan brothers or whoever.
    • But most likely the Awan brothers because they have the training--we have them hacking phones.
    • And here we have just beaucoup evidence of Hillary trying to use the special phones, in a special unsecured phones in these classified settings
    • So that's it for tonight from beautiful duBois and here we go into the Lions Den
  • [Day 206.2. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Jay 206 part 2
    • I just read something that was really funny.
    • It said Seth Rich may have been having trouble with a DNC staffer, and their speculation that it's Donna Brazile
    • So let me understand this: Hillary says in an email about WikiLeaks:
    • "Can't we just drone Assange, I mean Podesta says we need to make an example out of somebody," and then she hits for the cycle as far as WikiLeaks owners, and leaders and founders.
    • May: Ratner dies.
    • Well I guess she missed June.
    • July Seth rich is murdered
    • Then August Jones--the UK guy, the UK WikiLeaks guy gets pushed in front of a train
    • And then September McFadden dies the founder Julian Assange's best friend
    • And then Braverman tries to go to the Russian embassy
    • But wait a minute now, there is something, there's a hidden agenda here: he had he got cut in front of the watercooler one day at the DNC-- that's it: yeah and yeah and they go and actually on television and say these things!
    • I know I'm sorry. I'm a little punchy, but it just strikes me very play
  • [Day 206.3. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens Part 3 - YouTube]
    • Ok Day 206 Part 3
    • The Wikileaks trio, wikieaks troika, triumvurate, whatever you want to call it.
    • The Ratner to John Jones--the two attorneys, the NY and London Attornies for Wikileaks
    • And of course Gavin McFadden all dying in May then August and September
    • SO you have the Wikileaks trio or troika however you want ot say it
    • Then, of cours, you have the emails from Hillary saying, "let's drone Assange" and then you have an email from Podesta saying "let's make an example out of somebody"
    • But then you have the DNC duo, the DNC dynamic duo--everybody forgets about Sean Lucas. Sean Lucas was suing the DNC for unfair practices versus Bernie Sanders. By the Hillary Clinton camp, by Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz, the same DWS that hired the Awan brothers and engineered the Awan brothers. And we won't talk about AW in this episode.
    • Up until let's see, 205 days, everyone said that the wikileaks trio wasn't related to the DNC duo.
    • And of course I always throw in Eric Braverman as the one who unites all of this
    • But anyway, let's just take the Wikileaks trio and the DNC duo
    • Everyone said, oh that's a trio over here and then there's a duo over there.
    • Those two are related, the DNC duo -- Seth Rich and John Lucas those two deaths are unrelated to the Wikileaks' trio deaths.
    • Here's why I say it's a basketball team, it's actually the Wikileaks 5, I'm going to say it's actually the Wikileaks' six because of Eric Braverman
    • The reason I say it's the Wikileaks five is because of the emails that connect them.
    • That's the key metadata that connects them
    • 1100 attachments
    • Gigabytes of information
    • I think it's 1700 attachments...is it [44,000 emails (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/16/slain-dnc-staffer-had-contact-with-wikileaks-investigator-says.html) and 11,000 attachments? or 17,000 attachments {{ it's 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments. I am a popup factgenie }}]?
    • That's a lot, that's a connection.
    • That's not like...you know I haven't sent a letter to the founder of Wikileaks lately, Gavin McFadden, and even though we're in the middle of this hammer and tongs campaign here at the DNC, I think I'm going to send an introductory letter to Gavin McFadden just to let him know I'm alive...NO, he sends 44k emails and [17k] attachments--gigabytes of information.
    • I would say that the DNC duo is attached to the Wikileaks troika, or trio, the lawyers basically.
    • And it's really the Wikileaks 5, and now I'm going to add the Wikileaks 6. So Wiki 6
    • Wiki 6 kind of sounds like a pick that you'd pick for lotto--what's your wiki6? {{ howl }}
    • Well my Wiki 6 I throw in is the powerball, the powerball is Eric Braverman
    • And as I mentioned yesterday, that is since day 1. You're going to find Braverman communicating with Ratner, Jones and McFadden, all 3. And all Trump has to do is link that again to Cernovich. That's all he has to do, and then they have to cover it. They have to come up with some kind of wacky cover story, and they have to hire somebody to front, and act like there's an investigation.
    • Do we know the hospital yet?
    • Seems like with the whole world talking about the Seth Rich case again we would know the name of the hospital he went to.
    • Now I published this morning in 206.1, all five officers's names, 3 of them had body cameras.
    • Have they called a press conference yet? At the @DCpoliceDept called a press conference yet and had the officers come forward so they can answer some questions. Seems like that would be very helpful
    • Now I can tell you the most significant officer is going to be Officer Jody. Officer Jody of the motorbike that doesn't have the camera. I believe she's going to be the first to the scene.
    • SO I would like everybody to ask the DC police department if they could arrange a meeting with me and officer Jody.
    • Also the public information officer if that's what they want to do.
    • I'd like to know when the press conference is going to be, so we can get to the bottom
    • And I'd like to know about the metadata, all the cameras, all the cameras from midnight to let's say 6am
    • The Cameras all along the way--from the bar, in the police officers' body cams, the cameras all along McGill, the row houses there.
    • There was a lady that was saying that men were talking very loudly, yelling at 251 in the back courtyard, supposedly there's a lot of cameras--McGill, rowhouses
    • All the dashcams for the police vehicles, dashcams for the EMT if the EMT is wearing body cams. The ER driving room camera at the hospital, all the cameras in the hospitals.
    • Hospitals are the most camera'ed thing in the world
    • And the admittance report; and of course the police report
    • So that's for this morning from beautiful central Pennsylvania---I think this is where Washington came out with the army and went up against the Whisky folks because they were cutting into his whisky business in the Whisky Rebellion--check that. Ok.
  • [Day 206.4. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens Part 4 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 2004 This is a 2006 excuse me this is version four
    • So the hospital is going to be critical
    • This is the lynchpin to the whole case
    • If we can't even name the hospital, we can't there's no follow-up, we don't even know where to go for the camera, the cameras of Seth Rich as he's coming in-- we have no idea of his condition, we can't follow up on the admission report, we can't any of his vitals that may have kept the metadata that may have come off of monitors that he was on
    • Two gunshots in the back you usually remember that
    • It's not like a stabbing, or somebody who swallows a thing whatever Clinton did or George Bush did I can't remember they had a thing where they swallowed a peanut or something
    • So it's not like one of those run-of-the-mill things.
    • You remember the gunshot wounds. And you remember 4:20--that time of night or whatever it is. You remember that
    • So Tim Day of WikiLeaks contacted me.
    • I don't know if he's in the UK, or if he's in Sweden there, if he's in the United States, but I said to--which I appreciate thank you, Tim--but can you tweet this out?
    • Where is the hospital? To the worldwide audience on the WikiLeaks Twitter, because if we don't have that, that's the link pin lynchpin to the whole case
    • So you got to have that to start, and then you could start working your way back.
    • And say oh well there's the there's the officer that came in.
    • That's the officer that brought him in or there's the EMT that brought him in
    • Oh he's got a body camera well let's get his body camera.
    • And then there's just a profusion of evidence inside the hospital.
    • It's one of the most electronically monitored places in the world
    • So it's going to be just perfusion of evidence and metadata in the hospital
    • And he's dead so we're not there HIPPA doesn't apply.
    • Again Kennedy I know he died at Parkland Hospital, we have his autopsy photos, that was the president of United States
    • So at this point privacy is not the issue, it's the the sanctity of government at this point, with the separation of powers
    • So that's that.
    • Like I said I published the badge numbers last night with who had body cams, who didn't have body cams.
    • The other thing is the bar. The bar. Now we know two guys shot him the least that's what the press report said
    • If two guys shot him or two guys tried to rob him, have you ever heard of robbers casing somebody casing somebody before they robbed them?
    • Maybe if they didn't take the maybe it was a political murder, they would be cased in the last place if the person the victim was alive?
    • Like they would be in the bar probably. Maybe even buy him a drink or be around him and have an intermediary buy him a drink, and start watching him, and start looking at what time he's leaving.
    • There's a good chance that if we have the bar camera footage, that we'll see the other people who might have killed them, at least have some suspects that we could start talking to.
    • ...That might live in the area and correlate those people in the bar with where they lived, and maybe they saw him walking home.
    • Maybe the bar closed, and we can talk to people who all left at about 140
    • Maybe they saw him talking to Joe Capone out in the front
    • And maybe they were worried about him--
    • Maybe there were some people that said that guy shouldn't be walking home alone at night, in the condition he's in.
    • And sometimes Howard or University area sometimes in Washington DC is not so safe. Maybe somebody had that thought
    • And therefore we would want to talk to that person.
    • That person could provide evidence
    • Maybe that person stopped and tried to give him a ride.
    • Said hey man you look really in bad shape let me let me give you a ride.
    • We don't know, unless we unless you publish the whole bar tape, and believe me if you publish all eight hours, people will go through all eight hours, and watch him there, and do a minute-by-minute timeline of what he was doing
    • So I'm going to upload this today, I appreciate if you could help me out, and just give me the hospital, and then I can get all the doctors, and nurses, admittance people, and people who work the front desk, and all that stuff I can get all that stuff, and I get all the metadata downstream, and then we'll know what to FOIA if people resist giving the information we'll know what to FOIA
  • [Day 206.5 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 5 - YouTube]
    • {{ Google didn't caption this so I have to type it out, sorry I didnt' do as good a job }}
    • Day 206 Part 5
    • I'm going to put you behind the scalpel now.
    • I'm going to take you to the hosptial where Seth Rich is coming in and going through that process
    • How many people need to be there as witnesses?
    • We're just going to tweet out those university hospitals to see if they were there--if they remember that.
    • Now I talked to my son in in spanish harlem is one hospital he works at, the traditional old black harlem is the other one, the Cotton Club harlem.
    • Never saw a gunshot wound in 4 yrs.
    • You've got a lot of stuff going on, especially if you are a medical school student or an intern
    • First thing you're going to do is call your attending Physician.
    • You're going to be looking for wounds--where are the gunshot wounds?
    • Where are the entry wounds? Looking in there probing to see how much blood
    • Little bit of blood capillaries
    • Lot a bit of blood veins
    • Huge amounts of blood -- artery severed
    • So that's the first thing.
    • You're going to be looking for exit wounds as well.
    • Because if a bullet lodges somewhere in there it could also be a problem
    • If it's lodged in the lungs and the lungs are leaking, that's a problem.
    • If it nicks the heart, it fills up the pericardium, and the person can drown in their own blood
    • If they nick the liver, you have to determine bullet path...
    • Liver or pancreas you have enzymes, very caustic enzymes, stomach as well, acids, and so forth, that's going to be in the perineum, the sac below
    • If you hit a kidney, those are retroperineal, your'e still going to have to call an organ finder and get that thing out of there. You can't let the urine go inside the body sac
    • If it hits the spine thing; if the bullet is lodged near the heart the person could bleed to death if they are moved the wrong way.
    • You've got a lot going on--you don't really forget stuff like that
    • This is an intense situation, and believe me, the attending physician is going to remember--the attendings is going to calling a cardiologist; a GI guy; a specialist; they're going to be calling a vascular surgeon if theres a rupture, they're going to be calling a team. They're going to bring in the MRI, the XRay, a profusion of Metadata.
    • This guy is dying here potentially, remember he dies an hour and forty minutes later.
    • He did die at the hospital.
    • He's either going to go to Howard Trauma 1, so somebody go over to Howard Trauma 1 and just say, 'hey do you remember? You were the admissions specialist. Who was on duty july 9th..do you remember? It was right after fourth of july weekend, it was a crappy shift, but you should remember because you had to work that weekend"
    • And they're going to remember the next week and they couldn't get off
    • That's where we're at.
    • We still don't know if it's the other hospital, the one that Seth Rich is looking at on his hands and knees potentially dying when police arrived to find him
    • It seemed like....I asked Tim Day to tweet it out. He's too busy. He's got something else to do, he's got a deadline
    • BTW the world of Wikileaks is watching all night people from the UK, and all around the world, especially from New Zealand and AUS have been helping out.
    • I think they give money to Wikileaks. They might want your help, Tim.
    • So Sorry to come down so hard on you buddy, but we got an emergency room situation here bro {{ #sorrynotsorry }}
(ɔ) 2017
submitted by browneyeofprovidence to TruthLeaks

Using SOCKS proxy to share VPN connection

Hello there,
I've come to you for help. I'm kind of new to Servers and Windows Server in general. I've fooled around a bit with it in uni, but am mostly clueless. For friends and family, I am pretty much the go-to PC/tablet/smartphone repair guy. My new job requires something more substantial than just hobby skills, so to expand my knowledge I've set up a spare machine with Server 2016 Datacenter (thanks uni, for the free license) and hyper-v. MCSA Server 2016 is on the horizon in the distant future.
Now here's what I wanna do. I have a VPN provider to which I connect via OpenVPN. My VPN provider allows only one concurrent connection. I want to set up a SOCKS proxy server on the VM running the OpenVPN client and set the OpenVPN as the remote binding. That way I can connect with any machine, laptop, mobile phone; I'd mostly use this function to access sites blocking visitors with EU IPs due to new laws, on PC/Chrome I'm using FoxyProxy for that. I've been trying FreeProxy Internet Suite to no avail; I remember it working in this exact configuration years ago on a spare W8.1 laptop i set up for the same reason. I suppose there may be some networking differences between 8.1 and 2016, but which I do not know.
Here's the sanitized OpenVPN client config as given by my VPN provider.
client dev tun auth-user-pass [SNIP] proto udp remote [SNIP] 1194 resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun comp-lzo mute-replay-warnings ca [SNIP].crt auth SHA512 cipher AES-256-CBC fragment 1400 mssfix verb 3 reneg-sec 0 tun-mtu 1500 
I'd be happy with ANY solution tbh. An alternative free proxy server software (tried Wingate, can't point at VPN adapter because no gateway), setting up persistent routes with powershell scripts, changing the OpenVPN config file params etc. I tried quite a couple of things, but due to my bumbling inadequacy haven't been able to even grasp the exact shape of the problem. I'd be happy to provide any additional information if need be.
submitted by Spellshaper to WindowsServer

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